After UFC 229 all MMA experts

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ufc229 After UFC 229 all MMA experts
Khabib vs Mcgregor

After UFC 229 all MMA experts

In addition to confirming Kabhib Nurmagomedov as champion by defeating rival McGregor in the 4th round by submission, UFC 229 also blew up the national press, which usually doesn’t care about MMA at all, and a trail of MMA “experts” from far-flung areas of MMA.

After the victory of the match Khabir showed that he and his team were much more “gangster” than the meaningless words that flew through all the pre-match stages by the Irish fighter and his team also composed of Dillon Danis who coached Conor in the grappling and who became the target chosen by Khabib once he jumped out of the cage at the end of the match.

Dillon who from indiscretion insulted throughout the match from the edge of the cage the Russian athlete and character already known for his behavior that had forced Marcelo Garcia to decide to remove him from Jiu-Jitsu Gym.

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The following are Marcelo Garcia’sreasons:

“I realize that people just focused on social media, they were focused on other things that everyone is aware of – fame, things like that and that really forced me to make a decision,” Garcia said in the video, posted to his official Youtube Channel. “I would like my black belts to do the best they can to be examples that bring people to a better place,” Garcia said. “It didn’t happen, and I felt things get worse every time I took a week off, something happened, I’d take a weekend and something else happened.” It’s really hard for me to come home because this “gym” is my home and see that they don’t appreciate the same values that I have, I’m not the example that I want people here to have.” (Marcelo Garcia).



Now regardless of all the opinions about what happened before, during (which is what I personally personally be interested in technically analyzing) and the after what came out though is that even here everyone thinks they can talk about MMA and Fighting Sport.

I wanted not to comment immediately on the event but to pass a few days and as I imagined contradictions and changes of opinion emerged, as well as to bring out several inaccuracies written in the wake of the emotional moment to which have echoed the new “experts” of MMA.

Now the thing that intrigues me and amuses me is to see all these marketers who know nothing about MMA than on Facebok, YouTube, etc. to take advantage of the topics of the moment “Khabib vs McGregor” make ridiculous articles and videos about the match just to draw attention to their sites and channels.

You lack seriousness! You lack the principle of consistency!

Really guys, but do you need all this? Why do you have to talk about something you don’t know for some viewing? As you can see:

  • bodybuilders talking about MMA?
  • people who do marketing courses talk about MMA and not to explain the “Mc Gregor Method”?
  • Lambrenedetto making videos on this too?
  • All sorts of people commenting on the MMA event?
  • et cetera.

Okay, I understand it’s a way of getting attention, but is this an indication of professionalism?

I don’t think so!


Ps. That same night a great match of Ferguson Vs Pettis,we are at the Top!

As for the affair mine is a NO COMMENT! For me they are fighters of the highest level and probably what happened are the consequences of letting run behaviors that had nothing to do with the sport and with the match that was very nice and showed the clear superiority of Khabib Nurmagomedov McGregor took it to 27 fights and 0 losses.

A life lesson for good and evil and that I hope will make us reflect in a positive way on the values that must promote practitioners and fans of combat sports and martial arts.

There is a great responsibility behind all professional insiders and not but I do not like to see the hypocrisy of those who hide behind a finger because before you were all glued to have fun watching insults and teased in total indifference and with the grin printed on your face!

They’re sportsmen, they’re men, they’re fighters! I think they both know they’re wrong, but has any of you ever made a mistake in your life? Maybe you didn’t have cameras and millions of viewers.

Below I want to include the various comments that have come out but the underlying problem is that promoting an event not focusing on the sport itself but playing with personal aspects of athletes is not something honorable for a fighter, for those who organize and for those who love sport as such.

One cannot expect this to not trigger consequences that could have been avoided by not encouraging these behaviors but which I still understand especially in moments of high tension such as a title up for grabs.

I’m sorry for Khabib because it could be a celebration for his new confirmation and sporting feat and instead we only talk about what happened next.

8673bf28-ccb4-4b31-bcc2-d0aaf2cd5ed0 After UFC 229 all MMA experts

Below is his open letter from Khabib Nurmagomedov:

“Why didn’t you fire any of those who attacked the bus months ago and injured a couple of people? Why only punish my team if they both participated in the brawl? In any case, punish me and not Zubaira: if you decide to fire him, you will lose me too. In Russia we do not abandon our brothers. I’d like to talk
to @ufc Why
didn’t you fire anyone when their team attacked the bus and injured a couple of people? They might have killed someone there, because nobody says anything about insulting my homeland, religion, nation, family?

Because you have to punish my team when both teams fought. If you say I started it, then I don’t agree, I’ve finished what he started.

