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Car thefts

Car thefts

Car thefts in society.

10 ways not to get your car stolen is a post I want to do because after 5 years the statistical data says that car thefts are growing again.

Car thefts are despicable criminal acts that cause serious harm and inconvenience to the victims.

These actions not only deprive people of their transportation, but can also have lasting financial and emotional repercussions.

It is unacceptable for unscrupulous individuals to try to steal what is not theirs, violating the law and harming the community.

The fight against car theft should be a priority, with prevention, safety measures and strict law enforcement to punish those responsible.

We must all work together to combat this form of crime and preserve the safety of our roads.

Robbery on the street

The numbers, just announced by the Ministry of the Interior on car thefts:

After five years of decline, car thefts in Italy are back on the rise: in 2018 105,239 vehicles disappeared into thin air compared to 99,987 recorded in 2017, with a worrying turnaround of 5.2.

Not only that: the percentage of stolen cars found also worsens, now stands at 40, (it was 44 in 2016 and even 53 in 2007). More than 64,000 cars lost track last year.

Car mice are getting more and more skilled and hi-tech, and in summer it’s the most dangerous time because people are on holiday relaxing and more distracted.

The time of year with the highest number of car thefts

Each period has its own peculiarities such as tyre changes in summer winter or summer winter periods where many people replace tyres (and not for Building an outdoor punching bag or a dummy by eskrima) and finds the car resting on the ground or if it is luckier on the classic bricks.

Car thefts

What stolen cars are used for

Stolen cars can be used for various illegal purposes, depending on the intentions of the thieves.

Some possible uses include:

  1. Resale: Stolen cars can be sold on the black market or dismantled for spare parts, so as to obtain illicit profits.
  2. Committing other crimes: Stolen cars can be used to commit other crimes, such as robbery, theft, transporting illegal substances or as a means of escape after committing a crime.
  3. Personal transportation: Some thieves may use stolen cars as temporary personal transportation to move quickly and discreetly, avoiding attracting the attention of law enforcement.
  4. Youth performances or vandalism: In some cases, stolen cars are used for illegal youth performances or vandalism, such as damaging or destroying the vehicle.
  5. Sale of spare parts: Cars are dismantled and parts are resold on the black market or to dishonest mechanics and bodybuilders.
  6. Illegal registration in other countries: Cars are illegally registered and taken to other countries to be resold.

It is important to remember that all of these uses are illegal and can result in serious legal consequences for those involved in the theft or use of stolen cars.

Here’s the guide to defend yourself and protect yourself from car theft:

1 – Do not leave the car on and with the keys inserted.

Don’t even do it for a few moments, for example while you’re in a double row to go to the ATM, or buy cigarettes because they could be decisive for theft.

The “mice” lurk and seize the opportunity.

2 – Always close windows and sunroof.

I know it’s hot and when you get back to pick up the car you don’t want it to be an oven but before you leave the car close the windows and the roof.

A small window can be a step for thieves who need just a few centimeters to open gates, break into the cockpit, set in motion and run away, or take the contents of your car.

For an expert, it only takes a few seconds to do this.

3 – Do not leave your car at night in isolated or unattended parking lots.

In such cases, it may be useful to install some geolocation tools (the “Geofence” feature), provided by some telematics systems on board the car, which through an app alert you if the car leaves the risk zone, while you are not on board.

4 – Spend every day seeing the car you left parked.

Especially in the summer when you don’t use the car daily, check every day that it’s parked where you left it.

Quickly reporting the theft increases the possibility of finding the car, especially if it is equipped with a hi-tech detection device.

According to LoJack statistics, 48 hours after the theft, the hopes of finding it are drastically reduced.

5 – Watch carefully where you park.

If there are piles of glass fragments on the ground, it is synonymous with an area at risk of theft or vandalism.

6 – Do not always park in the same place,habits give way to the thief to better organize the theft.

7 – Beware of scams.

Increasingly, thieves are using a bait as a fake accident.

For example with the technique of the mirror, the throwing of small stones on the side of the car or even a slight buffering, etc.

This action is done to force drivers (especially women and the elderly) to stop, get out of the car and take it away from them.

8 – When you close the car.

If you’re at the car or mall parking lot and close the car remotely via a smart key, always manually check the doors for closure.

A thief, lurking nearby, may have disturbed the signal with a jammer and then entered the vehicle undisturbed and took advantage of your stop.

I’ve seen this do this in autogrills, too.

9 – Protect your car with a mechanical anti-theft system, but especially with a hi-tech one.

The former can deter less equipped thieves, the second (if effective) can prove valuable in case of theft.

A radio frequency system (non-screenable and active even in critical situations, such as inside containers or underground garages) doubles the chance of recovering the stolen car.

10 – Protect the key to your car, keeping it in a “card protector”.

This is to prevent cloning or to block the increasingly widespread mode of hi-tech “relay attack”, by which thieves, using radio frequency repeaters, can reproduce the communication between the car and its key, even when it is far away.

Car thefts represent a serious social and criminal problem that causes considerable damage to victims and society as a whole.

It is important to actively combat this form of crime through prevention measures, strict law enforcement and public awareness.

Collaboration between law enforcement, communities and individuals is critical to fighting car theft and protecting the safety of our roads.

In addition, it is essential that each of us undertakes to follow the laws, to take safety measures to protect our vehicles and to promptly report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.

Only through collective commitment can we hope to reduce the incidence of car theft and ensure a safer community for all.

Car theft remains a market that is apparently expanding.

If you have the opportunity to put it in a garage or in a guarded parking lot especially during the night hours.
Many hotels offer this service and especially if it is a very attractive car the risk increases.

Apply these tips and try to complicate life for these “car rats.”

Stay Tuned!

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