5.11 kubaton tactical pen

5.11 kubaton tactical pen

5.11 kubaton tactical pen is a personal defense tools of the tactical pen group.

A tactical pen is a pen but built with very durable materials (usually steel, titanium or aeronautical aluminum), capable of withstanding even violent impacts against hard surfaces.

This makes the tactical pen in fact equivalent to the Kubotan from the point of view of personal defense but it still remains a pen to write to always carry with it also to write and not for the offense of an aggressor.

The 5.11 kubaton tactical pen is an object with a refined style and precise balance that makes it a solid but agile Kubaton tactical pen in hand.

It features a textured anodized aluminum body with a knle handle and a pressurized ink cartridge with a rotating opening.


The design of the 5.11 kubaton tactical pen

The 5.11 designers let themselves take the hand by providing a tactier-cool look that gives it a very aggressive look.

It is very beautiful but this aspect from a personal defense perspective is also bad because it makes it a very visual object while the function of a tools like the tactical pen is to provide a potential weapon “inserted” into something that is not hiding the offensive potential.

If it looks like a “weapon” the surprise effect disappears because the unusual shape can alert the aggressor.

It is also true that having such a strong design allows it to have a more efficient grip that makes the grip more solid, so this choice is also to provide a greater performance during use in action.

5.11 kubaton tactical pen

A feature that distinguishes many tactical pens and even the 5.11 kubaton tactical pen, is not to have the screw cap to use it as a pen.

This is to prevent the pen from accidentally unseing itself while in your pocket, during extraction, or while in action.

This feature makes the pen safer, but if you also use it to write your friends or colleagues will not see you unscrew for a few moments the cap every time you use your pen and that would make it doubly visible as I told you both for the particular shape and also for this “curious” unscrew operation to remove the cap.

With the 5.11 kubaton tactical pen this does not happen!

5.11 kubaton tactical pen


Prepare to increase your productivity in the office or in the field when writing with this super pen. Is that true?

Pocket clip of the 5.11 kubaton tactical pen

A very important part of the tactical pen is the pocket clip.

The clip allows you to “hide the pen in full view”, but keeping it in an easily accessible position.

This Clip is very solid and stays in place.

In many pens you need to periodically make sure that the clip hasn’t loosened by “hooking up” or accidentally rubbing against something in the car sitting, chairs or otherwise.

If you loosen it is crucial to restore the retention tension of the clip, otherwise it is very easy to lose the pen during the day or while you are running away or moving to avoid aggression before pulling out the pen.


Draws and training

If you want to insert a tactical pen into your EDC, it is essential that you practice pulling the pen out of your pocket or from where you chose to keep it.

You have to do it in different conditions: standing, sitting, running, wearing a vest coat, etc.

The speed of extraction is a very important aspect and that needs to be trained.

Technical study of attack angles and defense of the use of the tactical pen are also key aspects.


Features of the 5.11 kubaton tactical pen:

  • Design in one piece, no cap to lose
  • Non-threatening blunt instrument
  • Aggressive Texture for a Solid Grip
  • Replaceable ink cartridge
  • Compatible with ink cartridges Fisher PR series, Rite in the Rain 37R, 47R, 57R, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 series
  • Weight: 33.1g
  • Length: 13.7 cm (with pen tip deployed)
  • Diameter: 1.29 cm (not including clip)
  • Aluminium body, pocket steel clip
  • Medium black pressurized ink cartridge included

Price of 5.11 kubaton tactical pen:

The price of the 5.11 kubaton tactical pen is about 30 euros


It is a great super proven product but I still want to share with you a reflection should be dedicated to the “tactical” use of common pens.

The aggressive look of the tactical pens currently on the market and their prices, in many cases exaggerated, have discouraged users more attentive to discretion… and wallet.


Some argue that a very common pen with a thick plastic body (such as a Sharpie, for example) is as durable for defense use as a tactical pen, being both less flashy and cheaper.

Somehow it is true that a common metal pen can be fine, you have to choose the pen correctly but usually a quality pen costs like the 5.11 kubaton tactical pen but the common pens usually also have potential defects in the defensive use, because they are not designed specifically for that type of use.


  • They offer less grip in grip: a common metal pen has the body brushed or polished, however brought to a level of finish quite high for aesthetic reasons. This could result in a more slippery grip, especially with wet, sweaty or bloodied hands;
  • The clip is less durable and the voltage cannot be easily adjusted without running the risk of breaking it;
  • The cap,when present, offers a fairly low resistance to the opening with the risk of losing it during extraction.

This is not to say that a common pen is not a good weapon of defense in case of an emergency, but having to evaluate a tool dedicated to our daily security, those mentioned above are certainly aspects not to be overlooked.

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