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Breathing under stress and fear

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guy-3335271_1280-e1604928041615 Breathing under stress and fear 3 ways to breathe under stress and fear.

Breathing under the stress of an aggression is not easy and for this I recommend these 3 ways of breathing in fear.

If a person feels or perceives the danger and feels fear but is not prepared to handle this feeling, his heart pulses and blood pressure increase while his breathing is blocked for a few seconds by fear.

The result of this physiological reaction linked to fear stress is a stiffening related to tension and restriction of body movement, including what it takes to breathe forcing the heart to work harder as blood flows to the muscles but with a lower amount of oxygen.

“The result is that you get stuck with fear.”

Getting stuck without attack or escape reaction to defend yourself and getting safe when it comes to self-defense is not something you can afford and so you need to maintain a level of stress that you can’t erase but that allows you to maintain that level of physical and mental lucidity that allows your reaction.

The human body needs oxygen to move and think properly.

traspar Breathing under stress and fear

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