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Fight Training, Theory and Technique


Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Fight Training, Theory and Technique

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  • Knockout Game Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

    Knockout Game

    The Knockout game, the game of punches in the face that began in America and has also reached Europe.
    A new and terrible game is spreading beyond the United States, even in Europe and Italy: violence is degenerating. More

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  • Home Security Check List

    Home Security Verification

    Home security check. Do you think the security of your home is up to par? Take a look at the checklist and check how the security of your home holds. The home security checklist you are about to read is designed to identify security risks and provide people with basic personal safety recommendations that can […] More

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  • Pre-combat rituals of Muay Thai Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

    Pre-combat rituals of Muay Thai

    Pre-combat rituals of Muay Thai The phase that precedes the fight is the part that can be defined as the most important for the athlete. In these moments, the fighter must find the concentration, tranquility and favor of benign spirits to ensure that the fight has a good outcome. All this occurs with the performance […] More

  • Knife Fighting Coltello
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    Fighting with weapons

    Fighting with weapons is something mentally devastating, it is taking combat to the next level. Already there is a profound difference between fighting with protections like mouth guards and gloves, compared to a condition with MMA gloves or bare hands as in Bare Knuckle or even worse from the street without any protection or protection […] More

  • PreFraming

    Pre Framing

    Mindfulness through Pre Framing Through Pre Framing you are able to constantly develop a possible baseline for the environment you are in. This can be as simple as viewing what is expected upon arrival at the location, or detailed and complete as an advance depending on the need, goal, and role you might be acting […] More

  • The Nut Cracker drill

    The Nut Cracker drill

    The Nut Cracker drill is one of the best drills against the ground & pound road that compared to the ground & pound sport has different characteristics. The expression ground and pound refers to two actions or if you want attack sequences, the first is a knockdown related to a takedown/projection/push/blow and then a repeated […] More

  • Aggression Drills
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    Aggression Drills and Skills Balancing

    When it comes to self-defence, it is useless to pretend that attacks are carried out with unheard-of violence.

    Performing drills without the aggressiveness and violence component does not allow you to really understand the dynamics and intensity of a real attack and to control your instinctive reactions to replace them with correct and effective reactions or learn to manage them.

    “Aggression” exercises are an important part of developing a reality-based self-defense system. More

  • Abramovich's experiment Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

    Abramovich’s experiment

    Abramovich’s experiment In the 70s, the Serbian artist Marina Abramovich conducted an experiment: she stood still in one of the exhibition centers, with various objects lying next to her – from a hammer and a gun to watercolor colors. At the same time, people could take any of these items and do whatever they wanted […] More

  • Disarm the knife with a kick Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

    Disarm the knife with a kick

    Is disarming the knife with a kick something possible? Often in the movies you see an actor who disarms an aggression armed with a knife with a kick but still believing in 2022 that these things are possible means not having understood yet what knife fighting is where everything is possible even that those who […] More

  • Stalker Social Media

    Stalker-proof security for social networks

    Stalker-proof security for social networks. When it comes to women’s self-defense in 2022 we must take into account the new means of communication that can be an incredible source of information for malicious people and people who want to steal habits, images, etc. and use them to Unfortunately, despite the possibilities related to privacy precisely […] More

  • The 8 Count Drill Focus Mitt Basic Workout
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    The basic 8 Count Drill

    The basic 8 Count Drill, Focus Mitt Basic Workout, boxing training on focus pads for footwork. It is a basic focus training method but I ask you to try it even if you consider yourself an expert because you may discover some interesting ideas especially if you perform it with a professional who keeps you […] More

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