Basic boxing training

Basic boxing training

Basic boxing training card:

Rope Jump (Make 3 Rounds)

  • It warms up your body. Reduce injury cases and increase performance.
  • Work on breathing and stay relaxed.
  • Do not rest during the 1 minute break. Keep jumping.
  • You can replace this with running for the same pause time as another exercise.


Stretching (Make 2 Rounds)

  • It reduces lesions, increases blood flow and increases the range of movement.
  • Stretch, neck, arms, legs and back.
  • Relax the muscle to prepare it for intense use.


Focus Pad (Does3 Rounds)

  • He works on both offensive and defensive techniques.
  • Focus on speed and accuracy, not power.


Heavy bag OR Sparring (Make 3 Rounds)

  • Practice the offensive techniques you’ve learned in mitt work (packed or sparring).
  • Always make sure you keep your defense high and move with footwork (sack or sparring).
  • Feel free to pull with a power but don’t get distracted, work for what you trained and learned that day (sack or sparring).


Double Hand Bag (Fai 2 Round)

  • Move around and pull less powerful shots to increase your accuracy.
  • Do this with your gloves so you get the opportunity to hit fast targets with the gloves you use when you do sparring or match.


Speed bag (Make 2 Rounds)

  • Concentrate and try not to take too many breaks.
  • Breathe, don’t stay apnea.


Stretching / Defaticamento (Make 2 Rounds)



  • Relax and stretch your muscles, slow down.
  • Talk to other training partners about the techniques you learned that day and how the workout went.

Basic boxing training


This is a simple routine of a basic boxing workout but it has one of the most used schematics.

Once you understand, you can try all other types of conditioning exercises designed for specific aspects of boxing and especially specific to you.

For boxers starting, I recommend you don’t do this routine and don’t try to squeeze an extra workout to speed up your boxing improvement.

Save the extra energy and motivation you have for the next workout.

Every training session gets harder and harder and it’s important not to burn yourself by overtraining.

If you are still a beginner, work simple and consistently!

Try this for a basic boxing workout!

Stay Tuned!

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