Advertising on the ExpertFighting blog

Advertising on the ExpertFighting blogAdvertising on the ExpertFighting blog has been appearing for a few months and some users have asked me privately why the advertisement on the blog and I want to explain the reason in this post.

Like everything even if it seems free it is not.

To make a blog like ExpertFighting you need money and advertising is a way to manage the living expenses that there are for the domain, the various applications needed to build it, searching for information, etc.

In the coming months there will be some important news that requires investment in order to be realized and how each initiative comes a point where it is necessary to invest.

Fortunately, many manufacturers in the sector have noticed the blog and contact me to test their products and this allows me to offer you reviews on innovative and objective products since the tests are done by multiple people in the sector and with different martial skills and experiences.

To date it has been an investment of passion and interest in combat sports and self-defense but I want to go even further to offer those who have followed me in these years of higher quality content.

Advertising on the ExpertFighting blog

Reading with banners

I understand that they can cause a bit of a disturbance in reading but for me they are useful to be able to manage the expenses of this publishing project that you receive for free but that has a development cost as well as a personal commitment.

If you want to contribute to the project is enough when you see an advertisement that interests you click the banner to go through the blog to the link of your interest (only if it is of interest to you) instead of looking for it later with the search engine because in this way looking for something useful for you also helps the ExpertFighting project to bear the cost.

So even if you see some advertisements on the blog try to understand that with the clicks on the banners that interest you fund the blog and anyway I hope that some banners do not bother you in reading.

What matters to me and which I hope is that the content is interesting for those who have a passion for self-defense and combat sports and that they can help both simple practitioners and obsessive enthusiasts and pros to evolve in their art.

Whether you are an athlete, a pro, a enthusiast, a dealer, a curious, a martial player, a fighter, a “self defence” man, a hard girl, a shy, etc.

Have a good read!

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Advertising on the ExpertFighting blog Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

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