In any case, punish me, @zubairatukhugov has nothing to do with this.
If you think I’m going to shut up, then you’re wrong. You canceled Zubaira’s fight, and you want to fire him just because he hit Conor. But don’t forget that it was Conor who hit my other Brother FIRST, just check out the video.

If you decide to fire him, you should know that you’re going to lose me, too. We never abandon our brothers in Russia and I will go to the end for my brother. If you still decide to fire him, don’t forget to send me my broken contract, otherwise I’m going to break it myself.

And one more thing, you can keep my money that you’re holding back. I hope he doesn’t get stuck in his throat. We have defended our honour and that is the most important thing. We are going to go to the end.
#Brohers (Khabib Nurmagomedov)

khabib-nurmagomedov After UFC 229 all MMA experts

Here are various comments about the incident that came out after the event:

The President of the Russian Federation sympathized with his compatriot for his reaction to the end of the cage fight:

“If we are attacked from the outside, we could jump (out of the octagon) in the same way,”he added, adding that “it’s better not to reach that level.”

Already anticipated the harsh punishment promised by Abdulmanap, father and coach, the Daghestan fighter met again the support of Putin:

“I will ask him not to punish you too severely because you have achieved the main goal, worthy and convincing” (Vladimir Putin)

a644698e-1ea1-4c3d-86d2-91c864708b8c After UFC 229 all MMA experts


McGregor is a very brutal opponent, but his opponent jumped out of the ring and started fighting with people in the crowd.

So, definitely unprofessional. Khabib will face a hefty fine.

I’m sure because in my match against Zab Judah there was a paragliding in the ring and this came out a very high one. If I’m not mistaken, we’re talking about a seven-zero digit.

If a guy jumps out of the cage to go into the audience and fight with more people, the fine will skyrocket. (Floyd Mayweather Jr.)


“Vince Khabib “the Eagle” Nurmagomedov by submission in the 4th round, but inexplicably the daghestan climbs over the cage to attack a training partner of Conor McGregor.

The brawl breaks out, the cage is full of people, Conor gets hit several times… What a bad cover! An ending that certainly overshadows the splendid result just achieved…” (MMA Mania)


“Khabib subdues McGregor but despite the victory he continues to inverate against the Irishman by spitting on him, not yet satisfied, the Russian, first throws the mouthguard towards Conor’s corner and then leaps over the net throwing himself on foot united on the Mc Gregor team from here a gigantic brawl arises that involve the two teams of athletes and also fans.

The brawl is su00 years after the staff and the police escorting the two fighters out of the arena.” (ItalianFight Magazine)


“Khabib attacked a member of Conor’s team.

He made a mistake, the match was over and that was the time to celebrate, not to vent the anger accumulated for all the taunts he had before and during the match.

Let’s just hope that justice with him uses the same yardstick used with the Irishman, who we remember had assaulted and injured people in the deplorable bus incident.

Members of the Daghestan team who attacked a McGregor who was still recovering must go to jail.

But in a fair world, they should take a minute in the cage first with a fresh Conor. Because it’s infamous to attack a man on the ground, whatever he’s said or done before.

The behaviour of Cormier and Rockhold that bring back the teammate to reason is very nice.

It shows that the AKA is a great team and that maybe in the future Khabib should take the coaches to the corner and not 4 Daghestani thugs.

I’m not going to make the list of serious and extra-sports taunts suffered by Khabib and his team in the weeks leading up to the match, they explain but they don’t justify what happened.

and brawls should never happen, unfortunately they happen in all sports, so we avoid doing too much perbenists.

If you allow all sorts of behavior before the match, you have to realize that something could happen after the match.” (MMA Arena)

air-khabib After UFC 229 all MMA experts

“[ …] I consider Khabib’s behaviour un sporty, but I can’t feel like condemning anyone.

  • first, because I’m not a fucking nobody to condemn,
  • second because they are all adult men who know that every action has a consequence. As such I want to consider them.
  • Third. years ago we interviewed Ken Shamrock who made me think about something… he said to me “let’s watch, we have fun watching and we pay two men who beat each other locked in cages, what’s more animal?”

this sentence made a lot of grip on me and instead of inventing excuses to take away my guilt in seeing human beings get hurt while I pay them to do it (it’s sport, they’re athletes, out of the ring are gentlemen etc etc) I put aside my judgments and enjoy the show/sports.

Am I saying you have to end up in tarallucci and wine?

№. I’m saying that the wrong person has to pay, but my position is as external as possible, I don’t know the sports law and I don’t want to give air to the teeth for no reason with “I think etc etc” Conor and the UFC have mounted the match to a monstrous level without considering that other people take it personally for some things and consider others more normal” (Grappling Australia)


“It was supposed to be the biggest commercial ever for UFC on the casual audience, but unfortunately it ended up being one of the saddest days in the history of the sport.

