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Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system

img_5656 Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system

The Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) is a self-defense system that relies on natural combat instincts and different street fighting techniques.

The system was developed by Justo Dieguez Serrano from his experiences from real fights on the streets of Spain.

It is an extremely effective method of self-defence as it is based on direct experience as well as a long work of introspection.

Let’s say the Keysi … has not gone unnoticed.

keysi Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system

Practitioners train on all combat distances and in all possible situations that can occur during a street fight, then standing, kneeling, seated and even lying down.

To this day it is not very widespread because, in addition to having arrived in our country only for a decade, it has never tried to acquire instructors for commercial purposes.

The route is quite challenging and has kept away the“graduate hunters”.

This has slowed its spread to the benefit of quality.

On the street and just in the street.

It has nothing sporty, has no competitive or competitive purposes, there is nothing choreographic even if in the film gave a very intense view of the fight but it is born and has been tested on the street and must be used to defend its own safety in a context of self-defense.

img_5664 Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system

The system was founded with the help of Andy Norman. Both founders, Justo Dieguez and Andy Norman, are jeet kune do instructor certificates under Dan Inosanto.

The Keysi Fighting Method became famous after it was used in the combat choreography of the movie BatmanBeginsand its sequel, “The Dark Knight” but the KFM was created in 1950 on the streets of Spain and is in a constant state of evolution.

img_5658 Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system

At the heart of the system

The KFM makes use of multiple attack intervals, with or without weapons.

The brand of the KFM is the thinking man (Pensador) and the attack of the thinking man (pensataq), who uses a form of defense to protect the most precious part of the body, the head.

The Keysi Fighting Method keeps the head protected using the arms, which are also used to fire powerful, short-range shots through hands and elbows.

The workouts take place alone, in pairs but especially in groups of three or four to experience the difficulties when you have to manage multiple attackers.

With or without focus used to hit at full power.

The Keysi does not teach “technical” defense but a method that allows you to explore your moods through the use of punches, kicks, elbows, sockets and anything else it can take to survive in a self-defense situation.

Rather than direct and struts, the Keysi Fighting Method mainly employs “hammer” punches, more powerful and less dangerous to the hands of the practitioner.

Unlike many martial arts, KFM tends to be used at a short distance.

From the Pensador defense are often launched a series of attacks against vital targets (such as bicep, kidneys or solar plexus).

The KFM is very effective especially in close distance fights, which is very common in personal defense because on the street you can not manage distances as if we were in a ring, usually what happens is a close combat.

The Keysi Fighting Method mainly contemplates blows inflicted with the arms, limiting the kicks to a few occasions, and using the lower limbs especially through the knees.

Another aspect of the KFM is its “360-degree” approach in case of multi-aggressor attacks standing, kneeling, sitting or lying down.

Part of the KFM philosophy is the redefinition of the terms “predator and prey”, but also, if the would-be victim becomes the predator and the would-be attackers his prey.

img_5661 Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system


Most of the schools offering KFM are located in Europe, but there are also various schools in New York, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware and Orlando, Florida.

The KFM is also developing in Australia, with schools in Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

Here in Europe is little known but my knowledge of this system was not thanks to the film but during my time in Cuba in Havana where I saw use this method and thanks to a friend I was able to study this method with some people that we say were “thugs”of the Havana Center.

I do not know where they had learned this system but they knew it well and I realized it when I returned to Europe I looked for other people who knew the system and the teaching to study.

Their level was very good and this pleased me because the approach to studying this system was correct.

The study and interest in this method for me was how to add to the sector of
the Filipino Kali
other elements to be added to the panantukan even if it is not really so but my curiosity was born because of the roundness and fluidity of the body in motion and in striking.

Another factor that intrigued me a lot is the attack-related aspect and multiple adversaries that is often overlooked in many martial arts and defense systems.

The reality of the srada, on the other hand, is almost never one-on-one.

img_3202 Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system
The Spanish terms often used in the KFM:

  • Pensador – Thinker
  • Cailla- Fall
  • Rodilla-Knee
  • Codo- Elbow
  • Garra – Claw
  • Can – Taken
  • Cuello – Neck
  • Cuerpo – Body
  • Pierna – Leg
  • Puo – Fist
  • Hombro – Shoulder

image-5 Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system

It’s all very simple but it’s the way you work out that makes the difference, this approach to combat makes the Keysi system very versatile.

Learn this system because it teaches you combat from a different perspective that helps you rediscover your martial art.

image-54 Batman in 2016 became stronger because he studied the Keysi system

Train with the Keysi method


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