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4 High Kick Combinations for Maximum Destructive Effectiveness

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muay-thai-2 4 High Kick Combinations for Maximum Destructive Effectiveness

4 Combinations of High Kick for maximum destructive effectiveness.

High Kick

is one of the most difficult techniques to target for a variety of reasons.

It is certainly a football that I do not recommend in the field of self-defence but that remains in sport one of the spectacular kicks and that when it goes to target is often decisive.

  • It’s a kick that requires flexibility and dexterity. Lifting your foot/tibia to the height of an opponent’s head is not easy. In addition to the technical gesture, flexibility is required that develops with specific exercises in order to be able to have the right flexibility.
  • Next, your foot is asked to cover a huge amount of distance (your foot from your opponent’s head), further away than any other strike.
  • Head kicks is a slow attack due to the first point, flexibility and second point which is the distance to cover.

Everyone dreams of kicking a decisive kick in the middle of a match solving the situation with a nice KO but bringing the thunderous power of a high kick is complex and difficult to achieve but today you are about to discover the formula to be able to pull high kick to target.

But now I’m telling you that you don’t need to be Mirko Cro Copto kick your head but c on the right setup and the formulaI’m going to tell you becomes possible.

ufc_110_mirko_cro_cop_vs_anthony_perosh_4627x3085-scaled 4 High Kick Combinations for Maximum Destructive Effectiveness

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