9 things to do in case of domestic violence

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68f9d066-a059-462a-b734-b84f9a9d1a1c 9 things to do in case of domestic violence9 things to do in case of domestic violence.

Every history of domestic violence is different from all the others,as are the different types and forms of abusers and different victims.

They may be more psychological, more physical but it’s always about violence that makes life impossible for the victim.

Only the woman who suffers violence who has her own story and knows all the details knows and can decide whether these 9 simple tips are applicable to her story or not.

In any case, the advice I am about to list cannot and must replace the valuable work of the anti-violence centers and/or law enforcement and can not alone “save your life” with absolute certainty but are things that you can and must apply.

These are only easy-to-adoptable behaviors that can help a woman who is experiencing a domestic violence situation to find strategies to protect herself.

These 9 recommendations are more likely to apply in cases of mild (physical) violence and/or in those cases where domestic violence incidents have just begun and/or follow each other with long breaks between them.

violenza-sulle-donne 9 things to do in case of domestic violence

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