Improve the speed of your shots

Improve the speed of your shots

Improve the speed of your shots.

7 actions you need to do to improve the speed of your shots.

Generating a real improvement in the speed of your shots is something fundamental to include in your workout.

It is fact that some people naturally possess a higher speed of shots than others.

For example, in boxing there are athletes such as Manny Paquiao, Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather InUfc Mc Gregor, Hollowey, Ferguson, etc. who are known for their natural hand speed, while other fighters who are not particularly considered lightning fast despite being already very fast, Don’t get me wrong because there is no one really slow at certain levels.

Ps. If you have already read something on my blog you know how I think about speed in combat which is the result of speed but above all of timing combined with footwork.

Now I write on this blog but I am not a doctor and therefore I can not tell you about the types of muscle contractions and genetics, etc., but I can tell you with certainty that both as a practitioner and as a coach, I applied (both on myself and others) these principles with a significant improvement in the speed of strokes as a direct result of some simple actions done in the gym during training sessions.

Now in this article I want to give you the 7 tips that I apply and that you have to use to improve your speed with shots.

You need to feel an improvement after no more than a couple of weeks so you start to understand how important some aspects are.

Here are 7 steps to improve the speed of your shots:

1. Make sure the technique is correct

Improve the speed of your shots
You have to start from this because it’s crucial.

Verify that all technical steps of the movement are correct as a power balance sequence, the cinematic chain of the body must move correctly.

The goal of improving the speed of your shots is to increase the success rate of target shots with a major impact.

Why do I tell you this because shooting so many shots with little impact is good for points sports but I think you also want to hurt when you hit or I’m wrong?.

I know I’m not wrong so shut up and don’t answer.

You can have the greatest speed on the face of the planet, but if you have poor technique in terms of ability to target your shots this superhero speed is practically useless.

Poor technique means that your opponent locates your shot before it arrives or leaves.

If you pull a Jab by widening your elbow, or how much you pull the Cross back your arm, it means you make a movement that you see a mile away, you move making yourself see too much that you’re loading a kick, etc.on goes in favor of your speed so you have to take care of the technique a lot.

Improve the speed of your shots
So repeat, make sure your technique is perfect so that improving the speed of the shots there will actually be a benefit.


2. Speed must be in your mind!

Improve the speed of your shotsYou have to start thinking fast because everything starts from there.

As with many aspects of sports performance, there is the psychology at play to improve the speed of shots.

I have a very simple way of harnessing the power of your mind when building speed.

Take a leisurely stroll around the gym.

Breathe deeply, relax.

Start thinking about a super-fast fighting situation, such as do you dodge a lot of shots, respond at supersonic speed, attack like lightning.

You have to do a lot of vacuum or shadow boxing.

At a given moment (ideally a different person than you shouting ‘Now!’, or use an interval stopwatch to give you the signal), switch from your guard position as fast as possible and pull a combination of 4 or 5 shots, again at full speed.

Use short-range, medium and long-range shots… Don’t limit yourself!

Start your walk again and repeat for 3 rounds.

Then you do the same thing but not walking but while you’re doing footwork.

Use this simple method, you have to build the psychology of a hundredmetrist at the start, a speed that starts from a spark in your mind and immediately triggers a real blow!


3. The joy of weights in your hand or ankles

Improve the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportImprove the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

This tip is very interesting, especially because you can immediately feel an immediate improvement in the speed of your strokes as soon as you lift the weights, even if it is a perception and the weights do not always do as well as you think.

Get ready for 4 3-minute rounds of Shadow Boxing with weights.

So a 4×3.

In round 1 and 3, use 2 1.5weight or 2 kg.

Make a normal vacuum with steps and dodge making sure you pull the fundamentals and a good percentage of mid- and long mid-range and uppercut hooks and uppercuts.

Not just short shots.

During round 2 and 4, no weights in your hands and immediately feel the immediate improvement in the speed of the shots.

The added benefit of shadow boxing with weights is that it works wonders in building the kind of strength you need behind you and the arms fighters need.

It’s worth always inserting this exercise into your regular workout, especially if you’re looking to build more power in your shots as well as the speed of your shot.

Attention!!! not to overdo it and to stretch your shots too much when you have the weights because you risk damaging your shoulders.
Improve the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Ps. You can also use rubber bands though it’s a slightly different job because it works harder on the return on guard, so it works on a different look.

4. Focused speed in the fitness session at the gym

Complete a full gym workout session that focuses solely on speed.

Now, if you are a competitive agonist, these sessions should be targeted and only during the final stages of the training cycle (indicatively in the week before the race).

If you’re not a competitive agonist, a speed-focused gym session can do it at any time.

For shadow boxing, I work hard and jump the rope, complete 6 one-minute rounds with just 15 seconds of rest.

Goal for maximum speed and multiple variants of combinations of shots.

Attention I speak of maximum speed that you can express, that minute you have to do it crying.

Don’t forget that you can also do only drill sessions of leg games such as training session.

When filling out basic or free-body weight exercises (e.g. the classic ‘ton-up’ of 10 x 10 exercises on the ground), do it with the focus on maximum speed, with a secondary exercise quality.

Ps. If you’ve never tried kettlebells.

I use them all the time and I’m a portable gym.
Improve the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Another exercise on the race, perform short explosive sprints during the race for example sprint from one lamppost or tree to the next, then run for the next, then sprint etc.

Use references you can find in a park where you work.

Try this circuit

Improve the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

By the way, this session in the gym not only improves the overall speed, but also absolutely the cardio-vascular system.

The work rate is so intense that you immediately go into the anaerobic phase very quickly.

The short rest duration means that the recovery rate is pushed to the maximum.

This workout is great!


5. Stay relaxed!

Improve the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportIf you’re tense, then it won’t allow us to optimize fist speed.

An easy way to do this is to make sure you squeeze your fist up to the fraction of a second before the shot goes to target.

Keep your shoulders loose and breathe in a controlled way.

Remember that Relaxed you are faster!

6. Quick Response

This is great and it’s one of my favorite workouts.

Those who hold the focus (or a Focus Mitt and a Pao) touch you on the guard with one shot and immediately you have to respond with a combination of two or three shots.

The first shot that needs to start can be either the same side touched or the opposite side.

These are two different jobs:

  • One goes from the open side going to put yourself in the recovery time of your opponent’s shot.
  • the other takes advantage of the possible out-of-position of your opponent’s other hand in his guard.

7. Packed interval speed sessions

Improve the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Choose a combination even simple as only arms or mixed.

Only two heavy-handed blows.

Two of the hand or a fist and a kick.

Es. Jab – Cross // Hook Sx – Hook Dx // Cross – Body Hook Sx // Body Hook Sx – Uppercut Sx // Jab – Low Kick // Tip Sx – Round Kick Dx // etc.

Make this combination at maximum speed for 30 seconds by 10 times then 20 seconds by 10 times, 15 seconds by 10 times, 10 seconds for 10 times, 5 seconds for 10 times.

Once you and once your partner.

I change quickly I recommend.

Keep less to the technique and focus on the maximum speed you can express.


Improve the speed of your shots Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

It’s always important to spend time trying to improve your speed because this feature improves many aspects of your shots but never forget its“combination”with timing and footwork.

Remember, however, that only the speed of if it is not enough in combat.

Now you have 7 methods to develop this attribute but it’s up to you to train or contact me to train together.

Today you also have the option to use trackers that make the work objective, measuring between sessions of training the real improvement also in terms of speed.

Train fast! Use this method to improve the speed of shots!

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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