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21 Muay Thai packed combinations for beginners

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Today I want to provide you with 21 combinations to the lot of Muay Thai for beginners to start working with the sack!

Even if I wrote for beginners does not mean that they are not effective indeed are the fundamentals!

I write the names in English because you have to get used to them even if they are easy to memorize, they are few terms.

I’ve always used medium kicks and not low kicks the famous devastating low kicks of Muay Thai because it has to be a preparatory workout and if you throw a middle a low kick is still “easier”.

As you’ll see are combinations of two shots at the beginning and then they become from 3 and at most 4 shots but simple combinations.

What you need now is a lot, the headbands and the gloves, remember to always train protecting your hands.

Now if you need some fun new combinations to try your next Training session in Muay Thai try these 21 KO combos for beginners.

During your next workout who knows what your favorite combo is!

But now let’s not get lost in chatter and let’s get started!

You have to perform at least 20 combinations for each combo but if you feel like it can be even more!

Ps. Get in the background as you practice the traditional music used during Muay Thai matches.

muay-thai-6 21 Muay Thai packed combinations for beginners

Here are the 21 muay Thai combination for beginners:

  1. Jab – Middle Kick
  2. Cross – Switch Middle Kick
  3. Jab – Cross – Middle Kick
  4. Jab – Cross – Switch Middle Kick
  5. Teep (with advanced leg) – Middle Kick
  6. Teep (with advanced leg) – Switch Middle Kick
  7. Jab – Rear Elbow (elbowed with the opposite hand to the Jab pulling the Cross)
  8. Jab – Cross – Lead Elbow (elbowed with the hand that pulled the Jab)
  9. Middle Kick – Middle Kick (with the same leg, double the shot)
  10. Switch Middle Kick – Middle Kick (so make the changing of the guard and shoot two shots with the same leg, double the shot)
  11. Cross – Hook – Rear Knee (knee with back leg)
  12. Hook – Cross – Switch Lead Knee (knee with advanced leg but doing the switch)
  13. Middle Kick – Rear Knee
  14. Jab – Lead Teep (very used in Muay Thai, Jab and Instant Teep with advanced leg)
  15. Leat Teep – Rear Teep (make a teep with the left leg and then an immediate teep with the back leg)
  16. Jab – Lead Elbow – Rear Elbow (after the jab you throw an elbow with the same hand that threw the jab and then elbowed the opposite)
  17. Switch Middle Kick – Cross
  18. Jab – Rear Middle Kick – Lead Middle Kick
  19. Rear Middle Kick – Hook – Cross – Switch Middle Kick
  20. Jab – Cross – Hook – Rear Middle Kick (this is a classic combination in speed)
  21. Jab – Lead Middle Kick – Cross – Rear Middle Kick (after jab he throws a middle kick with the advanced leg and after cross and a middle kick with the back leg)

muay-thai-3 21 Muay Thai packed combinations for beginners


I hope these 20 combinations can be useful to you!

It’s a track to get you to work with a logical sense to the sack and I recommend you read the post of tips on how to use the heavy bag.

Have a good workout!

Stay Tuned!

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Lingua: Italian English

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