The walking stick or walking stick in personal defense

The walking stick in self-defenseThe walking stick in personal defense or walking stick self defence is something that has gone through the centuries experimenting with ancient shapes and traditions, from the classic walking stick with curved handle to sticks built thinking of them as tools to offend.

The nobility in the past roamed the streets of the cities with the stick but not because they were lame or just to have an aesthetic ornament!

The walking stick was their instrument inserted into a real self-defense system.

The walking stick was one of the personal defense tools used by nobles in the past because in addition to being an ornamental object it was an effective defense tool if necessary, and often the apple was with heavy and blunt shapes if not even hiding a stiletto.

walking stick

walking stick

Even today there are artisans who build traditional sticks handcrafted by customizing them not only from an aesthetic point of view but also inserting stiletti, blunt shapes, etc. to be used as a personal defense tool.

This post is not meant to dwell too much on the history of the stick but is built to provide some ideas about its use for personal defense, instructions with various defense techniques based on walking stick.

Many styles of martial arts train by studying the use of defense with walking stick with curved handle including Hapkido, Bartitsu,

etc. in general the art of stick fighting.

Most martial arts do not take into account the walking stick while being something very common not only in Italy and of course a tool that is also legally transportable.

walking stickYou also need to consider that the walking stick can be used by seniors or people with walking problems in self-defense situations but also requires training to be used effectively.

A walking stick with a curved handle has multiple advantages and also used as a weapon in martial arts.

The walking stick in general has several advantages:

  • as a weapon of offense, thanks to the use of tip (for stocking and thrusts)
  • its long wooden rod (for blows, blocks and joint levers).
  • and the hook handle helps in attack techniques, to trap or suffocate an attacker.

Some sticks have the hook modified with the blunt tip to become more blunt when it goes to hook.

walking stick

Note that there are several possibilities for the tip:

  • Traditional wooden tip.
  • Or the tip of the stick is from a rubber cap and under hides the blunt stick or a tip to increase its drilling ability in tip attacks.
  • Caps are commercially available with a system at the bottom to extract a curved tip only when needed through the tip of the shoe.

The walking stick or walking stick in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThe walking stick or walking stick in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThe walking stick or walking stick in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport The walking stick or walking stick in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The stick on the side of the handle if curved as I told you also has the advantage and function of being able to use it to hook, unbalance, to use it to trap or suffocate an attacker.

The 9 walking stick techniques you absolutely need to know and learn:

  • Basic attacks with the stick and parades
  • Defense with stick from an opponent who grabs you or grabs the stick
  • Defense with knife attack stick
  • Arm bar with fist attack stick
  • Defense with stick from a punch attack
  • Use of the hook stick in a self-defense situation.
  • Using the tip stick and cutting and cutting and toe as in fencing
  • Use of the stick to unbalance or project an attacker.
  • Rotation of the stick to hit the genitals


My advice is to buy a classic walking stick and initially do the techniques that you practice with the stick with the walking stick and retrace all the techniques using this object of common use.

Try stick fighting techniques with the walking stick even with your training partner in various situations, train it also in sparring, on the tires,doing the sumbrada, etc.

It is a fundamental phase to then approach the necessary technical readjustments and also the technical insertion to take advantage of the characteristic shape of the handle!

Train with the walking stick!

Stay Tuned!

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