5 type of medical ball for combat sports

medical ball5 type of medical ball for combat sports you need to know.

The other day I gave you a post about the combat sports exercises you can do using the medical ball but some of you wrote to me to understand the differences between the various medical balls I had listed.

Now the medical ball or medical ball I think you know what it is and definitely if you haven’t tried it you’ve definitely seen it.

There are mainly 5 types of medical ball that you can use for combat sports and wrestling.

Medical balls are available in:

  • Various sizes as diameter
  • Various weights ranging from 1 kg to 15 kg
  • Synthetic or skin/fake skin materials
  • Handles such as handles or ropes

These simple spheres are very useful for improving muscle power and sports performance in general of different disciplines.

Balls can:

  • Be used as a support to do exercises such as push-ups, abs, squats, etc.
  • Being launched and shooting, improving and making explosive movements


The medical ball can then improve the overall athletic ability which is the best way to train those who practice combat sports, as other simple gear such as kettlebell.

The medical ball is an ancient sports tool and its origins are born in the ancient era.

Hippocrates used sand-filled animal leather bags to help patients recover from injuries nearly 2,000 years ago.

Nowadays, however, while maintaining its origin you have the opportunity to choose between various models and here begin the questions on which one to choose? Which one is best for your specific workout?

5 type of medical ball for combat sports

Classic medical ball

medical ballThe classic medical ball is about the size of a basketball and has the same structure, so I made you the post where I show you how to make a medical ball with a few euros.

The medical ball adapts to a lot of gym jobs and propedeutics for many sports including combat sports.

Ps. For throws to the wall, etc. it is preferable the Giant Med Ball that we see among the medical balls of this list because it is safer for the larger and softer surface and in case of non-taking there is no risk of marking the face.


Medical ball with handles

medical ball

This type of medical ball is hard rubber with side handles ideal for training many muscle groups of the body.

The ergonomic design thanks to the presence of the handles allows a solid grip with the hands and the rubber coating is useful to avoid damage or scratches to the floor in case you use it in the house, even if I always recommend using mats or tatami.

There are also these in various weights and it is a valuable tool that you can easily carry around since it takes up little useful space for athletes’ training.

Ps.Il fact that it has a handle should not be understood as a kettlebell!


Slam ball

5 type of medical ball for combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThe Slam Ball it is a medical ball made of PVC, a high thickness material that makes it resistant to shocks but, at the same time, soft to the touch, and this does not run the risk of damaging the surfaces of the fitness room in case of accidental fall during exercises.

The Slam ball also known as Jam ball is basically a special medicinal ball intended to be thrown on the ground with a special feature or the ball does not bounce. Surely it is a ball that serves for combat sports such as mma, mixed martial arts especially for the stage of blows to the ground.

The most common exercise in the use of slam ball is as follows:

  • stand
  • feet to the width of the shoulders
  • raise the ball by bringing it over your head
  • Make sure that at the end of the movement you are on your toes
  • At this point throw the ball to the ground forcefully in front of you

In this exercise, the legs, shoulders, back, core are used and it is a great exercise for high-level conditioning.

Slamballs are usually purchased in full series and range from 2 to 15 kg in weight.


Giant Med Ball, New York

medical ballGiant Med Balls, on the other hand, are leather medical balls or similar material and unlike other medical balls are large because they must have an easy grip in the functional exercises that see it used.

They weigh between 4 and 15 kg but you also find heavier 25kg and more.

The Exercises with which the giant med ball is used are the Wall Ball to the wall, exercise often used in the
that sees the athlete engaged in combined exercises such as Squat and the throwing of the medical ball that must be thrown at 3 meters high for a large number of repetitions depending on the WOD (training protocol) to be performed in that workout.

Ps. Clearly having to throw the ball at 3 meters high as you can understand the choice of weight is related to your ability.

Two valid exercises for those who practice combat sports and martial arts with the Giant Med Ball are:

  • Burpees throwing the ball at a teammate.
  • The launch of the Giant Med Ball to the wall at full power.


Tornado ball

5 type of medical ball for combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The Tornado Ball is a special weighted ball with a center hole in which a rope is inserted.

Now there are also different versions of the bag that allow you to enter your medical ball and therefore to avoid buying a specific medical ball and still have more functions although often having to do different types of exercise and have different weights it may also be worth making a specific purchase for certain types of exercise.

With this tool you are able to perform exercises to improve the rotation of the shoulders and the stabilization of the core muscles, to develop concentric strength.

In martial arts and combat sports can be useful like all other exercises to “strengthen” the core.

Through this tool you learn well to impress strength using a perfect coordination between even (all the core) and arm.

There are many movements that reproduce very well the “gestures” typical of many sports.



Now that you’ve seen these types of medical balls I think you have a little clearer ideas about what the view offers.

Now you can decide to have several or to build yourself either the medical ball with 15 euros or some tool where you can insert the medical ball to train.

Have good training with the medical ball!

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