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101 Ways to Lose Weight

101 Ways to Lose Weight

One of the things you expect when you join the gym to practice combat sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is to find yourself after a few months with that cover physique that you see of many athletes.

In reality it is not really so, even if you train a lot and with commitment with many hours a week you still have to follow a diet calibrated to your habits including training sessions to have energy and above all because training overweight is a useless energy expenditure, you are more prone to injuries and especially if you want to perform some movements and techniques you can not be overweight.

It is useless to tease, you would be clumsy, slow, you risk getting hurt, etc.

The same goes for stretching, it makes no sense to ask you for a High Kick when you barely raise your leg to pull a low kick, you have to work with a correct progression, making a balance of correct athletic qualities.

But do combat sports and self-defense courses make you lose weight?

Yes, combat sports also help to improve your physical appearance and also to lose weight because the athletic trainingThe packed sessionsof Sparringof ground fight, stretching, etc. help to tone and have sight of the intensity if you train seriously even an important daily caloric expenditure but you still have to follow a correct food diet is not enough just training.

A separate discussion is linked to self-defense where we often see instructors not in good shape and students put even worse, where little attention is paid, and it is wrong not to give importance to athletic training, even just to run and escape from a dangerous situation.

Endurance is always important both in sports and in self-defense.

This post wants to provide you beyond the discipline that practices a collection of ideas to help you if you need to lose excess weight beyond workouts.

He absolutely does not want to replace a nutrition professional but as you will see the suggestions are only an aid to what is suggested to you by your dietician, nutritionist, trainer, etc.

These are 101 ways to help you lose weight to help you burn excess fat and find motivation, stimuli, habits or if you want tricks to get used to having a behavior that helps you in your goal.

If you are already in super shape, if you are curious to see if you already do some of these things read the post, otherwise continue in the blog to find ideas and ideas to improve in sports or self-defense.

Here you will still find a number of solutions that help you achieve healthy weight loss.

Most people would like to “lighten up” a few pounds, only they don’t have the knowledge or time to do so so they swim in the sea of misinformation.

So I thought I’d gather ideas and list in the best way and as simply as possible some tricks on how to lose weight quickly, naturally and effectively.

So I hope in short to have made the intent and to have created a list of 101 reasons not to give you any justification that can lead you to do nothing about it … Without too much difficulty your health will improve and your waistline can shrink.

Now you have 100 ways to lose weight and I hope you are still attentive and interested in the topic aimed at losing excess fat that you want to get rid of.

I understand that losing weight for some is more difficult than for others, because of metabolism, psychological endurance, constancy, losing weight can be difficult, after all, healthy food can be expensive at times and junk food is tastier, it is cheaper and faster to prepare.

The same goes for training with the aim of losing weight, the exercises are hard and can tire you but after a few weeks of fatigue and suffering the satisfaction and feeling you have after each workout will be a drug for you.

If there are many boys and girls, or if you want men and women who eat well, exercise and do not complain means that you can do it too, no one is asking you to be the world champion, win the Olympics or be a professional athlete.

I really hope that you get lucky with your weight loss and that these tips help you.

WARNING: 101 Tricks to lose weight is a practical guide with tips and suggestions collected from experience and comments collected from users therefore it is not intended as a medical guide.

For any medical opinion and to undertake a diet it is always necessary to contact a professional doctor who will evaluate case by case the best diet, adequate physical activity and anything else necessary for an effective and targeted weight loss plan.

101 Ways to Lose Weight

101 Ways to Lose Weight


1. Exercise

You have to be seriously prepared to perform any type of exercise if you want to lose weight so do that something that turns out to be better than nothing.

You can use the kattlebell, clubbell, bodyweight exercises, jump rope, run, brisk walking, etc. in addition to training in the gym of wrestling, BJJ, boxing, karate, Judo, etc. in short, there are many ways and sports that you can do beyond combat sports, but as you know this blog has a cut towards combat sports standing and on the ground, mixed, on self-defense and martial arts in general so I mean you can also play soccer but .. What about move.


2. Eat less

Reduce your calorie intake below your requirement and you will lose weight, it is not an exact science but it works, cut junk foods, carbonated and sugary drinks, sweets, and eat moderate meals, simple right?

