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Multiple aggression in personal defense

Today if you search the news it is not difficult to find reports of attacks of groups of boys attacking one or two boys in packs, now beyond the futile motives the conditions of attack in the herd are not so rare episodes when there are assaults.

Interesting is the MMA Team Fighting Championship (TFC) tournament that promotes a new approach to martial arts based on MMA 5 v 5 matches which is still something different than 5 v 1 but almost always after a few seconds it is easy to see more opponents against one.

But how do you fight in multiple aggression?

Surely many of you have trained in a one to one, soI’m sure you feel prepared in the best way, f bear take lessons, train in the gym or with a friend andhope you’ve read expert fighting tips’ numerous articles on self-defense.

You’re not Bruce Lee, you feel like you could hold on to a neighborhood thug who wants to annoy or threaten you, but

what do you do if you’re confronted by two, three, maybe ten opponents?

Have you prepared for multiple attacks by a pack?

Today I want to give you some strategies to counter more assailants.

Your attitude about your attackers can make a difference

Before you talk about what will have to happen in your mind to be able to handle this scenario, before you get into specific tactics becauseis when it comes to “engaging” a group of opponents, success depends less on what you do with your feet and fists (although this is important), and more about how to scare your opponents.

If you see any event of the Team Fighting Championship tournament you will immediately realize the difficulty that there is when you are against multiple opponents even if it has to be said that they are all professional fighters and that therefore already it gets complicated because they are all motivated, trained, determined and if you find a pack like this it is not easy to get out of it unless you are armed and very prepared both physically and psychologically
I do not want to deceive you and you need to know that the first options you have to look for and the space and time to escape! This must be the first option for you!

But if you can’t escape there is a method of combat that needs training and experience, which you have to do if you are interested in this aspect of personal defense that you can not overlook, simulating targeted sparring against two opponents and then later against three, etc.

Consider that it is something extremely complicated but also attacking in several people in a coordinated way is not easy if you do not have precise strategies and you have never done it.


Personally having coached him several times, I mean in group attack with the boys we were close-knit that everyone had his job within the attack strategy and this for the person who suffered this multiple attack became much more than difficult but it’s experiences for both of us which means one knows what to do and the other thing to try absolutely to do and not get done.

The Pack of Aggressors

The attacking herd is something extremely dangerous for logic and psychology, I have talked about in other articles but it also has in itself huge weaknesses that are the ones that you have to exploit, because it is usually a covered security alone one of them, different instead if it is a group that is just for you, it is an ambush is not a random situation, but something happened before and they are there to make your skin or give you a lesson, easily also armed with objects to offend.

Remember that the reality of personal defence has nothing chivalrous and honourable, but it is devious, cowardly, hidden, who can attack without warning you.

Multiple aggression in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The sensitive situation – Zanshin

Zanshin is a concept used in Japanese martial arts that refers to a state of consciousness and is similar to the concept of situational awareness used in the West.


Zanshin grows as you progress through your training as a fighter and martial artist, and the physical details of the fights become more entrenched – almost a second nature.
Once you get to this level of training, some of your mental abilities that were once completely consumed by the fight are freed to focus on high-level tactics.

If you’re in the early stages of learning martial arts, your mind is probably entirely focused on the entirely focused aspects of the physical side of combat – which shots to use, how you move and on techniques and maneuvers to use in various situations

Tunnel vision in multiple attacks

Your concentration is completely absorbed by your only opponent, and every fiber of your being is focused on staying alive,

you have tunnel vision.

At this stage, you’re probably reacting to your opponent instead of thinking pro actively.

Even if you practice situational awareness, I already tell you that engagement with an opponent can quickly distract you from what happens around you, this when there are multiple attackers or potential attackers is very dangerous.

