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Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and the “controversial” return of boxing without gloves

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship(BKFC)is an American bare-handed boxing promotion based in Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

On June 2, in Cheyenne( USA), a” Bare Knuckle Boxing” tournament was held, a boxing tournament where athletes fight without the use of the appropriate gloves, indeed to specify better even without MMA gloves,only bare hands.

This review of boxing has obviously caused many fans to turn their noses up, both because of the atypicality of the discipline and because of the risks that come with it, with injuries and trauma also reported in the long term, which jeopardize the safety of practitioners.

BKFC is the first promotion to hold a bare knuckle sanctioned boxing eventin the United States since 1889.

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