No, it is not because you have to change your habits but dieting is not not eating, but eating well and losing weight, you just need to be more diligent about what you eat.


3. Eat smart

Eating less is elementary and will work, but eating smart is even better.

Eat foods that have a low Glycemic Index because they give you long-term energy and help you dispose of fats throughout the day and all night.

Eating to lose weight is important, so choose foods from the low GI (table-glycemic indexes) to maintain high energy levels and burn fat to the maximum.


4.Rest and Recover

Without proper recovery you can damage your body and your health, so make sure you get enough sleep so as to rejuvenate your mind and body, it is known that fats are burned during sleep so you have to sleep at least 7 hours a night.

Help yourself with smartwatches, such as Apple Watch or Amazfit to monitor the average hours of sleep you sleep and the quality of sleep.


5. Practice smart

Any exercise is useful, but smart exercise is great, it is impossible to draw up a list of 100 tips to lose weight without clarifying the benefits of a correct and appropriate method of exercise.

The general rules are:

  • The harder the better, the longer it is not said… It also depends on the quality.
  • A good form of weightlifting is essential to strengthen yourself.
  • Heating is a necessity not to avoid them.
  • Do not eat before or during workouts unless you are a professional bodybuilder or Olympic athlete.
  • If you learn the correct exercises for your body, and for your lifestyle, your progress will be greater.
  • The best exercise to lose weight is weightlifting because muscle is the fat burner par excellence, in this way you will increase the muscles and increase the slimming power of your body.
  • You can also do simple exercises. Many people know that you can lose weight by walking a few minutes a day and if you are smart… Walk faster so the heart will beat faster and the fat … farewell!


6. Tricks / Achievements

Eating a meal let’s say “greasy” once or twice a week can also be good and
It can be seen as an achievement for your hard work.

Never give a clean cut to your favorite foods or you may get depressed and end up devouring even whole packages.

Plan your favorite dishes once or twice a week and set yourself goals to achieve, even simple and small goals from time to time.

This solution will definitely work because you will never really give up what you like.


7. Do not buy Crap and Snacks

Hide but better still do not buy the crap, you will avoid temptations especially in the evening when you are relaxing on your sofa watching maybe your smartphone, YouTube or a serial on Netflix.


8. Substitute

Find some substitutes for junk foods such as skim milk, fat-free cream and creams, wholemeal bread and some other great alternatives, reduce your salt use by using spices instead and fish some ethnic recipes on websites so you will vary your diet even more.

If I enter the list of foods with low glycemic index (table-glycemic indexes), choose between these or alternatives.


9. A park further away

Do not go walking near your house or always take the same route, instead look for a more distant place that will make you walk longer.

Walking a lot and with a brisk pace on extra path is a quick way to lose weight.

You can also monitor the route you take with smartwatches, such as Apple Watch or Amazfit to monitor the route taken, distance, walking pace, calories consumed, etc.

Seeing progress helps to improve yourself and it can also be useful to always perform the same route to measure progress as time / distance or follow the guided workouts proposed with some applications.


10. Protein

Protein doesn’t raise blood sugar and lower your insulin, doesn’t accumulate fat, makes you feel full, lowers the glycemic index of the carbohydrates you eat and is great for cell reconstruction – add low-fat protein to your diet.


11. Fibers

Fiber cleanses the inside of your body, speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

Of all the examples of the 101 ways to lose weight, fiber is the most important.

You have to eat fiber to be healthy and it’s easy to find in foods with low GI, so if you eat well you’ll get enough fiber.

Adding fiber to your diet is a fantastic way to lose weight quickly because it speeds up your metabolism, I think this aspect of losing weight fast is very underrated.

Fibers work well I recommend it!


12. Drink more water

“Not drinking enough water will kill you,” said the sage.

Drinking copious amounts of water stops water retention, in fact you can lose subcutaneous water
As well as fats and drinking enough makes the body understand that it does not have to accumulate more.

Having proper hydration is more than important, mark how much water you drink every day!


