Ambush or Knife Duel

Ambush or Knife Duel

🔘 Ambush or Knife Duel?
🔘 Red pill or blue pill?
🔘 Red knife or blue knife?

Today, the percentage of finding people armed with a knife is not such a remote condition.

It translates that a simple argument can quickly turn into a knife attack.

Some countries such as in the UK but not only have in urban centers problems so important that they have to create special laws to try to stem the problem of aggression with a cutting weapon.

The knife is the best equalizer!

Ambush or Knife Duel

What does Ambush or Knife Duel mean?

That even a fool with a knife is dangerous, it means that one armed with a knife against 3 is dangerous, that a man or boy of small tonnage holding a knife against a boy larger in tonnage is dangerous, etc.

I often explain that we don’t just train for a duel, but to avoid surprise, the ambush, the infamy, and if we ever find ourselves in a situation where we have to use the skills with a cutting tool, it is very likely that you anticipated the dangerous ambush is perceived and if you did not run away you understood and armed yourself with an improper weapon And Improvised or you have pulled out your blade and so now we have a high percentage in which we will find ourselves in a duel situation.

Yes, there are exceptions.

Escape! Which is a great choice because the first goal is to preserve you.


The knife is the best equalizer!

Ambush or Knife Duel

Maybe that’s why we all have different reasons why we train with a cutting tool or maybe because you know that nowadays there is a high probability of finding yourself in front of a person who is armed with a long kitchen knife, an axe, a Machete, … driven by his madness, drug or his belief, that he is trying to finish as many lives as possible because his is shit.

What do we have now?

Two people, armed, willing to use their tool.

It means we have a duel.

So as long as you’re not a hooded killer preparing an ambush, we have to deal with the 2 situations that we hope we will never face:

🔘 Anticipate or avoid the knife ambush
🔘 Be skilled fencers with a white weapon

Even if we do not want to, we will be in a duel situation and it is very important to include this aspect in the training!

Remember, a failed ambush is a knife duel.

Remember that even if they want to tell you that today is different there is nothing new under the sun, ambush or duel is the story of humanity!

Patterns change, clothing changes, but not modes, an ambush to treason or a duel.

Stay Tuned! Ambush or Knife Duel!

Knife is not a game! Ambush or Knife Duel!

Street Fight Mentality

Knife is not a game

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