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Blue Gun, the training guns

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014 Blue Gun, the training gunsOne of the necessities when starting training with firearms is to work safely and the Blue Guns or if you want training guns are a useful tool in some stages.

A safe alternative to using the real discharge weapon to understand the first procedures and begin training with firearms and practice a series of simulations and exercises using blue gun simulacra the same size as real weapon models in order to safely perform a series of tactical and technical exercises.

At some stages of tactical-operational training with firearms, some beginners sometimes make some mistakes regarding safety.

The Blue Guns and the Study of Disarmament

Industry experts can in real-world applications, test their technical skills on attacks and disarmaments such as the one with knife but with firearms (Gun, Rifle, etc.).

Help for these training phases comes from the plastic/rubber simulacra, the so-calledBlue Guns.


I want to point out that when we talk about simulations with weapons it is always about operational tactical shooting so training conditions in training or dynamic shooting to understand us never of the classic battery-powered polygon shooting.

I also tell you about all those phases that are not contemplated in sports shooting such as the control of the weapon by an attacker, the close disarmament from different positions, the use of the weapon in an unconventional way.

Ps. Firearm disarmament is an exercise but the reality is something different because no one gets close to being touched if they have a weapon in their hand, but the study is useful for some extreme cases where if you know how to do something is better but percentically as a statistic, firearm disarmament is more of a cinematic thing than a reality.

22713673-origpic-936d6d Blue Gun, the training guns

Force on Force

If you do an internet search you’ll find that statistics of fatalities occurred during trainings carried out by special groups (then highly specialized personnel), especially duringForce on Forcetraining, or man-to-man training.

The “Force on Force” is the highest degree of operational training that you perform using SoftAir weapons, paint, Simunition.

Weapons are often indistinguishable from real weapons or in other cases are the same real weapons that use special cartridges.

Despite the prevention observed in terms of safety and the high degree of specialization of the participants, in recent years, during these trainings, very similar to reality, there have been about 280 fatal accidents, which occurred for the wrong use of weapons and real cartridges.

Blue Gun products

There are now entire very detailed and accurate lines of blueguns, “Firearm Simulators” with models ranging from the pistols of various manufacturers and shotguns and automatics but the common thing that distinguishes them is the color blue.

Ps. Although today there are all colors but as an official choice the training weapon has the color blue.

  • All products are detailed inert replicas of real weapons designed for civilian, police and military training.
  • The size of the simulacra allows the holsters used with real weapons to be used
  • These “weapons” are usually made of hard rubber to withstand shocks and in some models with steel reinforcement.
  • Having no push-ups and maintaining the details, the management and balance of the weapon is “similar” to reality.
  • Being rigid can also be used to simulate disarmaments and simulations of fight and control of the weapon from the attempted theft.
  • Some models also have removable magazines to simulate the discharge of the weapon.


One change I make to my blueguns is to insert a laser pointer into the barrel to always have a clear direction of the barrel in the various stages.


Every gun you use should be manufactured in“Law Enforcement Blue” – the most recognized safety color in the world.

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The Blue Gun and its variants

The” BLUEGUNS“, are a useful realistic and safe alternative to the use of real firearms in training situations, but today you also see different colors as recognizable as red, orange, green.

This name then refers to the simulacra of weapons in solid polyurethnic plastic that were initially, by convention, completely and only blue.

Today, as I told you, you can find on the market simulacra of blue gun weapons, whether short or long, yellow, red or green, for example I have orange ones but in any case bright colors that allow you to immediately distinguish inert weapons from real ones.


Repetitive and unin dynamicsal movements in front of a counter of a static or sports shooting training, make the most of accidents compared to dynamic simulations with weapon extractions, magazine change, movement and fire from different positions.

The operational/defensive shooting, on the contrary, requires the operator to perform complex movements and manipulations of the weapon, even emergency, often being in motion.

The instructor’s task becomes more complicated and delicate when the fire position is not static but takes place on the move and moving with the gripped weapon generates several safety issues.

The most common errors

  • point the weapon at you while you are mining or re-in-arming the weapon,
  • While walking,
  • while you go on your knees or make a magazine change
  • point the weapon at another operator’s back.

To ensure that accidents do not occur during these particular trainings, Blue Guns will be used, at least as long as the correct and safe movements are internalized.


The use of blue guns allows you to develop safety and speed in the manipulation of the weapon going to build the correct motion sequences.

Errors can be corrected in real time by avoiding doing so at the end of the exercise that involves too long passing from the error.
Inert weapons are useful in the primary phases of Force on Force training when you have to reset your mind, not being used to pointing the weapon at a real opponent.

3D6C58B3-42D2-4940-9D63-25C0336A4199 Blue Gun, the training guns

The simulations on the market

Sophisticated simulacra are on the market on which the full loader compartment of the release button has been made.

With these aids that perfectly reproduce firearms in shape and size, you can safely practice performing:

  • extracting the weapon from the holster,
  • aiming and re-inserting the weapon into the holster (reinfoling),
  • learning more complex manipulations,
  • manipulation and pairing with certain displacements.
  • Wield the weapon in symbiosis with the tactical torch and how to simultaneously pass the torch and weapon from hand to hand, loading, etc.


In these steps using the plastic weapon, it will not be a problem if this or the magazine will fall to the ground.

The Blue Guns allow the instructor to control from all possible angles that the movements are performed correctly and in sync, even from positions that are not advisable with a real weapon.

FSM4FT_-_Colt_M4_Flat_Top_Open_Stock_Gun_Replica_-_Blue__84625.1526979469-e1554469121452 Blue Gun, the training gunsFSAK47FS_-_AK47_Folding_Stock_Gun_Replica_-_Blue__93445.1526459735-e1554469157917 Blue Gun, the training gunsDifferent weights of weapons

Note that some models are equipped with two magazines of different weight that simulate and allow you to locate the one exhausted by the one replenished.
This “sophisticated” blue gun simulation allows you to train yourself to make the magazine change, where one of the magazines (the second, the one you need to insert, is heavier than the other to meet the need to create a proper “muscle memory”.
In this way you can learn the different techniques of tactical or one-handed emergency gearbox and that in some modes require a decent dexterity and even danger with a real weapon.
This allows the student to learn how to perform complex manipulations by avoiding pointing the weapon in dangerous directions given the difficulty of handling the weapon as in the case of the use of the thigh, etc.
Inert weapons you always have to treat them as if they are true, you have to avoid putting your finger on the trigger or pointing them at people or objects when you do not want to hit.
You never have to make any difference with real weapons so as not to take bad habits.
5A461C4D-E47A-45A3-B97E-A2C7682BE778 Blue Gun, the training guns


These simple objects are essential tools for training and must be provided in all places where they are taught to handle a weapon (T.S.N., private or military polygons).

They are fundamental tools not only for the initial learning of the correct handling of the weapon safely but along the entire training path, also advanced, especially in the operational field for the study of extractions and movements in dynamics with a weapon.

The principle must be to always use the weapon sequence like this:

  • simulacrum that resembles the real one (blue gun)
  • true but unloaded
  • true with shots
A principle also used in the study of the GOI


Good training and remember that weapons are not a game.
Remember: Train Safe and Train Smart!

Lingua: Italian English

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