7 days clean, do this!

7 days clean, do this!

7 days clean, do this!

Putting yourself into a rigid eating schedule for long periods can be something that not everyone is able to support psychologically but a week of testing can do anyone,so if you feel the need you have to do it too to see how you feel.

I don’t want you to go on a complicated diet, that’s why it’s very smart.

You just have to follow these directions for a week.

“A week is not a long time and it is a small test that you have to face.”

As you can see the scheme is simple and we do not talk about quantity or weight but simply not to use some things but only of others.

These are the directions you need to follow in the 7 clean days:

  • Sodas Gasate and Sugar (Cola, Oranges, etc.)Nothing even zero drinks
  • Bread (No Flour) – Nothing
  • Red meat – Nothing
  • Alcohol – Nothing
  • Pasta (Carboidraiti zero, for this week) – Nothing
  • Sweets (Zero Sugars) – Nothing
  • Salt (or very little) – Nothing
  • Fruits and Citrus Fruits – Every day
  • 6 or more bottles of water – Daily
  • Vegetables and Vegetables – Every day
  • Fish – Everyday
  • 30 Minutes of Workout (minimum) – Daily

7 days clean, do this! Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Start The Clean Week now, start your transformation by doing 7 clean days.

When I tell you thirty minutes of workout I mean a specific fitness workout beyond your martial arts training or combat sports.

The work we are doing is for your athletic preparation.

You can skip the workout session only if you have done an intense pao or sack workout, or sparring, but it must be an exception, do not discount yourself this week.


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