The level of attention

In this situation unlike being in a yellow code state where you can passively observe your environment while doing a habitual task such as going to the bar or picking up the car, the bus, etc.,

Once engaged in a conflict you must actively deflect your attention between what is immediately in front of you (your opponent) and your environment (which also means other fighters and passers-by, dangerous things that can fall into tactically unstable positions and potential weapons at your disposal to name a few), all under extreme and intense stress.

This is very difficult!!

Athletic and technical preparation

The more your physical skills and combat techniques improve, the more your Zanshin increases, and your ability to look further and the more you’ll be able to take from your environment and it will be easy for you to shift the focus to everything that goes on around and this allows you to have a more correct reaction and faster on how to react.

You will be able to literally feel the intent of an attacker and respond to an attack that you can neither hear nor see coming, which is a crucial skill when it comes to fighting with multiple attackers;

Peripheral vision and self-defence screening

When you are engaging in a confrontation with more than one attacker, you need to know not only who and what is directly in front of you (primary threat), but also of other opponents and their actions and movements (secondary threat).
Beware that primary and secondary threats can alternate quickly in multiple aggression but it is the closest thing at that time that is the greatest danger that you must avoid or strike with force.
Always be careful not to get grabbed or blocked your movements I recommend it!!
So make a point and focus on situational awareness not only in your daily life,but in the heat of combat; Whatyou notice, observe and perceive can very well save your life.
With this mindset as a foundation now let’s see the specific strategies.

Multiple aggression in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Tactics to fight more opponents

First of all, it is generally uns advisable to engage with more opponents, and it is likely that the best strategy is to escape (if you have paid attention to the surroundings, and I mentioned this in a specific article related to attention to context, I hope that you have already planned a good escape route before the dangerous situation arises!) .

However, this is not always an option.

Maybe your attackers got right between you and your only escape or potential weapon; or you’re not alone and maybe a loved one (or even just an innocent protagonist) is in danger, you can’t escape.

But now for whatever reason, now you need to engage in a fight with more than one attacker.

Now consider that not all multi-enemy fights start that way for this reason it is important to maintain Zanshin and situational awareness.

Often a single person will start the fight and then his friends who will be involved in the aggression.

Whether you’re fighting with two people or twenty, there are fundamental principles to engage multiple opponents at the same time and that you never have to do as:

  1. Position yourself between two or more opponents,
  2. Let yourself be grasped
  3. and let yourself be brought to the ground.

Multiple aggression in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Use the circle technique to neutralize one threat at a time

One key thing, your location and the placement of your attackers is the key to your success: the least safe place and the fastest way to lose a fight is at the center of multiple people who want to hurt you.

You can fight effectively in only one direction.
Real life is not a kung fu movie and you won’t knock out two people with a single flying kick.
If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation of being in the midst of many attackers, you immediately fight on the edge of the crowd with something behind you not to be surrounded, if you are in the middle you are fucked.
Secondly, you can effectively fight one person at a time.
So, you never have to be surrounded by your attackers and you always have to put yourself in a way that you only have to fight with one attacker at a time.

How do you do this?

To accomplish this, your opponents need to always be in line.
So, in a multiple assault situation where you fight two people, it should be in front of you and the other should be behind the one immediately in front of you.
In this way, while applying your techniques to an opponent, the other cannot damage or disturb because he is hindered by his brawling partner.

Now the “funny” thing about the “bad guys” is that they don’t really do what you want them to do (without there being an influence on your part) and don’t line up to fight one at a time.

That’s why you have to apply the concept of“circulation”.multiple aggression

When the altercationbegins, choose the opponent you want to engage first (typically choose the one that is closest to you).

Then you move around him so that the other attacker is directly behind the one you chose first.

Then engage with the one in front.

When the guy behind him tries to move his friend to engage, you look for the same direction he’s running, so that the guy you’re fighting is always between you and his friend who wants to help double up.

This tactic allows you to fight with one attacker at a time and will slide him, and potentially it can also cause his friend behind what you’re fighting to pull a wild shot with can end up hitting his partner or tangling with him.

