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16 tips directly from Bruce Lee

16 tips directly from Bruce Lee Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Bruce Lee left a great deal of advice, studies, writings, personal and public notes about JKD.

Here are 16 tips directly from Bruce Lee:

1. Strict structural economy in attack and defense (attack: advanced arts live/defense: hands that pierce).

2. Versatile weapons, kicks and punches thrown “with art without art”, without sticking to methods, to avoid partialization

3. Broken rhythm, half rhythm and whole rhythm or rhythm of three quarters (JKD rhythm in attack and counterattack)

4. Weight training, additional scientific training and comprehensive fine-tuning

5. Direct movements, the “direct movement of the JKD” in attacks and counterattacks carried out from the position in which you are (without changing it)

6. Mobile trunk and nonchalant leg work

7. Soft matter and unpredictable attack tactics

8. Unforgiving body:

a. culling cunningly

B. Knockdown

C. tight grip

d. immobilization

9. Whole body strengthening (total training and contact training, on moving targets)

10. Powerful “Weapons” made sharp by the continuous “sharpening”

11. Individual expression and not mass production, vitality and und noting application of classical rules (true communication)

12. In addition to physical movements, it takes care of the ‘continuity of the self that is expressed’

13. Totality, not structural fragmentaryness

14. Relaxation and powerful penetration. But a relaxation rich in elasticity, by snap, not a physically relaxed body. And mental versatility (inner)

15. Uninterrupted flow (straight and curved movements, up and down, right and left, side steps, vertical and circular torso oscillation, circular movements with hands)

16. Well-balanced attitude during movement, constantly. Continuity between maximum tension and maximum relaxation. (from the Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee’s Secret Book”)”)

Stick to these tips, you’re not wrong.

They enclose the essence of combat.


What do you think?

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