12 prohibited actions in sport that you need to learn to do and defend in self-defense

prohibited actions in sport
12 prohibited actions in sport that you must learn to do and defend in self-defense.

The prohibited actions in combat sports(illegal boxing / illegal moves)that you must learn to do and defend in self-defense

Today I want to write you some forbidden actions that you can not do in sport but that you absolutely have to do if you have to defend yourself and then I’m talking to you about self-defense.

You have to learn that in addition to the fact that you can and must do these “dirty” actions you can also suffer so you need to know what to do,if they bite you, if they grab your hair, etc.

You need to know that some things you do in sport in a context where there are no rules can lead to major risks.

It is important that you contextualize the techniques and try them in training with correct didactic/training methods if you do not want to learn this lesson just when you need to save your skin.

Here are 12 prohibited actions in sport that you need to learn to do and very important also to defend in self-defense:

01. Scratching the face, the skin

02. Pull and tear your hair

03. Scratching the throat, tearing removing the esophagus

04. Vigorous blow to the back of the head, to the nape of the neck.

05. Pull your head by pulling your hair

06. Pull and tear and ears

07. Put fingers in the cavities to destroy the area of the face (mouth, nose, ears)

08. Push your fingers into the eye socket and take your eyes to pull them out

09. Bite the skin, fingers, nose and ears

10.Direct elbow in the chest area and break the sternum

11. Grab and squeeze the balls (groin)

12. Hold your head to break your neck


These are the prohibited actions in M.M.A. meetings so these are the things you absolutely have to do because if they’re dangerous for super athletes how about using them against an attacker?.

prohibited actions in sport

Prohibited actions in MMA competitions:

The following actions are prohibited during a meeting or performance of M.M.A. and are sanctioned, at the discretion of the central arbitrator, if committed:

(1) Hit with the head

(2) Try to injure your eyes in any way

(3) Bite

(4) Spitting at the opponent

(5) Pull your hair

(6) Fish hooking [infilare le dita in bocca all’ avversario tirando la guancia]

(7) Hitting the genitals

(8) Stick your fingers in any orifice, cutting or tearing your opponent

(9) Micro levers (e.g. toe fingers)

(10) Hit down using the tip of the elbow

(11) Hit the back or back

(12) Hitting the kidneys with the heel

(13) Hit the throat in any way, including, without limitation, grabbing the trachea

(14) Pinch or twist the opponent’s skin

(15) Grab the collarbone

(16) Kicking an opponent to the ground

(17) Knee-knocking on the head of an opponent on the ground

(18) Hit with stomping kick (heeled down) an opponent on the ground

(19) Grasp the net or ropes

(20) Hold your opponent’s shorts or gloves

(21) Use violent, offensive language

(22) Take anti-sports actions that cause harm to the opponent

(23) Attack the opponent during the break between the ruonds

(24) Attack the opponent who is under the care of the referee/race doctor

(25) Attack the opponent after the bell sounding that the end of the round

(26) Avoid contact with the opponent out of fear, spitting out the mouthguard or faking an accident

(27) Throw your opponent out of the ring or over the cage fence

(28) Disobeying the orders given by the referee

(29) Project your opponent by dropping it head or neck

(30) Corner interference

(31) Apply any substance to hair or body that can benefit

prohibited actions in sportConclusions

This list should make you think and give you some insights that you need to analyze when you work out.

These 12 forbidden actions that you must learn to do and defend in self-defense are important to get in touch with the harsh reality of The No Rules!

Have you seen how many things you can do?.

And if these actions are dangerous for these super athletes you understand that they are even more so for a normal person.


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