13. Challenges

Challenge a friend, or better yet your wife or girlfriend, doing so you will always push yourself a little further, in competition you will get better results.


14. Spices

Spicy and spicy food can give your metabolism a boost by raising your body temperature.

Warming it up to speed it up is one of the easiest ways to lose weight quickly.


15. Cooled

We burn more energy when it’s cold because our body works hard to warm up.

You can try to take a cold shower in the morning or when you take a shower.

Don’t be like some bodybuilders who purposely put themselves under conditioners to burn some extra fat, it doesn’t make much sense to risk getting stuck or with a sore throat.


16. Never skip meals

Skipping a meal lowers your energy level and consequently makes you incredibly hungry that leads you to eat everything that comes your way.

A little trick is to prepare micro meals in the fridge and then heat them in the microwave.


17. Get help from a professional

Get professional help from a dietician or personal trainer if you feel the need
of a program or a push.

A personal trainer or always have the right motivational stimulus can give you courage and that extra charge to lose the weight you need, will certainly be a great investment.


18. Do not sit – Stand – Do not stand – walk – Do not walk – Run!

Always keep active and try to increase movement, don’t be lazy – do it in progression, but do it.

Initially walk, then a brisk walk, then mix a little walking and a little running alternating for example 2 minutes of walking and a minute of running, etc., finally just run.


19. Plan your weight loss journey

Put a strategic plan in place and it will be easier to succeed.

Set a weight goal to reach, not only the final one but also the intermediate phase, as time, week by week, marks progress, then the plan of attack when you feel that you are no longer gaining weight but have not yet reached your goal, mark the path to follow week by week, what to eat and if you are respecting it, When you stray, how you feel, what happens when you change something and reach your weight goal.


20. A little sex

Yes, just what I said, it is proven that having sex with your partner burns calories.

So have fun, I’d say it’s a nice method to burn calories.

101 Ways to Lose Weight Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

21. Find Healthy and Tasty Appetizers

The time will come to have to have a snack outside the home and you can not help but resist temptations, find a healthier choice such as Sushi bars or Middle Eastern restaurants that are better than greasy sandwiches or fries.


22. Stay focused

On TV and in supermarkets they often sell the latest in science and technology to lose weight in record time.

These gadgets are only useful when used consistently.

They are excellent because they are designed to perform the exercises at home without damage to the bone structure and muscles but if you do not use them constantly your fat will remain where it has always been.

If you do not have time for the gym insert the exercises in the free moments of the day, it does not matter to dedicate an hour a day, but work well when you do it.

The drop that digs the mountain.


23. Involve your friendships

It’s much easier if you share what you do with your friends.

You can talk much more freely about weight loss and compare notes (or the list of 100 ways to lose weight) and help each other.

The common enemy faced by allying with friends is easier to defeat.

But it is not for everyone so, some prefer to do it themselves.


24. King Metro

If the meter is the King, the scales are his jester.

I hope you understood the comparison because the meter tells you where you really lost weight and centimeters of fat and where you need to put on more muscle for a splendid shape, but the scale does not tell you the true structure of your body … just weight and it’s not enough as a benchmark.

Many people get depressed when weighing themselves and find that they have only lost 100 grams in a week – it’s just your net weight!

You may have lost 2 pounds of fat and developed 2 pounds of fantastic, sexy, toned muscle – only the tape measure can tell you.

Muscle mass gain is frequent among those who do sports and lose weight, so use the meter as a guideline to monitor your progress.


25. Stay positive

Your negativity can drastically hinder your progress, while thinking positive helps a lot.

In fact, positivity creates new ways to lose weight.


26. Be decisive

Unhappiness loves company and very soon you will meet people who “eat to forget” and will drag you into their voracious vortex with outings and dinners of all kinds.

Soon you will also find those who will mock your good intentions about healthy eating and try to dissuade you perhaps because you have already failed in the past or tempt you with “forbidden” foods.

Be decisive, let it be clear, you are eating healthy and they must respect you.

The ways of saying “only one will not hurt” or “just a bite” are not part of the right mentality, do not be fooled, it is true on the physical probably but not for the mentality, for the psychological and motivational part of your diet.