Now it is very likely that in the end the guy behind the one you are directly fighting with will tire of slapping his friend in the head and will run around him to get to you faster than you can get away from him, at that moment you have to hit him ahead.

That’s fine because now the roles are switched and you’re directly engaged with the person who was previously behind, and the guy you were fighting with is now behind.

The same principle of alignment and circulation also applies to fighting with more than two aggressors. you have to put everyone in a hypothetical line a little bit more curved where you end up looking for more alignment and moving faster because there are more people moving.

You always have to keep them on line.

multiple aggression

The principle of the circle also allows you to get somewhere and to a position where you could defend yourself more easily, such as taking a high level or finding a corridor to channel your attackers.

It can also allow you to search for a weapon,such as a stick you discovered in the corner, or if the fight is taking place in your home, a hidden gun or kitchen knife, etc.

multiple aggression

In addition, the principle of the circle can be used to place one or more opponents somewhere where you want it, such as an advantage position towards a ladder, a ramp, a river, etc. where you can kick it head-on or push it down the stairs or into the river, etc.

multiple aggression

Leveraging the environment

You can also try to turn around a fixed object in the same way you try to turn around an opponent. It can be a pillar, a sturdy table, a machine, anything that slows down the opponent.

Eventually your opponent will be tired of chasing you and leaving you alone, or they will run around the corner to try to grab or hit you.
The latter is actually a good thing, because as soon as chasing you comes out from around the corner, it will probably be out of balance and not immediately able to attack
At that moment you have to

have a powerful solid shot ready for your attacker as they approach the corner coming out of the corner to chase you, image a sudden change of direction to anticipate it.

multiple aggression

It is important when trying to confront and hit the aggressor that you are in the direction where your attacker is moving towards you.

Never turn your back on your opponent.

Don’t let yourself be caught and brought to the ground in a multiple assault

In addition to always keeping two or more opponents in line using the circling technique, you also have to try to avoid being grabbed or brought to the ground, where you can be hit by multiple people.

If you end up on the ground, you have to get up as fast as possible and go right to the edge of the crowd so you can start turning and moving again, or if you can’t get up immediately you have to roll all the time to get out of the middle because on the ground If you stand still you are an easy target for kicking shocks while you’re surrounded.

The ultimate choice in multiple aggression

The technique of closing in to limit damage is not always a usable strategy because it is an extreme choice in multiple aggression by a herd.

A choice that you have to use when you can no longer do anything and with the hope of limiting the damage and that your attackers stop, that they limit themselves to the heavy humiliation with some kicks, but if they want to hurt you really and do not stop you are finished.

Now this circulation technique will work even if your opponents are armed with knives, sticks, even firearms in a small measure.

Some time ago there was a video of a thug being chased by the police armed with a knife and in the video you could see the knife-wielding balordo running among several policemen to hit them and they who shot and could not catch him, until after several attempts.

Consider that shooting is also dangerous for the comrades around, so the continuous movement forced the cops to constantly realign themselves by failing to identify the target to shoot and above all see where the colleagues were now after the move, a complicated situation, only the tiring of the balordo allowed the capture.

Now it is clear that if you are attacked by a group the first thing to do however is to work fast or find the escape because the immobility in this case puts you in a situation of serious danger because you would be encircled and it is the end.Multiple aggression in personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Fighting with multiple opponents as a result of multiple aggression is not easy, on the contrary it is very complicated and requiresa lot of energy, movement and skills but if you use This strategy I’m sure will make the fight much more manageable and if you’re already a decent and well-trained fighter it can make you fight with multiple opponents making it look much more like fighting one.

This type of approach clearly does not improvise but must be studied with qualified instructors and with training methods developed to build the right skills and experiences to be able to make the most correct movements in a critical condition.
Remember it’s not a game, staysafe, stay whole.
Street Fight Mentality
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