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Personal defense courses for children

personal defense for children

Personal defense courses for children, clearly the title is a bit provocative because for a child a traditional and sporty martial discipline is more preparatory.

10 reasons for children to learn martial arts!

I want to list and explain 10 reasons for children to learn martial arts or combat sports and bring them closer from young people to activities that over time can be useful to get closer to the world of personal defense no longer for children but for boys or girls and adults.

There are beautiful stories especially in countries where it is very hot and the climate helps to do outdoor activities all year round where martial arts masters send emails or place announcements in the city district where they propose to the citizens of the city or neighborhood the teaching of “martial arts in the park.”

Even in my city in the summer in some parks you see flyers of this type.

I know people who within a few years with this method have taken a black belt, a red belt and a brown belt.

In Cuba in the city of Havana there is a fantastic tai chi school, in the area of the barrio Chino where the professor teaches in the school but all his advanced students every day at different points in the city do free tai chi lessons for people.

It is great to see how day after day the groups grow and consequently also the relations between the citizens of that “barrio” (neighborhood).

Personal defense courses for children Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Personal defense courses for children Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Martial art makes you better

In my opinion the study of in martial art gives everyone great life skills, which you will always carry with you, some skills will be useful only at certain times but most are qualities that will serve you in all aspects of life.

Now if martial arts matter to an adult they are even more important to a child because it creates an important experience in character formation and approach to life that has incredible benefits by affecting discipline, safety, relationships, etc.

Then consider that today if you think about self-defense even children are involved given the episodes of bullying more and more frequent even at school that should be a protected place.

Bullying is a topic that is increasingly under the attention of many parents who seek advice from psychologists and trainers who deal with self-defense.

So now I want to tell you at least 10 reasons to bring you and your children and involve you both in the study of a martial art.

Personal defense courses for children?

Not yet but it’s the beginning of a path that maybe you too would have wanted to do if you had the opportunity as a kid.

Remember that at this stage it is the parents who certainly guide you respecting also the passions and desires of their children but it is you who must take it to the “personal defense courses for children”.

10 reasons for children to learn martial arts and combat sports:

1) Trust

When you are confident you can defend yourself, and you do not become as unfortunately often feels in the tales of moms an easy target that most bullies seek.

Also, if you’ve faced and accomplished something a little more difficult, then you’ll find out about the ability you didn’t think you had, or you passed tests where you didn’t think you could do it and take your self-confidence to the next level, not just in martial arts, but in every area of your life.


2) Defense

The fact that your children learn martial art does not mean that they are able to face any opponent in the world but you can teach them if you already practice and know a martial art but much better take it to a school to learn the techniques that help them defend themselves in hostile situations or bullying in the street or at school making them safer among their classmates and friends.

personal defense for children

3) Learn to take a punch

This is a difficult concept for any parent to understand let alone accept.

The best defense in most situations is to go away, not accept the fight, escape and go away from that situation of danger or potential danger.

If for some reason you didn’t leave the danger situation it usually means that your opponent threw the first punch and jumped at you or attacked you in some way.

If you know what it’s like to take a punch and maintain lucidity, you have a chance to survive on very attackers.

Of course you have to learn the ability to find yourself in a position not to receive this shot easily, I made an article in the blog that explains not to do the “tamarro”.


4) Discipline

This is another point that affects a child all his life.

Consider that to learn the different levels of any martial art you’ve got to have physical and mental discipline.

Martial arts give children who practice it a functional approach to the use of body and mind in harmony.


5) Resistance and physical power

Martial arts is also a sport with which you build strength and endurance, elasticity, balance, etc. and I think they are qualities that your son or daughter want me to have.


6) Leadership

Advancing through the studio to become a black belt and even beyond doing instructor courses to teach students who start by giving you an ability to manage classes of students in their training.

Growing up he could start teaching younger students or helping the teacher and this is also part of his training by also giving him a responsibility and leadership.


7) Health

In recent years also in Italy we have seen as an epidemic of childhood obesity and this unfortunately in all Western countries.

The practice of martial arts for the type of movement is a great way to build great functionality of your body and burn calories.

Martial art makes the body strong, toned and elastic.


8) Fight in a controlled environment

This is difficult for any parent to accept even if you are in a gym and will be so for you.

Of course, even if there are the protections and super vision of the master and instructors at first it is nice to see your little child of a few years who with another child of a few years try to hit the other even if clumsy to learn the art of fighting.

But with time advancing with the belts and with the competition the more advanced belt tests like the black become more intense to bear.

But consider that your or your boys have gained more combat experience and have learned to fight in a controlled environment without getting hurt or at least without too serious injuries.

This is something to accept if you want them to actually learn martial arts.


9) Situation awareness

This aspect goes hand in hand with its confidence and its defense ability, but the study of martial arts also teaches you that it is necessary that you and your bumblebee must always be aware of your environment and what is going on to prevent or otherwise manage an escalation situation and decide what to do without waiting to always be in the condition of advantage.


10) Ability to evaluate an opponent

If you have combat experience it becomes easier for you to determine where your opponent is weakest and where your opponent is strongest, going to a “zone” of combat that you can use to your advantage in any hostile environment.

This is a valuable skill because it determines your strategy, but you built this skill with experience by sparring in the gym.

If you see an opponent of 50 kg more you know that it will be very hard and that it is better to run away or at least move a lot because if it catches you is a problem, if it has a bastion you know where you have to stay not to get hit, etc.



Clearly the title was deliberately forced because a child has to make a more game path where he learns an art or sports discipline in a controlled, safe and guided environment to develop skills and skills of coordination and movement first of all.

Now that you’ve read these 10 reasons, go to the gym with your kids!! and let him learn personal defense for children through the study of traditional martial arts or combat sports.

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