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Car jackings.

10 ways not to get your car stolen is a post I want to do because after 5 years the statistical data says that car thefts are growing again.

The numbers, just announced by the Ministry of the Interior on the theft of cars:

After five years of decline, car thefts in Italy are back on the rise: in 2018 105,239 vehicles disappeared into thin air compared to 99,987 recorded in 2017, with a worrying turnaround of 5.2.

Not only that: the percentage of stolen cars found also worsens, now stands at 40, (it was 44 in 2016 and even 53 in 2007). More than 64,000 cars lost track last year.

Car mice are getting more and more skilled and hi-tech, and in summer it’s the most dangerous time because people are on holiday relaxing and more distracted.

The time of year with the highest number of car thefts

Each period has its own peculiarities such as tyre changes in summer winter or summer winter periods where many people replace tyres (and not for build a boxing bag from outside or a dummy from eskrima) and you find the car leaning on the ground or if it is luckier on the classic bricks.

car-655279_1920 Car thefts

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