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5 opponents you can find yourself facing


5 opponents you can face.

There are generally five categories of opponents you may face.

Identifying an opponent is something important because you can try to adopt a strategy that is not the one that your opponent prefers and then avoid falling or working in his area of strength i.e. that way of fighting that is most congenial to him

To know when to hit an attacker, martial arts practitioner or personal defense you need to identify what kind of opponent you have in front of you.

Understanding the opponents/attackers you can face can get you to adopt the best strategy to win or get the better of you.

5 opponents you can find yourself facing Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

To simplify there are generally five categories of opponents/attackers:

Your opponent blocks and dodges shots

Then your opponent/attacker wants to parry or dodge then use the block, hoping to finally find an opening space for a counterattack.

Like a boxer,he covers himself and waits for the moment and space to hit you, then parries and hits or dodges and hits.

He is already an expert in standing combat who is used to moving between the blows of an opponent.

5 opponents you can find yourself facing Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Your opponent is a “runner”

This is an opponent who retreats, is evasive, runs away and tries to stay away from your shots.

He is an opponent/aggressor who hopes that by giving up direct confrontation and observing your attack movements he will understand the best strategy to hit you and take advantage of your fatigue for example while you unbalance to strike (a bad balance), etc. to attack you just then in that moment of bad position and stability.

5 opponents you can find yourself facing

Your opponent/aggressor is a banger

It is a not very sophisticated opponent, who throws himself blindly in a fight, hoping to beat his opponent with a barrage of kicks and punches.

It does not have a real strategy but simply that of a strong violence with gusts of nonsense but with extreme aggressive momentum.

His simple but very aggressive, impetuous and violent style makes him dangerous because you don’t have time to do any kind of complex defense.

Don’t fall into this trap but move a lot.

In this case the side and diagonal outputs and a footwork are crucial.

5 opponents you can find yourself facing Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Your opponent/aggressor is a fighter

It is a grappler, a wrestler, a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who is therefore a skilled fighter on the ground.

In this case this type of opponent tries to bring you to the ground and once there, repeatedly try to hit you to create openings and perform choking and joint levers to subdue you.


Although the personal defense systems but also Bruce Lee himself with his Jeet Kune Do mainly focuses the system on the standing fight, you still have to study the ground fight.

Lee himself was introducing many aspects of the fight into JKD because he understood its importance.

Studying and improving your grappling skills so you can quickly get back on your feet or get out of the fighting positions and resume your most congenial position is something you need to train.

Even if they tell you that you must never end up on the ground when it comes to personal defense I assure you that it is easy that you will end up there.

Stop believing certain stupid things because the reality is that it’s not hard for you to end up on the ground in a street fight so you better know what to do.

Of course if you feel experienced and skilled in fighting anything forbids you to do so but you have to be very careful for the hard ground and above all be sure that your attacker is not alone and also that he does not hide some improper weapon.

Remember, it’s not just about sports!

An assault in the street has more complex variables than the protected environment of the gym.

5 opponents you can find yourself facing

Your opponent/aggressor is an interceptor

It’s an opponent waiting for your action, wants you to make the first move and then throws a shot to stop you, to create a stop,

Stop-football example or a counterattack.

He wants to anticipate your action.

An interceptor fights a bit like a JKD practitioner or a boxing matchr.

So it attacks you while you’re advancing.



These are the main ones you need to know but now for you to experience you need the knowledge and training to understand what kind of opponent you have in front of you.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the most martial arts!

This is a path you have to take if possible because so you can experience all these kinds of opponents because every partial art has a peculiar attitude.

Surely you have friends or know practitioners of other fighting styles and it can be interesting to always deal with ethics and the right attention to work safely.

Study and observe how other martial artists attack, load shots, how they move because this knowledge will help you determine if you have the tools you need to deal with certain types of attacks and defenses before a real conflict.

You have to train your skills in the face of certain attitudes, types and series of attacks.


Remember that the blow that surprises you is the one you don’t know, not just what you don’t see.

The more you learn and know, the less surprised you will be because you are aware of what you need to do.

Another training method

Now to be able to train these strategies that of course you can use as a striker you have to strive to do sparring exercises where you and your training partner emphasize this 5 certain approaches and you have to make a strategy that is not the same as where your trainer wants to take you.

But if you really want to see the result you shoot with people who do different martial arts like boxers, wrestlers, pure personal defense, etc. and even friends who do nothing because you will be surprised because in addition to people the same martial arts clearly prefer a certain approach.

Of course as I have already told you full protection!

Have a good workout!


Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

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