Personal hygiene in the BJJ

personal hygiene in the BJJ

Personal hygiene in the BJJ.

10 things you need to do for personal hygiene if you practice the fight or the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Hygiene in the practice of fighting on the ground is important for yourself and for the people you train with.

Although I have already written on this subject it seems that it is never enough for someone to explain what hygiene is.

I want to make a little reminder to all the dirty people who train without washing and wash their equipment since some people seem to struggle to make simple gestures that all grand do and moms do.

Proper hygiene in the fight and in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not only a good idea – it is imperative. Personal hygiene in the BJJ is paramount.

After all, if you are not careful, you can pick up and/or spread that it is worse some pretty ugly skin infections.

Whether you’re a next-generation white belt that needs to know the basics or an experienced professional who could use an update, I don’t think it’s hard to understand that hygiene where there’s a lot of contact is critical.

It also considers that more and more Girls play combat sports and martial arts and tend to be more attentive to hygiene and I don’t think you want to look like what stinks even with the female audience so it’s better that you put into practice the advice I’m writing to you if you don’t already.

Remember that:

  • Before contact with your training partners you need to be clean and if you have wounds cover them.
  • During training your skin comes into contact with your partner’s skin, sweat, carpets.
  • Now you have to come back like when you were starting training so you have to wash yourself with soap with disinfectant properties to eliminate traces of contact.

personal hygiene in the BJJ

Here are ten things you need to do to keep yourself clean while you roll on the carpets with your training buddies:

  1. Remember that you have to wash your GI after each training session; Use a special product or add a cup of vinegar for added protection.
  2. He also washes his belt!!. Seriously, it’s not something that cleans itself.
  3. Wear shoes or slippers when you exit the carpet – EXCLUSIVE if you go to the bathroom or dressing room. You can buy some cheap foam slippers for 5 euros and you can find them everywhere and you don’t need the Hawaiian brand – so no excuses.
  4. Take a shower immediately after the training session – consider using a special soap that includes antibacterial/anti fungal ingredients such as tea tree oil. You can also do it at home if you feel like a DIY lover or want to save money. Google “DIY oil soap.”
  5. If you can’t take a shower immediately after the training session, use some wipes to clean yourself, there are different types and brands on the market but look for disinfectants or use a product along with wipes.
  6. Be careful, if you think you have a skin infection such as the wood or staph, stay out of the mats and visit a doctor. If you look at your skin and think, “Hmmm, it’s weird …”, don’t think too much and doubt you’re not a doctor, listen to the advice of a professional before potentially exposing your training partners to the same infection.
  7. Be sure to train in a place that is regularly cleaned and disinfected and I also talk about mats. Not sure? Ask. If they hesitate or can’t give you a direct answer, run away.
  8. If you have a pain that a doctor has confirmed and it is not a skin infection however better to cover it before rolling, preferably with gauze and tape, it still remains a more sensitive area.
  9. Use an anti-bacterial spray on your bag every now and then. More than once would be nice at least once a week.
  10. If you carry sweaty things in your bag, make sure to do it inside envelopes and leave it open your bag to dry and also in the bag use an antibacterial spray every now and then as in the previous point.

personal hygiene in the BJJ

Ps. Hanging out the Gi and the belt in the air and spraying the deodorant does not mean washing it.

Respect yourself and your training partners and take care of your personal hygiene in the BJJ!

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