27. Good/Great/Best

If we want to avoid butter we can think so, margarine is good, fat-free margarine is great but without margarine is better.

Given how the positive scale influences our choices?

Making better choices leads us to better results when we apply them to ways of losing weight.


28. Supplements and vitamins

When a person wants to lose weight they often resort to supplements and this is good.

The mistake of many instead is to think that these are miraculous filters.

Keep in mind the meaning of the word SUPPLEMENTS, it means that they integrate and therefore help in the process of assimilation of some essential elements for a bombproof metabolism.

Many mineral salts, especially for endurance sports and vitamins in the case of food intolerance are essential to not feel fatigue and avoid unnecessary stress during and after sports activities.


29. Food substitutes

Those small print on the packaging of slimming products give you the idea of being able to take them instead of foods because they are rich in nutrients.

Be truly informed of their content and please read the label.

If you need to lose weight quickly, supplements will save you the time of preparing food and thus gain time to exercise.


30. Find inspiration

Visually look for a toned and slim body as you would like to achieve and use it as inspiration to improve yourself.

Getting an abstract idea or thinking “I have to be thinner” does not give you a concrete goal and often you end up getting lost along the way.

Motivation is very important.

Once you’re motivated to lose weight you’ll find it much easier than just having to move… it’s hard work but….

But I forgot a clarification: ok the model to follow but do not exaggerate and use common sense!

100 ways to lose weight – a deep breath.. We are a third of the way now! … Continue!


31. Eat low density

Low-density foods contain few calories and satiate a lot.

Good examples can be celery, mushrooms, onions, green leafy vegetables, cabbage and cauliflower.

Low-calorie, low-density foods control your caloric intake for weight loss.

In fact, once you have learned how to cook them at their best, you will discover that you can regulate your caloric intake very easily and so you will lose weight, they are also very digestible and nutrients such as mineral salts and vitamins are immediately absorbed by the body.


32. Be realistic

You probably won’t look like your favorite sportsman, athlete, actor, etc. within a week, so set realistic goals and prepare for stages to be proud of.


33. Become an example for others

Learn and earn the respect of others (especially if you have children) by controlling your weight with common sense, in this way you will take responsibility and it will be more difficult to give up, others point it out to you, it means that you are doing well, continue.


34. Train and eat smart

Educate yourself in healthy eating and practice more exercises and this app will equal your weight loss. In short, the more you stay focused on what you do, the more your body works and therefore burns, bring attention to the movements and what you eat at all times.


35. Pampered

As a reward for your efforts get a massage or something as nice as a beauty treatment by the beautician.

Pamper yourself to reinforce your goals with that sweetest note and with the right reward.


36. Stretching

Stretching increases circulation, you relax more and your muscles are more elastic.

In addition, it is important for physical recovery.

Do this every morning as soon as you wake up or after a nice hot shower so your body will stretch much more.

“Cold” stretching keeps the natural stretching longer but begins to do so after you have learned the right postures otherwise you risk bad tears.


37. Protect Your Belongings

Muscles are the ones that burn, you absolutely have to understand this concept to achieve maximum weight loss.

Protecting your muscles is a guaranteed success.

Eat an adequate amount of protein 4-6 times every day at least (circus 30-140 grams).

If you don’t have the necessary amount of protein, your muscles begin to catabolize and contract.

If you have to burn fat it is not nice that it slows down the metabolism, which we could call a “metabolic furnace”.


38. Breathe!

Oxygen is the biggest enemy of fats because it incinerates them.

Breathing exercises help to take in more oxygen and this helps burn fat.

Sign up for Yoga classes or practice it at home so you will learn how to breathe better and really relax.


39. No Stress

Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that consumes muscle, which is valuable for obtaining energy.

This is not good at all my dears.

Relax and calm down and at least learn some mental relaxation exercises.

Don’t stress, you’ll live longer.

  • Little stress = a lot of health
  • Relax = Peaceful Life

Don’t think you can’t lose weight because you can!


40. Varieties

Do not get bored with your training, change exercises often so your mind keeps cool and your body always alert.

Always think of new ways to lose weight (use this list randomly).


41. Teetotaler

Alcohol is evil! Do you really want to inhibit your progress?