[…] After the main, when it could have been discussed for hours of every technical detail, human madness, in all its brutal lowness, took over reason.

Art was crumbled within moments, by screams, gestures, actions.

And in an instant we went from the beauty of the art of combat to the chard fury. And without art, you know, there’s only violence.

[…] What we have seen, it must be clear, has nothing to do with martial arts, ring sports and sport.

What we have seen has to do with resentment, with hatred, with all the negative feelings that are alas currently dramatic in the news of every day, these days.

Everyone has a part of blame as it happened. Conor. I think it is a good thing that the European

And almost everyone around him. The marketing department and THE UFC management also have its faults.

There’s no excuse.

We have come to a situation that could be foreseen and prevented, but it was preferred to pretend that it was a matter of ordinary administration, of normal “over the top” promotion typical of ring sports.

As we saw it was not so.

It wasn’t when:

  • Khabib and his clique surrounded Artem backstage with a squadrista.
  • Conor and his gang stormed a bus like the worst thugs, injuring people who had nothing to do with the feud between the two factions.
  • In various interviews, Conor has drawn into the ambiguous connections between dictatorship, terrorism and religious extremism, some of the Daghestan athlete’s family and staff members.

And to think that in April, at the time of the infamous bus assault, many idiots said it was a prepared, WWE-style situation.

It was hardly worth it that I and many insiders were scrambling to say that no, it was not prepared, and it was a very serious and unusual situation.

Today we had proof, in the worst possible way, that this was not the case.

In April I allowed myself to speculate, in a post here on FB, the radiation or at least a long disqualification for McGregor.

This was not the case and despite a criminal trial the Irishman did not substantially suffer any sporting sanction.

Today, in hindsight, is it not logical to think that it would have been better an exemplary punishment?

From every action you would react.

And so the feud between two factions continued, with increasingly heated, increasingly vulgar, increasingly exasperated tones, ignoring the fact that something more serious was brooding under the ashes.

He was sparking a vulgar feud between opposing gangs, because that’s what we’re talking about. Let’s be clear, so as not to be complicit in this disaster.

And yet the signs were all there. It wasn’t a situation to use as a promo.

UFC got it wrong and will now pay the consequences.

How much success will leave an indelible mark on the history of promotion and sport.

[…] It is understood that trash talk in MMA is beautiful as long as it remains a game that does not touch the collective sensibility of entire communities and nations.

It is understood that there are limits that should not be exceeded in the promotion of a match. But what does this have to do with sport?


Just as it has nothing to do with promoting a whiskey or flaunting a “gangster movie” lifestyle or the equally ostentatious religious fundamentalist lifestyle.

To be even clearer: I feel bad for the many Muslim friends who tonight were represented very badly by a clique of bullies disguised as believers.

And now?

And now I scream again “radiation” for Khabib and for the members of his clan and all those who have become protagonists of one of the most shameful pages in the history of MMA.

Radiation or at least very long suspension, at the cost of seeming exaggerated, at the cost of being mocked by that of the “show must go on” at any cost.

And to think that McGregor and Nurmagomedov would be beautiful athletes, which I could talk about for hours praising their very high level. It is a pity, however, that there is little else to praise them on a human level.

After tonight I hope UFC understands it’s time to make a drastic reset, because this sport is bound to die with all this crap to indelibly stain its respectability.” (Alex Dandi)


“But what does all this have to do with mixed martial arts?

In a sport that is already shrouded in violence and controversy, this adds another stain to a sport that is desperately trying to clean up.” (ATBK attack the back)


“[…] then the UFC wasn’t really a sport.

It was more of a televised street fight, where fighters were simply fined for breaking the few rules there were.

No doubt the brawl sparked by Kabib will help the UFC get out of the crisis it has been experiencing since some of its attractions left the sport. In addition, the brawl will certainly help to organize a rematch between McGregor and Nurmagomedov.

There are people who want to see mixed martial arts banned considered only as gratuitous violence.

And although mixed martial arts are much more powerful than it was when Royce Gracie first fought Ken Shamrock, they are not as powerful as boxing or other popular sports.

Clowns like Khabib’s – and Conor’s before him – help justify the claims of MMA opponents and reinforce the chances of mixed martial arts ending the dodo.

Mixed martial arts must prove to the world that it is a legitimate and respectable sport, not a glorified fighting club.

UFC fighters would be wise if they left their fists inside the cage.” (Jiu Jitsu Time)

212e7643-ce86-425a-a2f6-6faf1180a0a2 After UFC 229 all MMA experts

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What do you think?

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