Filter information in personal defense

Filter information in personal defense

Filter information in personal defense but not only.

The application of the filter in personal defense.

The tendency of a good martial and sports artist is to be constantly looking for the best way to be effective, the best way to train their skills, attributes,etc. by trying and experimenting to find more efficient tools and examine their weaknesses to work on the weakest link in the chain.

Constant research and experimentation is necessary but to get the maximum benefit in your training with time given the much material that is available is to have a way to filter the vast amount of information available both technical and educational without having to train and try anything.

In simple terms, this is how “we” in Expert Fighting Tips analyze new material (courses, videos, books, YouTube, etc.), clearly given the constant research also related to the work on the blog you are very exposed to a quantity of information that can distract some of us from a more functional work, but this is the work we do, different is how you have to filter the information to make it functional to your martial art.

Clearly this talk is already addressed to practitioners and people who already have some experience, those who start do not have the problem of filtering because they have yet to build “his art”.

“It’s not what you can learn, it’s what you can throw away.” Bruce Lee

There are 4 basic filters:

  • Necessity: Does it add something that’s missing from your game? Does it cover a certain area or sector that your art lacks?
  • Structure: Do you need to change your attack system in order to use the new technique or does it fit what we are already doing? (A basic example of this may be a technique that doesn’t work well from a guard position you’re not used to and that forces you to change your dominant guard position to use it and thus negate the advantage of using the most effective techniques and that you’re used to using, or that makes you telegraph too much your other shots , etc.).
  • Adaptability: How limited is its application? Will it work against different types of fighters? Against different methods of defense? In less ideal conditions? Need for special spaces? Etc.
  • Vulnerability: does it leave you exposed to counterattacks that could be more damaging than a likely initial attack we are defending you against? Does it change your defensive structure?

filter in self-defense

The information and why it is necessary to filter the information in personal defense.

Today it is very easy to distract you given the huge amount of information and martial arts and combat sports are very fascinating but not everything you see, read or hear is useful to your goal by distracting or wasting time that you could use to train and make your art, skills and strategies more effective.

And if you also think about the amount of images, videos, matches, etc. that are very useful but have the need to be filtered and managed because the risk is that you are more time to watch than to do but especially when you do, if you do something that is useful and functional to your goals and context.

Integrating other skills and technical aspects into your art, etc. is essential but must always respect the 4 filters unless you want to totally change the approach to what you know today but if it is not so respects your art and your sport.

Learn how to filter information, stay focused on your goals and your art!.

Stay Tuned! Remember to filter information in your personal defense!

Help yourself by building a strategy with mind maps!

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