Alcohol excesses stop the metabolization processes by cooling you down because the body burns alcohol and not fat, while at the same time turning it into more fat that accumulates.

In addition and makes you make nutritional choices not really smart, better abstain as much as possible.

Do your best.


42. Intensity

The intensity of your exercises will be directly proportional to your results, increase the intensity to get the best results from your workouts.

Too bland is not good, it must be gradual ok, but intense for your state of form at that time.


43. Antioxidants

Antioxidants help fight cell damage that causes free radicals after each workout.

Fresh fruits and vegetables (especially red) are the best remedy being generous sources of antioxidants and the benefits for your health will be extraordinary.


44. Long-term

The journey you are embarking on is long-term so plan it in this regard.

Cabbage or lemon diets do not work because in two days they promise to solve the problem of a lifetime.

You are smarter, do not be fooled and look at the big picture thinking about the long term learning that by using the word diet you must mean that you will eat well and healthily.


45. Rest the mind

When you’re not training, stop thinking about it and look for something else.

It is easy to be seized by enthusiasm and think only about losing weight but in the long run you risk
get bored and lose concentration.


46. Sport

Find a sport that you enjoy, get involved and jump into the fray!

Sport allows us to train without knowing it and sometimes practicing a sport that we enjoy is one of the fastest ways to lose weight.


47. Never be hungry

The rumbling stomach leads us to be more and more hungry and this ends with the attack on snacks.

Make 5-6 moderate meals a day and you’ll never be hungry again.

You will never lose weight if you always remain with an empty stomach because either hunger wins or you will die of hunger!

You lose weight by eating properly by not depriving yourself of food.


48. Timing

Synchronizing meals is crucial.

Never eat before workouts, never eat before going to bed, always wait an hour before a workout if you really want to optimize fat loss, always eat 75% of carbohydrates before 3 pm.

Good timing makes all the difference to achieving the best results.

It’s impossible to lose weight if you eat a plate of pasta just before you start.

With such a short time you will deposit excess calories that will slow down the metabolism, training will be more strenuous and without visible results.


49. Habit

Make it a habit, once you have “put in place” your good work, it will become a habitual pattern with which it will be easier to continue.

Consistency is key!


50. Have fun

Your healthy trip can be fun, you just have to get excited about the benefits.

Don’t be sorry for foods you can’t eat, but look forward to the reward you’ll give yourself once or twice a week, knowing you’re not that far from your favorite food.


51. Squirm

Twist, squats, squirm and just move! What you spend as extra energy squirming can be important, so don’t sit even for a minute.


52. Get yourself a dog

Dogs need exercise, great for you too as someone has to take them for a walk or run and that someone could be you.

Also can be your most trusted friend the dog is not man’s best friend?

If you can take it to the kennel!


53. Small Portions in Small Plates

When you have plates with small portions you eat little and when you have large plates you eat a lot, then buy small plates (or use those of desserts instead of normal).


54. Smart Condiments

Not all condiments are created equal.

Mustard is better than mayonnaise, ketchup is better than sauces, and yogurt is better than cream.

Learn to read product nutrition labels.


55. Good advice

Any other person in the gym you ask will be able to tell you the best ways to lose weight, but the best ones are the ones mentioned before because what they do is already working.


56. Shyness = weight gain

Shy people weigh more – it’s true, because they socialize less, watch too much TV and eat more crap (like in American movies with mega portions of ice cream).

Meet new people, get up from your chair and find new ways to lose weight and… LIVE!


57. Become your own chef

Prepare your own dishes so you’ll know what’s inside and make it healthier.

It will come in handy you will see.

If you don’t know how to cook, buy a Thermomix.


58. Herbs

Use more aromatic herbs that give more aroma to the dishes so doing so you will decrease the salt content


59. Fresh is better

Eating healthy and fresh food is the tastiest and healthiest of the ways to lose weight, be sure to buy fresh produce more often.


60. Kill cravings

Cravings can be controlled with a high-fiber diet and supported by chromium that reduces insulin sensitivity and suppresses sugar cravings.

Taking Chromium is one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight.


