Amok and Juramentado in 2021

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Kino-Mutai-1024x1024 Amok and Juramentado in 2021

Amok is a term of Indonesian origin that has found space in modern English due to the numerous episodes of murderous madness that took place in southeast Asian countries and began to be used outside those contexts.

The term is equivalent to Juramentado with which the Moro guerrillas who launched themselves with the white weapon are known in the Philippines to kill as many people as possible, expecting to be killed to end their murderous madness.

Unfortunately, cases of violence are also happening in Europe today using cutting weapons and with this methodology of attack linked to psychopaths(see the case of Turin in 2019) and terrorist attacks with the aim of creating terror and insecurity in society.

Statistics on the types of attack of assaults with cutting weapons speak for themselves.

Often you hear in the news episodes of violence without motivation where a man walks down the street armed with a knife or axe and kills for no apparent reason the people he encounters regardless of the fact that he will be taken or killed.

img_0044 Amok and Juramentado in 2021