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16 4-shot boxing combinations you need to try

4-shot boxing combinations16 4-shot boxing combinations you need to try.

Pulling a quick and powerful combination is hilarious and satisfying, and it’s always good to have new combinations in your set to work with when doing shadow boxing or heavy sack.

However, you can not always use pre-established boxing combinations because all must be functional to the type of opponent but in training it is essential to build your own set of combinations and train them.

Now inventing and trying them is fun but if you are novice but even if you are not I point you to 16 different quick and easy combinations that can be used in many different ways.

Now I want to assume that at least you know the numbering of shots and an understanding of the basic principles of the boxing combination.

If you want, you can also measure performance while you’re trained with boxing trackers.

4-shot boxing combinations

What you should learn from combinations

As I told you before boxing combinations are NOT rules/rigid schemes that must be stored and always executed in the same way. It’s critical to understand that these combinations and any other combinations you see online are POSSIBILITA/ IDEAS.

As you grow as a fighter, you’ll learn how to build your own combinations based on the “stimulus of the moment” based on your balance and your opponent.

Practice and study different boxing combinations is necessary and can help you give experience by feeling which combinations work well for you, and which punches flow well one after the other

The goal is to build an automatic movement with mechanisms that create a flow of punches so you can pull combinations on the fly without thinking.

I warn you that there are several things that these combinations that I propose do not incorporate:

  • Distinction between high and low strokes (height changes)
  • Pull sequences of consecutive punches with the same hand (double shots)
  • Combinations without a jab (the Jab will always be present in these sequences of shots)
  • Most Wanted Fists Like Shovel Hook or Overhand

These combinations are a start for building mechanics and automating movements in combination.

Boxing combinations

16 different boxing combinations of 4 strokes

  • The boxing combinations listed are built for orthodox fighters (right-handers) but if you’re a left-hander (southpaw), reverse directions as I should.
  • I also wrote you a few suggestions under the combination.

Let’s start, here are 16 4-shot boxing combinations you need to try:

1-2-3-2 (Jab, cross, left hook, cross)

Be sure to keep the left hook (Hook Sx) tight and close to your body. A Hook too long in a ring will ruin the next cross.

1-2-3-4 (Jab, cross, left hook, right hook)

Do not rotate too much or pull with momentum when you pull the next two hooks, keep the base, stay balanced and watch out for footwork.

1-2-3-6 (Jab, cross, left hook, right uppercut)

The uppercut must sneak into the opponent’s open guard, so avoid a “windup” but pull it quickly and with power, without loading it too much.

1-2-5-2 (Jab, cross, left uppercut, cross)

Pull the uppercut like a light punch, not a power punch, and use all the power to pull the cross.

1-2-5-6 (Jab, cross, left uppercut, right uppercut)

The danger here is that you have to make sure that your alternating hand always stays on guard when you throw the two uppercuts.

1-4-1-2 (Jab, right hook, jab, cross)

Don’t pull your right hook with a big windup ( loading).

1-4-1-6 (Jab, right hook, jab, right uppercut)

Put all the power in your uppercut without letting it tell it’s coming.

1-4-3-2 (Jab, right hook, left hook, cross)

Again, with two successive hooks, make sure you don’t rotate too much more than you need.

1-4-3-6 (Jab, right hook, left hook, right uppercut)

As before, avoid doing an over-rotation.

1-4-5-2 (Jab, right hook, left uppercut, cross)

Keep your uppercut tight and high. Don’t bring it too low to pull it.

1-6-1-2 (Jab, right uppercut, jab, cross)

The jab-uppercut works best if you close the distance between you and your opponent with the jab.

1-6-1-4 (Jab, right uppercut, jab, right hook)

If you take your opponent on the counter-attack with the uppercut, the incoming hook can be devastating.

1-6-3-2 (Jab, right uppercut, left hook, cross)

The combination of 6, 3 and 2 has all the characteristics of being a powerful combination that allows you to do serious damage in this combination.

1-6-3-4 (Jab, right uppercut, left hook, right hook)

Keep your balance when you pull the last hook so you’re ready to defend.

1-6-3-6 (Jab, right uppercut, left hook, right uppercut)

Immediately after recovering from an uppercut, you enter with the next shot, be careful of this if you want to avoid having moments discovered in your guard and offer openings.

1-6-5-2 (Jab, right uppercut, left uppercut, cross)

Pull the uppercuts fast and keep your opposite hand high on your guard as you shoot them, don’t get caught.

Shorten boxing combinations

If you want you can shorten these combinations, but remember that you can only remove one punch from the end or beginning.

Example – > a combination 1-4-5-2 can simply become 1-4-5 or 4-5-2.

16 4-shot boxing combinations you need to try Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Add variations to boxing combinations

Since you can’t and don’t have to keep making a banal set of combinations all the time, always the same and repetitive becoming obvious and predictable you need to know how to add variations to boxing combinations. Add variations to the combination make it easier and more likely to “catch” your opponent by catching them off guard or with the open/uncovered guard and scoring their fists in combination.

Ps. I tell you this because training all more or less with the same combinations becomes predictable if you do not enter variants.

Dubbing the Jabs

All these combinations start with Jab shots, but you don’t have to. Alternatively, you don’t just have to pull a single jab. Jabs are always good when pulled in groups before the sequence, and it’s a good practice to use double or tripled jabs and vary the number of shots you throw to maintain your opponent’s balance and distance.

So you could make these combinations starting with a single jab, a double jab and a triple jab.

Ps. Clearly you can start with other shots but it’s about studying some combinations, and to start it goes very well to learn with the Jab to master the technique but no one forbids starting with a combination with a different shot.

Dubbing the Hooks

Another way to get into the opposing guard and target or create openings is to throw a hook twice. This is difficult to do in terms of loading and amounting to motion, but you typically pull the first lighter hook of the second hook.

The real intention goes on the second blow.

Turn the 1-2-3-2 combination into 1-2-3–3-2.

Alternate high and low fists, height change

Alternating your fists by pulling on your head and body, varying the lines of attack introduces even more confusion for your opponent.

An example is 1-2-3 low-2.

This also works well in combination with repeated jabs or hooks :1 low-1 high-2-3-2

or with hooks: 1-2-3 low-3 high-2

Alternate your rhythm

Your pace and dynamics can either refer to the level of power of your punches, such as the light-light-heavy, or the time of your punches.

Both(power and speed)can be varied to further confuse your opponent.

For example: you throw 3 punches, “pause” for a fraction of a second and then you throw your last shot.

16 4-shot boxing combinations you need to try Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Combines boxing combinations

You can take two of the combinations listed above and change some parts to create longer 6-shot combinations.

For example combine: 1-6-3-2 with (1) -2-5-2 with end 2 of the first combination being the first 2 in the second combination.

The result is a combination: 1-6-3-2-5-2


Practice makes you perfect and efficient making a complicated gesture simple and natural

  • Practice these combinations by doing lots of Shadowboxing! Make the vacuum by making these combinations and variants.
  • Now do this packed workout and pull these combinations at least 15-20 times for each combination. As you do, start improvising with these combinations and learn new ways to change and combine them.
  • If you have a workout buddy do these combinations at focus pads.
  • If you have the option, use boxing trackers to measure work volume and performance.

Good combinations! and remember.

Street Fight Mentality & fight Sport


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