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Exercises to improve kicks in combat sports

Exercises to improve kicks

Exercises to improve kicks in combat sports!.

Do these 6 top exercises to improve your kicks!

There are many training methods to improve kicks but I’m sure what you use is heavy sack training, vacuum training or Pao sessions.

Okay very well!!!! but you need it if you want to improve even more in its execution try and do these 5/1 training methods to improve the shots with your lower limbs.

To kick good kicks you need to train to build strength in your hips and make the muscles that support your balance stronger, this allows you to become a more explosive and precise kicker.

To do this here are 5+1 ready-to-stretch ways to fit into your workouts if you want to improve your kicks.

You will see how the level of your kicks such as speed, explosiveness, accuracy and power will grow.

These exercises make you “feel” how the biomechanics of the football movement works throughout its execution and you will find out how some phases are fundamental and if you struggle it means that the same thing happens when you perform football at full speed only that you do not notice it, you do not perceive it but you…

If you feel too much fatigue or discomfort at some stage it means that you are limiting your football even if you already feel powerful, you can go further!!!

Now just chat and start, don’t get discouraged because the exercises are complex and also consider adding martial arts-specific stretching sessions.

An important thing always pays attention to your guard when you train to improve kicks.


1 – Slow kicks to improve kicks

You got it right, you have to focus on slowing down your kicks that usually shoot fast.

If you’re totally stretching your leg by sprinting at full power, you’re making a mistake, they don’t extend to your full range at speed because you risk damaging your knee.

It is necessary to extend the leg by ninety percent and not block.

The essence of football is the knee raise and hip movement/opening and then immediately just hit the snap back or return (this stage is very important).

Performing kicks slowly is a way to improve kicks in combat sports.


2 – Practice with obstacle to improve kicks

Take a chair or as a reference an obstacle and kick with your leg over the chair or an obstacle, while you kick slowly to improve kicks in combat sports.

The execution must be done slowly and your balance, the positions of your body of your head and the guard of your hands must be in the right place and hold the position for an instant or a few seconds.

This exercise is very useful and if you want you can also run it on a training partner going to hit the main targets.

Train key “foot” shots.

You find here on the blog a list of kicks, you do not have to do them all because some are not very expendable for this type of exercise but you have a wide choice.


3 – Keep your kick stretched out to improve kicks

Extend your kick and keep it out as long as you can.

You remember the Bruce Lee movie, that’s already then he was explaining an exercise that you can use in your workouts

Secondly, do the same exercises but pull more snap kicks with your leg outstretched.

When you have good control you can keep your leg lying down and extend it and withdraw it at reduced speed and bring it back into place.

Another exercise is to repeat the execution of multiple kicks with the same leg without placing it in the guard position (translated do not rest the foot that hits the ground).


4 – Exercise The Tree to improve kicks

This exercise is modeled to build your balance and builds the strength and stability of the “base” to pull precise and powerful kicks.

Quiet!! you don’t have to kick a tree.

Do this exercise every day after a short warm-up and with some simple single kicks.

Example — > Kick front, back and side, kick all your kicks slowly but never put your foot on the ground.

Once you can do this with simplicity add the snap, then a kick with the “whipping” of the shot.

This stage is of a more advanced level, try to hit with a kick forward and then sideways or behind, etc.


5 -Swinging with your circular kick to improve kicks

He kicks Thai-style kicks like typical circular kicks in the void without a target or with a teammate to improve kicks.

Go with the typical swing movement and continue making a nice round, circular and hip opening and rotating foot and rotating squeezes well with the opposite leg in support.

The technical gesture must be perfect if you want to improve the kicks!

Repeat on one leg until you feel sore from the effort and then change your leg.

This is a good way to improve kicks.

Both types of kicks you can perform them on chairs or obstacles (I recommend the sack) to build strength and the ability to place leg shots where you want them to go.

What is important, however, is to do a fatigued workout at the muscle level but performed on a manic care of the technical gesture to create the correct sequence of recall of the muscles to pull the kick properly without creating weak rings/ blocks in the sequence.


6 – Thai Mouvement to improve kicks

The football movement in Muay Thai actually hides “hidden” bio mechanics.

If you observe the kick well at the time of target impact the tibia becomes normal at the point of impact to express maximum power and the support leg in addition to the typical rotation of the foot has a lowering or pushing movement (depending on the height of the kick) to give weight to the blow.

To learn this movement and develop the muscle structure to perform this movement in a fluid and natural way you need to do a lot this exercise to improve kicks.

You have to have a training partner at the beginning but with time you can do it on your own with an object or a lot.

  • Mode1 – Lean the leg a little bent to the thigh of your training partner and he with his hand grabs your foot supporting it now you have to do the rotation movement of the support foot and flexion of the leg with hip opening that develops the power and at this stage rotate the leg that “hits” rotating it and bringing the tibia into contact with the thigh of the training partner bringing it in a normal position to the thigh.
  • Modo2 – It’s the same as the first way but the leg lays on its side so a middle kick.
  • Modo3 – Alone with a lot or something. To do this I have to be more trained because you have to support the leg on your own but possibly you can use a rubber band or a rope but at the beginning do this exercise together with a mate.


Stay Tuned! And do these exercises to improve kicks

Good kicking my friends!

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