Education in a combat sports gym

Education in a combat sports gym

Education in a combat sports gym.

Now there are some things that often seem trivial but that when you are in a work environment like the gym become very relevant and make you also buy respect for the people you have around you.

11 things that I ask you in training and that do not require talent, take them as a small advice maybe banal and obvious but that is of great importance.

Why do I say that?.

I want you to stick to these 11 things even in the gym where you go as a good education in a combat sports gym but also in any sports environment where you practice and it also applies wanting for every aspect of your life.

Education in a combat sports gym. Here’s what I ask you and they’re all actions that don’t require any talent for a good gym education:

1 – Be on time

Getting to the gym when others have already warmed up or when the master has already started explaining the exercises is something that can happen and has happened to everyone but if it becomes a habit it is better that you get through it.

Being punctual is part of education in a gym.

Education in a combat sports gym

2 – Personal cleanliness and hygiene

Hygiene in the practice of combat sports or ground fighting is important for yourself and for the people with whom you train.

Although this theme seems obvious, it is never enough for someone to explain what hygiene is.

I want to make a small reminder to all the dirty people who train without washing and washing their equipment since some people seem to struggle to make simple gestures that all grandmothers and mothers do.

Remember that:

  • Before contact with your training partners you need to be clean and if you have any wounds cover them.
  • During training your skin comes into contact with your partner’s skin, sweat, carpets.
  • Now you have to go back to how you were starting the workout so you have to wash yourself with soap with disinfectant properties to eliminate traces of contact.

You don’t need long nails in the gym, you’re not going to a guitar class and you have to train with people without scratching them.

The care of your nails is part of your personal care but also of safety and education in a gym in combat sports.

Education in a combat sports gym

3 – Working ethically

You always have to respect what the teacher or a higher grade belt is teaching you even if you become better because if you have become so it is also thanks to some “brick” that they gave you of those people.

You should always remember your gratitude to your masters and to your training partners.

Never be presumptuous or arrogant to someone who knows less than you.

Accept the advice, you don’t know everything and you can also learn from those who are not as experienced as you.

Respect a defeated opponent and accept defeat as a lesson, you can not always win.

Even if you’re talented because you’ve been lucky, respect this luck by training and not humiliating your less gifted training partners.

Be kind and help them grow.

You’re going to be even stronger.

Education in a gym 4 – Working hard

Your commitment to the gym is crucial, you have to be focused, you don’t have to be debunked.

If you are required to make a certain movement you have to do it well with the maximum of your abilities.

For example, if you have to pull a high kick you don’t have to pull it medium because you struggle less, if you do an interval speed and you have to pull as many shots as you can for thirty seconds you don’t have to stop at 20.

If you have to make the good make foul bends well complete not as if you have a nervous tic.

Do less but quality, over time it also increases your stamina, your fitness, but only if you work hard.

If you do fucking things because it’s tiring then you’re wrong and that’s reflected in your life as well. Think. You’re giving up something important to satisfy your laziness.


5 – Body language

The behavior in the gym denotas many things, discipline, respect, decision, safety, friendship.

One important thing that you have to consider especially if you are of advanced level is that many guys who start will take you as a reference, and if your body language is unknowed, distracted, it’s not good.

Your behavior must be martial.

This must be a habit, a constant form of yourself, being mauled in the gym, messy, distracted, etc. not good.

Only in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or in the fight while someone explains you have to sit but I tell you from experience that often to see well I was standing close or sitting but leaning well forward to see the detail, you have to want to learn.

Often in the gym you see guys arriving closed, introverted, insecure and over time becoming aware of their abilities, even that they were not convinced to have, their body communication totally changes and this is also reflected in their life outside the gym.

Education in a combat sports gym

6 – Energy

This aspect is very important, you always have to be energetic, work with intensity, intention, martial art is dynamic, it is moving, careful, alert, explosive.

It is the apparent calm of a tiger.

Education in a combat sports gym

7 – Attitude

Your attitude must be proactive, alert, with the desire to learn, interested.

You don’t have to have a wise attitude, of what knows everything, or of a presumptuous person.

You must have the humility to listen and to learn.

If you know everything then get out of the gym what are you doing??

Go away or try teaching if you’re so good that you know everything.

Get involved.

More importantly when you are a belt or an advanced level where you have an even greater responsibility.

Your attitude must express respect for the master, it means that even if you already know everything, listen the same, do not speak while the master explains, or you have the fucking expression of one who says “so much this I know”.

Remember, even if you are talented, do not boast because you have received a gift but use it well, because I have often seen perseverance prevail over talent.

Respect your talent and cultivate it.

Education in a gym

8 – Passion

This is a fundamental aspect because it is a very powerful engine that creates curiosity, interest, research, desire to learn, to improve and to discover, certainly not just passion because you have to do real and concrete actions to learn but it is an essential ingredient to continue to grow constantly in every area in life.

Education in a gym

9 – Listen to your Advanced Masters/Learners

This is an important aspect, you have to trust what is explained to you and taught because who explains tells you both the technique and how to train it with the experience of those who have been doing this for years.

Attention I’m not saying that you must never doubt because I know that often there are advanced Masters /Students of poor level but that becomes a problem related to the choice you made to rely on someone who is not a professional in the sector.

But what I want to tell you is that the advice and the path they’re teaching you and transmitting is the best way to make you grow even if it apparently doesn’t seem.

I’m not talking to you about something extreme like “give the wax and take off the wax” or “put on your vest, lever vest, hang jacket, throw landing vest, take back vest, etc.” , but simply that even if sometimes you do not seem to learn, often it is not so.

If something doesn’t work often it means you haven’t learned how to make it work TU!!!

You need to train and understand how that technique needs to be “adapted to you” or the skills you need to develop to make it work and effective, such as timing, footwork, reflexes, movements, positions, weight, etc.


10 – Always do something more than you should

During the lesson for reasons of time and also number of students some things will be overlooked, do not blame anyone, it is you who must be responsible.

If you couldn’t do a few minutes of stretching or abs that day, you can do it yourself.

If you did not understand some technique you can ask, if you could not do so much exercise on that drills, you can do it even later with your training partner and review the technique.

The gym is closed you can still work out.

Education in a combat sports gym Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
11 – Be prepared

If you have to take an exam don’t just go because you’re in a Martial Arts gym with the idea that I’d still be promoted and that it’s a passion or at least something less important than I have an exam at school or university.

It’s not like that.

You represent when you leave the gym even if you reflect the quality of that school and your teacher so whether it promotes you but you are also responsible for the image of both.
Education in a combat sports gym


For education in a combat sports gym you don’t need the talent to do this but the intention to be a quality person.

Make yourself loved because otherwise no one wants to train or teach you something, learn gratitude,a quality that people often forget.

Do not stay alone, every now and then go in front of the“mirror”and if you do not like what you see CHANGE.

Stay Tuned!

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