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Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport - Fight Training, Teoria e Tecnica

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I am Andrea, author of Expert Fighting Tips the blog specialized on Personal Defense and Combat Sports.

Here you will find the best strategies in different specialties to learn to be more effective in personal defense or combat sports but not only.

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Combat techniques and concepts for athletes, self-defense, fighters, martial artists, fitness instructors and athletes.

Search for a topic in over 500 articles andbe part of the Expert Fighting Tips community!

A new vision of the most effective combat arts oriented to personal defense and combat sports through professional methods,tools and didactics continuously updated and adapted to today’s reality and contexts!

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Expert Fighting Tips is a free information site focused on helping personal defense and combat sports students improve their existing skills, improve their fitness, enjoy a potentially healthier lifestyle, explore new fighting techniques, styles and methods, and learn about different fighting arts.

Expert Fighting Tips provides visitors with free written instructions and videos of training methods, attack and defense techniques, standing and ground fighting techniques, fitness exercises, combat psychology, and much more.

This blog also tries to provide information about all major fighting styles or systems such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Grappling, Boxing, Muay Thai,MMA, Dirty Boxing, Kali Filippino and FMA,Silat, Stick Fighting, Short Knife Fencing and Firearms.

We also deal with insights with collaborations with styles of the main traditional martial arts such as Karatè, Kung Fu, Aikido and popular defense systems such as Krav Maga or systems less known as the Cuban Mambi, Keysi,the Bartitsu of Sherlock Holmes, or other less well-known local systems but famous for their effectiveness.

All this is possible thanks to collaborations with enthusiasts and security professionals, our students and your contribution as a reader hoping that this work will be useful to your personal journey in a continuous comparison.

Continuous research in the study and development of constantly updated teaching to provide high-level training without prejudice to provide a three-dimensional view of sports combat or in self-defense.

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Latest stories

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    The gaze is an element of the very powerful body language and as a result it is often the cause that triggers episodes of violence. When it comes to self-defense, your gaze takes on an important role and you’ve heard of incidents of violence or brawls from too much a look. The gaze is the […] More

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    Mimic T-16 LED training knife

    Mimic T-16 LED training knife “See and hear the result of your training techniques” This is the motto of this training knife proposed by its creators that when it comes into contact it sounds and lights up to “certify” the contact. What I want to tell you today in this article is related to the […] More

  • Law on weapons in Italy
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    Law on weapons in Italy

    Law on weapons in Italy. The Italian legislation on weapons is the legal discipline on weapons in force in the Italian Republic. According to articles 585 and 704 of the Italian Penal Code, firearms and all others whose natural destination is the offense to the person, as well as bombs, any machine or casing containing […] More



    IDPA vs IPSC vs USPSA When you first start your journey of gun ownership, satisfaction comes from occasionally practicing the target on weekends and learning everything you can about this new sport. As time goes on, you become more experienced in firearms, and firing shots at a random target doesn’t feel the same as once […] More

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    Female self-defense and realistic representations

    Female self-defense and realistic representations. Realistic representations ofwomen’s self-defense is a duty of every good security trainer not to instill false beliefs or misconceptions in people without providing the necessary and real tools to survive violent aggression. The self-defense of women but in general self-defense is not a fascinating topic, it is not so sexy […] More

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    Focus Mitts Round Strategy

    Focus Mitts Round Strategy The structure of a pad work training session. Be careful not to confuse pad work training with training with the typical Muay Thai pao because these are workouts with different specificities. At the beginning of training with pad work it is a good strategy to do only as many repetitions as […] More

  • Nazo Boxing Heavy Bag

    Guide on how to choose the right boxing bag

    Guide on how to choose the right boxing bag Boxing bags are available in several types. Choosing the right one depends on several factors, such as the type of boxing you do, your training goals, and how often you train. Below are the things you need to consider when buying a boxing bag Regardless of […] More

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    Muay Thai Knee

    Muay Thai Knee o Knee Strike Because muay thai knees and not knees in general, simply because they are real specialists. That’s why I decided to make this post with an important focus on Muay Thai talking about kneeling, because many martial arts have developed knee blows but Muay Thai is one of those that […] More

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    Clubbell, 19

    The clubbell is one of the many tools you can usefor functional training. Clubbells or Indian Clubs (“claves”) are a popular equipment category in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in Europe, the British Commonwealth, and the United States. They are in the shape of a “club” bowling pin, of various sizes and weights […] More

  • Stick Fighting Sparring

    Sparring in Stick Fighting

    The sparring in Stick Fighting. I want to call it stick fighting but it is a sector of Filipino Kali, Escrima, Arnis, etc. often you hear people criticize this type of style without knowing it but no one who wants to try to make sparring with an eskrimador even with rubber sticks. Today social media […] More

  • 91QSbOG8ZeL._SL1500_

    UFC Combat Strike Force Tracker

    UFC Combat Strike Force Tracker Smart device for boxing and muay thai bag that measures speed, power and endurance. The UFC tracker is a smart device that sticks to the base of a boxing bag. Unlike other boxing trackers that are worn by the athlete under the gloves in this case the sensor is placed […] More

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