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Welcome to the ExpertFighting blog! Are you here for the first time? Start reading from here.

If you are looking for advice and useful information on how to improve your martial art, combat sports and self-defense, you are in the right place!

They often ask me “Is it possible that I too can learn a martial art and be able to apply it in a real situation?“, This is the typical question that martial artists and athletes increasingly ask themselves in times like these in which they are seen super athletes who look like aliens.

I’m here to help you answer this question and many others, solutions exist.


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ExpertFighting ™ is the first step-by-step martial arts training system born in Italy and Latin America with the collaboration of enthusiasts and practitioners in different areas of combat and with a strong focus on self-defense. deeply felt in Latin America but which in our country too has now assumed significant importance.

Now if you:

  • Do you kill yourself with training yet you feel like you’re not progressing or not enough?
  • Did you do all the training and internships but did you not need anything?
  • Do you perceive that none of the “tricks” you know serve more with your opponents and that they have less and less effectiveness?
  • Do you wonder if it is possible to learn even if your work involves you a lot and you have a family?
  • Etc.

Welcome to the world of professional and non-martial arts practitioners!

image1 Welcome to the blog of ExpertFighting!

We are athletes, coaches, professionals who like you every day, in the gym but not only, we demonstrate how much we are worth with exhausting training and competitions.

After more than 20 years of experience we have understood one fundamental thing:

It is essential to have a step by step training system based on a method that allows you to actually make the techniques you study work.

How you do it?

With a specific program that guides you both from the technical point of view, and to build the qualities and fundamental skills for the correct execution and real application of the techniques.

Specific workouts to build or reconstruct your body movements, correct bio mechanics and motor skills to build your martial art and make it effective and functional in a condition of non-cooperation, whether it’s sport or real street fight.

For this we have developed ExpertFighting ™, the first specific martial arts training system that provides a step by step training program with a personalized focus to give you the solution tailored for you.

This blog will not teach you secret techniques, magic tricks, but the methods and techniques to build an effective and functional arsenal customized to yourself.


expert-fighting Welcome to the blog of ExpertFighting!

So today you are faced with a beautiful dilemma: on the one hand there is the need, which does not look at anyone, to acquire skills in self-defense to have a chance in case of attacks that are increasingly on the agenda.

On the other hand, there is the harsh reality that not everyone has the “natural qualities” to be an “assault fighter” with the muscles of an Olympic centometrist athlete.

These considerations, even if not with this clarity, are however what sends many people into “tilt” and keeps them away from gyms, private lessons or other forms, worsening their situation and delaying the ability to learn to defend themselves over time, what that may never come if you don’t start working now with a step by step method based on a system that balances the skills and creates them tailored to each.

This method works with everyone.

expert-fighting-2 Welcome to the blog of ExpertFighting!

If you are looking to become a fighter who wants to “push” into a ring, or you are a private individual who needs to defend yourself on the street, a single woman who wants to learn to defend herself, then you have to undergo a “training” regime on more defined levels and steps that allow you to compete with the best, despite not having “natural skills“.

I worked all my life to create a step by step system that allows anyone with the necessary desire to learn and a minimum of perseverance to get top fighter results. This is because the training in martial arts in Italy, which is the country where I was born and raised, has always been of a low level, but the time has come to make a change and bring it to the highest levels.

How many people you know – if it has not even happened to you – who gave up because they did not achieve a concrete result, they saw themselves motionless over time, without the set results, so, once past the initial enthusiasm … STOP.

When I see a student who gives up or fails for me it is a failure, but it makes me work to build something that would help him.

I worked years in the gym 6 days out of 7, many hours a day for years, participated in internships in the Top of the world to understand not only the techniques that are functional, but the methods that lead them to be so effective. I have viewed over 20,000 hours of instructional videos from all over the world, yes you have understood correctly !!! Of these, once selected, I have studied thousands of them through videos (attention, NOT talking about YouTube videos but professional teaching), internships with masters of the videos viewed and comparisons with teachers and practitioners to build profitable relationships.

expert-fighting-blog Welcome to the blog of ExpertFighting!

I’m not here to waste time writing articles, this blog has a specific purpose and is to “unlock” those who are stationary or to start in the most correct form those who start in this fantastic world that is also full of traps and fake salesmen .

If you want to find out everything you need to know to get top fighter performances, which maybe now seem impossible to you, then I suggest you read this blog.

Ah, one last thing: to become extraordinary, don’t continue to do what you’ve done to date.


img_5768 Welcome to the blog of ExpertFighting!

I hope this reading can help you in your martial journey, I ask you the courtesy to appreciate my effort to spread the martial art and to search for it.

I do not pretend to have the truth or to be a guru, I am a simple lover of this intense and mysterious human expression that makes his personal experience available to build together a path that will help both to know and spread martial arts without limits and prejudices .

logo-scritta-expert-fighting Welcome to the blog of ExpertFighting!

Attention I am a professional, I have the awareness of my personal effort in this world and of my abilities, but I have also learned that martial art is a lifestyle, a learning that never ends, as the great Dan showed us Inosanto that continued to study despite being the only or one of the few who could feel “arrived”. Dan never did that, continuing to study any martial art he was interested in. It is for me the demonstration between those who REALLY are and who say they are a teacher or a guru.

If you are interested in getting to know me, in training with me or in making lessons write to me !!

Like all forms of art, it has no end and no limits.

Happy reading and have a nice trip !!!

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Each “Great” was a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take the first step …

Good practice and a good trip with Expert Fighting.


expert-fighting-logo Welcome to the blog of ExpertFighting!

P.S. Someone put this objection to me, but why didn’t you do a blog focused on one art, isn’t it easier? Personally I say no: this is a central point of the philosophy, of the approach and of the method behind the Expert Fighting project, I focused on the fight not on the art, going to insert in the combat the various arts to which I I am dedicated (and relying on professionals for the arts I know less) because what makes the difference is man, not the art he practices.

Remember that the vision of practicing a single martial art is a vision of our “modern” times in which – for sporting and social reasons – the arts are divided, but in reality originally they have always faced all aspects of combat, from weapons to bare hands standing and on the ground.

The separate view of martial arts is an invention to respond commercially to today’s needs.

On this blog you will find articles on all areas of combat, the focus will be on you and on some martial arts that I consider more effective and meaningful and that will be called by their name without inventing systems or arts that do not exist with more imaginative or captivating names.

I want to break the paradigm of a focus that in this area is too often too narrow, Bruce Lee himself understood very well.

The vision in this blog is three-dimensional but each art is addressed with a precise focus, nothing is left to chance but it is very limiting to practice a single art, to the point that everyone is realizing it and they are introducing explorations in sectors other than their own.

The choice of the name of the blog – Expert Fighting – which wants to give a precise orientation is not accidental.

The arts covered will be different even if they all respect my martial path.

Read! She studies! Apply! And share these articles!


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Lingua: Italian English