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6 false ideas about knife attacks

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knife-3 6 false ideas about knife attacks

6 false ideas about knife attacks.

What really happens in knife attacks and that nobody tells you.

When we talk about knife defence often in the imagination you have the idea of a duel or a screen fight, but the video documentation (if you go to the profile instagram you will find several videos of assaults of various kinds) and historical cases of knife attacks show that the dynamics go in another direction.

These simple 6 points want to explain what usually happens and this means a total change of your mindset regarding this topic.

Knife Fighting is not a game!

What I want to talk to you about is the false illusion that you can have of someone who wants to seriously hurt you or even kill you where a duel will never happen.

When you see street knife attacks they are actually very complicated dynamics but different because maybe everything was born out of an argument you hit, pushed and one or both pull out blunt objects, but what I want to talk about it’s a “hidden” assault, so not a robbery, a threat, or an assault by someone who has a knife in his pocket.

It’s not clear yet???

I’m telling you you you’ve wronged someone and he wants you to pay for it.

The study of the knife is one of the most debated and controversial aspects of martial arts because in the simplicity of the object it is actually the most complex fight inthe history of humanity, for this reason it is still today the weapon that all criminals and do not keep in their pockets.

For this reason too, it is an ever-open debate in many discussions between martialists and scholars of self-defense, because it is an extreme fight.

knife 6 false ideas about knife attacks