61. Only one

Do not mix diets with each other, you risk not getting any benefit.

Choose the one that suits you best and carry it all the way.


62. Rotation

A little while ago I advised you to do only one. Good, however, alternate it with another.

Let me explain; Impose on yourself only one diet for a period of time, 2 months for
example and then do another one for two weeks and so on.

This way your body will never get used to it.

The biggest enemy of weight loss is a monotonous and habitual diet.

Put them in the training program and take note of the progress, you will notice how it is a better method to lose weight instead of mixing them together.


63. Falling clothes = poor effort

Do not always wear long skirts, loose shirts or trousers with pockets otherwise you will
You forget why you need to lose weight.

You want to put on tight things to show your new physique!


64. Rubber

100 ways to lose weight and tell me to chew gum?

To be honest, chewing gum for an hour burns you 11 calories.

Chewing gum a day for a year will make you lose 1 ounce.

It’s a bit crazy as a method isn’t it?

Obviously it must be sugar-free or is useless ok? If you chew more, could it be the best way ever to lose weight?


65. Mini Exercises

These things can be done while you’re watching TV or while sitting in the office.

Mini exercises such as using springs for the thighs, handles to shake hands or stretching every now and then.


66. Throw away the remote control

Throw away the remote control and change the channels manually.


67. Take the stairs

Do not use elevators, take the stairs and without realizing you will burn a lot of extra calories.


68. Take the kids to the park

Have some fun with the family and burn a lot of fat while being a good parent that responsible way to lose weight!

Children ride bikes, go by bike or run!


69. Bike

If you go to work by bike you will save money on gasoline and means of transport and at the same time burn fat.

It is simply the most efficient and Eco Friendly way to lose weight! Save the planet!


70. Renovated

Work ennobles man and if it is hard it will also make you lose fat.

Learn the art of DIY but I recommend if you do it for others get paid.


71. Maintenance

A practical way to turn household chores into a real fat burning workout.

Household chores are a convenient way to lose weight so put them in your workout program.


72. The Circle… Virtuous

Good health leads to good health.

When you lose weight you have a lot of energy for the daily commitments that you will carry out with more enthusiasm that will make you train harder and therefore lose weight that will make you train harder then lose weight and therefore train will become more and more fun.


73. Making a Good Impression

If you are trying to impress someone or someone this will give you more motivation and commitment to change.

Use what you have learned and once you have impressed your goal this will give you satisfaction and more push for a new goal.


74. Satiety

It is important to feel full because it stops the instinct to binge and the temptation to eat at unscheduled times.

Keep yourself under control by telling yourself:

“No thanks. I’m okay like that.”

Eat large portions of low-density, low-glycemic foods to feel full.


75. Do not forget to sleep

If you are tired you will skip workouts and eat the wrong foods.

Make sure you get enough sleep and you’ll ensure a good start to the day.

A good morning starts in the morning!


76. Emulate

Try to emulate someone else’s success and find solace in the fact that they, too, have struggled to achieve it.

Knowing that someone else has found the right ways to lose weight will bring you huge benefits.


77. Be responsible

Take 100% of your responsibility, take all the blame and you will stay in control and eliminate negative excuses.


78. Take More Improvements on Board

Do you remember the virtuous circle?

Well, if you can develop it in other areas you will find more strength and you will have more confidence in areas that can assist you in your weight loss process.


79. Cash Reward

Plan a cash reward for your physical exertion.

Buy yourself something you’ve saved from fast food and various crap.

Even better for your health buy something healthy with your money.


80. Facts of new friends unhealthy

Meeting new people is nice but new fit people is better because it adds success by influencing your life and this positivity cannot be bought with money.

You could also learn new ways to lose weight from them by learning from their experiences.


81. Game Console

Around there are consoles with programs and games to keep you fit.

Your children will thank you and can play with you while you lose weight, with friends so you can challenge them, you will always have cheerful people at home and you will burn fat while having fun.


82. Diary of the few fats

One thing I’ve noticed when filling out the 100 ways to lose weight is a journal to record workouts and meal schedules.

Another nice idea is a diary where you write down all your healthy meals and every 10 pages put some crap.

