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Because you have to have days with a specific focus

focus Because you have to have days with a specific focus


Why do you have to have days with a specific focus?

In the morning, as soon as I wake up I take my collection of martial arts notes, read a random “technique” or that inspires me and I make sure that he accompanies me for the rest of the day, motivating me to take the necessary actions to achieve an improvement and a greater understanding of its use in combat.

Cit. Andrea

The method I’m going to explain to you forces you to have a focus on a certain shot to develop the right biomechanics and motority, which allows you to make the technique really work with a non-cooperative partner.

This focus is a very important aspect if you really want to learn how to use the shots you study and not just to perform a choreography maybe also beautiful to see but unusable in a real context because you do not know how to make it work.

Clearly in the sparring phase you have to be smart to understand that whether you perform it or that you suffer it you are not training to win, because anyway you set limits going to use and pre-select for that session a certain shot or approach but you need to develop a real improvement in your ability to use a certain shot.

I want to give you an example, if it’s low kick,the whole training day is all about that kind of shot.

That’s your focus for that day.

varie-stay-focused Because you have to have days with a specific focus

Your attention should serve to:

  • Train and study the shot technically, first slow, then slow and precise, then fast and precise, finally fast accurate and powerful.
  • It studies the balance, the position of the body, the power, the guard, the areas you leave uncovered, the posture, the distance from which that shot must be pulled, etc. etc.
  • Train and do a technical study of combinations on that shot
  • I’m going to practice and study the possible targets of that shot.
  • Train and do a study on how to insert the shot in combination (2 shots – 3 shots – 4 shots and 5 shots).
  • I study the possible parades of this shot (dodges, parades, etc.) made to pull it from a companion.
  • I study the fets and tricks to effectively shoot this shot at the target.
  • Scatter with the goal of using the chosen shot a lot (example low kick)


How to do this exercise on a precise focus

In my gym I built by carving on wooden blocks as big as dominoes with symbols representing the blows and various parts of the body.

On the left the foot shot hand knee elbow head shoulder etc and on the right the area to be hit high medium low or empty that means free, then there are blocks that are a little man standing a little man struggling and mixed that means the strategy of the day.

You can also use slips of paper or cards is fine.

At the beginning of the lesson everyone takes a random block and when you perform the free exercises or do sparring you have to try to use a lot of this technique and build a certain strategy to apply the shot you have on the block.

Note that if your partner knows which shot you shoot for him it is easier to parry or dodge but forces you to be even more precise, more “hidden” and develop the right strategies/tricks to make the shot work.

jiu-jitsu-7 Because you have to have days with a specific focus


This is a method based on having days with a precise focus is designed to try to “isolate” on a given shot, thus applying a method or if you want a training system that helps especially beginners.

This method is effective because it is less dispersive and allows you to focus the work on a single shot and its combinations, allowing you to isolate and learn a lot from yourself.

Focusing on applying on individual shots or techniques allows you to learn how to make it work because you often know a lot of techniques but you can’t make them work with a partner that doesn’t cooperate which is the basis of my method.

This method is also very useful in the fight but I will talk about it in a specific article.

Have a good workout with your “focus of the day”!

Stay Tuned!

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