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battle rope

The Battle Rope or Conditioning Rope is a rope used in functional training.

When I discovered it I immediately decided to try it because it seemed suitable for both combat sports and to build a conditioning.

It is a very durable rope and with rubber or taped grips, the battle rope has a diameter of 3.8 cm or 5 cm in diameter and is available in two different lengths ranging from 9 m to 15 m.

How can you guess the diameter of the rope and the length causes the weight and therefore the difficulty of the exercise to vary.

My advice, however, is that the grip from 5 cm in diameter if you are a girl is very large or if you are a man and have small hands, so better the 3.8 cm one or make a handle the 5 cm.

I personally use the 5 cm diameter and 12 meters long (if you want to know).

Anchoring to a non-smooth and/or round surface can cause premature wear of the rope as it facilitates fraying of the rope so my advice is that where it spins you put a ribbon to preserve the rope.

The surface also wears the rope if you don’t use it in a gym or on mats, so if you use it on wrinkled surfaces take the fabric version of the rope.

Ps. Clearly it also changes if you only use it or if they use it in many and therefore it is used many times a day.

It should be passed around a pole or a hook.

battle rope

The benefits

Now let’s see what the benefits are with the Battle Rope, while we say that with this tool you can make your whole body work at the same time and it’s ideal for increasing your stamina and agility.

These strings are useful for putting on lean mass, to sculpt the muscles of the arms and core because they will be very stressed to keep your body stabilized while you swing the strings.

I assure you it’s not a walk!

Exercises using the Conditioning Rope can make you burn even more calories than arun.

With the Battle Rope you can:

  1. Burn calories
  2. Working on the core
  3. Increase strength in grip, forearms and shoulders
  4. Improving muscle tone
  5. Improving performance

Type of socket

You can hold the rope in two different ways:

  1. Hand-held. Keep the strings at the height of the abdomen with your palms placed in front of each other.
  2. Overhand Grip (above the head). Keep the strings above the level of your eyes with your palms facing down.

battle rope

Here are some exercises you can do:

Below I’ll explain the different exercises you can do with the Battle Rope.

  1. Alternating Waves
  2. Hip Toss, New Toss, New
  3. In & Out Waves
  4. Seated Hip Toss (Russian Twist)
  5. Waves, New10
  6. Counterclockwise property
  7. Counterwise property
  8. Jumping Jacks
  9. Power Slam
  10. Side-To-Side Waves
  11. Shuffle
  12. Sky Steps

Battle Rope functional training Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Some explanation of the exercises:

Alternating Waves

  • Taken at a handshake;
  • squat position;
  • Make a mingle on the hips and tilt the torso slightly;
  • wave with ropes, making sure they reach the end of the anchor point


Waves (Battle Rope Bats)

  • Taken at a handshake;
  • squat position;
  • making the mingle on the hips, tilt your torso slightly forward;
  • move the strings towards each other until they meet.


Jumping Jacks with Battle Rope

  • Outlet Overhand Grip;
  • get close enough to the anchor point;
  • now perform simple Jumping Jacks.

battle rope


It is a beautiful method to be integrated into functional exercises, in addition it is an exercise that works with the whole body and therefore perfectly adapts to the needs of those who practice combat sports and martial arts.

Personally I recommend it and I use it especially on the circuit with other free body exercises and with kettlebell, medical ball,clubell, suspension training,etc.

Stay Tuned and Battle Rope

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