It will help you to have a countdown to a delicious reward.


83. Blue

Blue is the color that witnesses the thoughts of good weight loss, so dress as blue as you can and you will see that it will help you.


84. A step forward

If you’re going to be away from home for a long period of time, bring along a healthy smoothie or a low-calorie snack so you avoid the temptation of snacks.


85. Suck it up

Your stomach… What did you understand?!?!

The muscles of your stomach can protrude if you let them do it, then compress it as many times as possible so you will help the contraction of the abdominals and eliminate those ugly bumps of the belly.

Simply squeezing your bacon burns calories, improves your silhouette and is an easy method of losing weight.


86. Mint

A mint mouth doesn’t want to eat, so brush your teeth with strong mint toothpaste because it can really suppress your appetite.


87. Roasted peanuts

Eat peanuts without salt for a healthy snack, but be careful not to eat more than a handful.


88. Stand-by Meals

Always keep healthy meals ready in the fridge or freezer for those times you are tired and feel the call of fast food.


89. Salt = Bad

They call it the “White Death” because it increases blood pressure and dries the blood.

Stay away from salt if you want a healthy cleansing diet.


90. Learn from mistakes

Everyone is wrong, so learn as you go along and let your mistakes help you manage your plan better.


91. Define boundaries

Having well-defined boundaries means having clear what you can and cannot do within your weight loss plan.


92. A little is a little

Measure carefully and be sure that a taste here and a bite does not become a bite with your mouth wide open.


93. Say what YOU want

Don’t be afraid to ask for a healthier version of something on the menu or ask for something that’s not on the menu.


94. Back on track

The key to all that is valuable is persistence and if you persist it doesn’t matter even if you stop yourself doing something wrong, you can always win.

Be diligent and attentive, leave nothing to chance but above all constant


95. Keep your tongue at bay

There are plenty of good sugar substitutes around, you just need to find the right one for you.

There are many sweeteners that are excellent substitutes that you can buy without sugar sticking to your teeth and therefore gives you the incentive to pass your tongue and consequently take more.

Finding a good sugar substitute is one of the easiest methods to lose weight
without changing your habits too much


96. White flour = No No

We have been told for years to eat more bread and more pasta, but these foods are not what they seem.

White bread and pasta are like sugars when they get to the blood, so stay away from all white flour products.


97. Al dente

If you really can’t do without pasta and want to reduce its intake little by little, cook it al dente.

Some populations cook it much more with the consequence of raising the glycemic index, make it al dente season it little and you will lower the intake in sugars and therefore the glycemic index.


98. Fresh air

You often go out into the fresh air, invigorates your body and mind, plus energizes you to walk and run.

Do not stay indoors like a hen in the henhouse, go out alive, burn fat and… Enjoy!!!


99. Walk during phone calls

When you are on the phone do not sit but walk, go around the room and do exercises, do not lean back, do not sit on the couch or lie on the bed.

Here’s another easy way to burn more calories and lose weight.

While you are on the phone you do not even notice that you are somehow exercising, if you have a treadmill, an exercise bike, or an elliptical bike, but a brisk walk is also fine, you will see it is not difficult to do some exercises with the phone in hand.


100. Consume caffeine

Be careful not often, but every now and then you can use the fat-burning effects of caffeine to eliminate some extra calories.

Do not use it too often otherwise you will become insensitive to caffeine and it will no longer work.

Smart caffeine use is one of the easiest ways to help you lose weight but it needs to be done the right way.

I remind you, without sugar!


101. Council –> Green Tea

  • Green tea contains catechins, compounds that help in cardiac activity and therefore burn fat, and prevent free radicals.
  • Green tea is really a fantastic product, not being fermented does not affect negatively like the normal one.
  • Drink 2 or 3 cups a day, preferably during meals, hot so it helps digestion without weighing it down and cold during summer snacks.
  • But be careful, be wary of imitations!



I hope I’ve given you some useful weight loss tricks that you didn’t know yet.

Losing weight is much easier when you have the right information to guide you.

These solutions can help keep you healthy and mentally aware.

With all the hustle and bustle of modern life your health is truly the most important thing.

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