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Attacks with hidden weapons

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skeleton-with-baseball-hat-2759433_1920-1 Attacks with hidden weapons

Attacks with hidden weapons, hiding and disguise weapons is a prerogative of many aggressions.

Crime and those who are used to being in certain environments develop and create hidden weapons to be used in difficult situations or to protect themselves.

Today you have to consider that crime and some tricks used to protect yourself in certain situations are multicultural and come from different countries of the world such as Eastern Europe, such as Africa and like South America and this involves different ways and strategies also related to local cultures.

Clearly I am not telling you about certain levels of crime where there is no chatter, the game is done with firearms and therefore all the concepts of personal defense are to be considered on a different level and with firearms.

One of the things that I hope if you read the blog and that I think are clear to you is that in self-defense there is no fair duel but they are always treason attacks, behind, two on one, ambushes to understand us, etc. and therefore even the weapons are never shown until the aggression has started.

The Knife

The same knife, a weapon par excellence, is always kept hidden to the last precisely so as not to let you know that it is armed but you have to understand that if you are stopped in some countries the legislature does not allow the carrying of a cutting weapon even if people often care.

For this reason, crime develops tools that can be carried in a covert manner and that in the case of inspection can pass as common objects and not be further reported or denounced as in the case of possession of cutting weapons or knuckle dusters (brasses to understand)

Ps. Same with firearms but on this we will make specific posts thanks to some members of the specialist team in the field.

Crime has like you a clothing that uses to hide weapons or pain amplifiers to use to defend yourself or commit crimes.

This post serves to warn you and learn to pre-recognize these improvised tools or hidden weapons and not to teach or encourage someone to use them.

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