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Expert Fighting

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport - Fight Training, Teoria e Tecnica


Benvenuto sul blog n.1 in Italia per la Difesa Personale e Sport da Combattimento!

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Sono Andrea, autore di Expert Fighting il blog specializzato sulla Difesa Personale e Sport da Combattimento.

Qui troverai le migliori strategie in diverse specialità per imparare ad essere più efficace nella difesa personale o sport da combattimento ma non solo.

Prima volta? Leggi fino in fondo!Street-Fight-2 Expert Fighting 2020

Learn How to Fight

Tecniche e concetti di combattimento per sportivi, autodifesa, combattenti, artisti marziali, istruttori di fitness e atleti.

Cerca un argomento negli oltre 500 articoli ed entra a far parte della community di Expert Fighting!

Una nuova visione delle arti da combattimento più efficaci orientata alla difesa personale e agli sport da combattimento attraverso metodi, strumenti e didattiche professionali continuamente aggiornate e adattate alla realtà e ai contesti di oggi!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Latest stories

  • Supplements for fighter

    Dietary supplements for fighter

    Dietary supplements for pre and post-workout fighters. Tackling boxing, muay thai, bjj, grappling or MMA training for an amateur is a type of training that requires an important energy commitment if done seriously and consistently. In addition to nutrition that is always in the first place it may be necessary to include in your diet […] More

  • arts-4838225_1920

    Struggling to lose weight

    Struggling to lose weight, this slogan is often associated in many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu courses where it is said that in addition to learning to defend yourself and fighting one of the benefits is to take an amazing level of form and lose weight. It has often become the slogan of many courses to convince […] More

  • 757891D7-71C5-4D20-AE4F-1658930FF97E

    When do gyms reopen?

    When do gyms reopen? The Covid 19 knocked out the gyms but when do they reopen the gyms? Hopefully there’s the strength to get up and continue the match and bring home a win when the gyms reopen. One of the most affected categories are the martial arts gyms and swimming pools, even more affected […] More

  • boxing-ring-149840

    Digital Fighter and Keyboard Lions

    There is a new term that I want it to become commonplace, the digital fighter that goes alongside the best known keyboard lions. Those who follow the Expert Fighting blog know that we have been engaged for years in different battles against those, with wrong practices and attitudes and with wrong I mean unprofessional and […] More

  • Muay Thai

    10-round kicking and knee conditioning training

    Conditioning training packed with kicks and knees from 10 rounds. This is a training only training using mainly Muay Thai kicks that you can do both if you do combat sports and if you do self-defense to train kicks but it is also very useful as a physical conditioning. It’s not about combinations but about […] More

  • girl-3556557_1920

    Tips to start using heavy bag

    The heavy bag is a very useful tool for a fighter because it allows you to do many types of training even on your own (training only) and is therefore a tool that can not be missing in your home gym or in a gym. The heavy bag can be from boxing or muay thai […] More

  • gas-mask-training-2142448_1920

    Wod Self Defence (for quarantine)

    Wod Self Defence (for quarantine). Today crossfit and type of training is very fashionable through what is called WOD which means “workout of the day“. This acronym is used in the crossfit indicates the training of the day but I want to propose it to you given the quarantine period as training of the day. […] More

  • woman-2359572_1920

    Domestic violence during quarantine

    I walk down the street and hear at times the cries inside the houses, or what I hear people telling their neighbors about the quarrels heard in the night, etc. Domestic violence has always existed but in this quarantine period the situation can really escalate because forced cohabitation 24 hours can really be an element […] More

  • woman-159952

    Proper hydration for combat sports

    The importance of proper hydration for combat sports. Hydration plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body and it becomes even more so if you stress it with grueling workouts where there is a great loss of fluids that need to be recovered properly. There are times when you may even unintentionously unintentionously in […] More

  • skeleton-with-baseball-hat-2759433_1920
    in ,

    Attacks with hidden weapons

    Aggression with concealed weapons, concealing and disguising weapons is the prerogative of many assaults. Crime and those who are used to being in certain environments develop and create hidden weapons to be used in difficult situations or to protect themselves. Today you have to consider that crime and some tricks used to protect yourself in […] More

  • Complaint

    Quarantine scams

    Quarantined scams is part of one of the alerts I made to you a few days ago in the post Coronavirus Self Defence in the City. They are putting notices on the gates with which they anticipate the request for access to the apartments for the control of the residence. It’s fake. They’re thieves, the […] More

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