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Winning habits for fighters

Winning habits for fighters

The winning habits for fighters.

5 habits you need to have if you do combat sports.

If there is one thing that distinguishes a guy who trains like a pro from an amateur it is his “superior” habits and his obsessions.

Good habits for those who do combat sports are what distinguishes pro athletes from amateurs, it is so simple to understand but often people think that a good athlete is so because he is gifted, or that he is lucky or bullshit like that.

It’s never by chance if a fighter is strong but it’s the result of a process you can’t see.

These daily behaviors help fighters train longer, recover faster, feel good, perform better workouts, and be more effective in combat.

If you have bad habits, you will never reach your greatest potential.

Not even close.

Bad habits such as lack of sleep and junk food keep them behind in the long run.

How can you say that?


I often work with pro fighters from Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, etc. and believe me if I tell you that fighter successes and bad habits can’t coexist.

To “install” a habit in your mind takes 21 days in a row of this behavior, after which it will become something normal.

Yes!! You got it right it takes less than a month to build and reprogram your behavior with new features.

In this blog article I want to talk about the 5 habits that definitely distinguish champions from others.

So if your intention is to be a pro or a good fighter, a professional amateur these 5 habits you always have to respect them.

If you want to make a leap in quality you have to get used to these 5 must.

Winning habits for fighters

If you want to make a leap in quality you have to get used to these 5 must:


Professional athletes do not make discounts, they do not look for excuses because they can not do a match or a sparring session, they show up every day to train even when they do not feel like it or are tired.

Pro or pro-minded fighters are generally comfortable even when they feel on days no, adapt, take responsibility for what they do and are functional.

This is a clear sign of commitment to a bigger goal.

Amateurs talk about luck, expect that every now and then they can skip a few lessons or training sessions or go and relax a few days after a big win, but not the pros, they don’t believe the case but they create it,they are the ones who usually return to the gym on the Monday after Saturday’s match working on their mistakes while they are still fresh in their minds.

It’s all about fighting.

Winning habits for fighters


The Sacrifice

Being a professional athlete or an amateur who trains as a professional requires a lot of sacrifice.

When I had my first aperitif it had already gone out of fashion because in the evening I was always training in the gym.

Many people don’t realize that pros usually have a team of people who train with them, training partners, coaches, etc. and they also depend on you.

When you can’t fight because you’re out of weight, when your partners can’t train with you because you’re fat or because you’re going every night you can eat pizza with beer, not only aren’t you doing well, but you’re just leaving your team;

They can’t count on you to train, for the competitive team, for the gym, you’re a disgrace to the whole team.

When you’re a pro fighter, you won’t be like everyone else.

You have to be an example, your social life is for most of the time in the gym.

Dinners, parties, aperitifs, clubs, etc. they don’t exist for you when you’re training for matches and while your friends are out taking selfies and having fun you’re at home organizing your next day’s work, resting, getting ready for clean food for the next day.

Then, when your friends wake up in their warm beds from a nice sleep you have already done the morning workout (although after you have to go to work because you are an amateur, you have already done a part of the training of the day).

This is the sacrifice it takes to be the best.

Winning habits for fighters

The organization

If you don’t know what training to do, eat what inspires you, arrive late or leave things at the last minute, you’ll never be like a pro fighter.

Proper planning allows you to improve your performance compared to previous days or change something in your workout or nutrition to allow you to progress.

If you expect people on your team and your training partners to help you, the least you can do is organize yourself:

  • Schedule your workouts,
  • the kind of training you need to do,
  • what do you need to improve,
  • how to feed yourself properly,
  • follow your weight,
  • keep a diary of your workouts, diet and weight,
  • keep you healthy,
  • your combat strategy,
  • et cetera.

This is being a fighter ready when you need to.

Winning habits for fighters

The Diet

You have to have good eating habits, fighters who are serious in their sport have strict nutritional habits.

They never go wrong.

You have to follow a nutrition plan, not only hypothesize it, but build a well-defined plan day by day to be able to find the best way to get the correct weight and at the same time the strength and energy needed to cope with the hard workouts.

Get help from a professional because it’s not easy to do this yourself, it requires expertise and experience.

Consider that for professionals it’s not just a diet but it’s like it’s part of their workout because when you need it cutting the weight,it’s about building a real lifestyle, every day has to be a fighter’s way of life, it can’t be a few hours two or three times a week and then screw with it.

It’s about learning about the right foods to feed the body with as many nutrients as possible in each meal.

Winning habits for fighters Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


If you want to be any kind of level fighter, you need to focus on the rest and recovery plan after you’ve trained.

Professional fighters normally train in the morning and in the afternoon 6 days a week.

With this amount of training, missing sleep can affect your:

  • Bless you
  • your weight,
  • Performance
  • Concentration
  • Determination
  • Will
  • et cetera.

You have to sleep 7-8 hours of sleep every night and focus on your recovery in order to do an intense workout again the next day.

Winning habits for fighters Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


The winning habits for fighters, now you know them.

Now if there is one of these 5 tips are not in your daily habits you need to change right away if you really want to make a leap in quality.

Ps. Do not look at the talents they have a binary to themselves but from experience a talent that does not respect his luck with time yields to those who train with perseverance and dedication following even these 5 simple tips.

You have the choice!!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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