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BOB Body Opponent Bag

body opponent bag

BOB Body Opponent Bag

The Body Opponent Bag (BOB) is a useful and fun training tool for martial artists and sportsmen of different sports and martial backgrounds.

Most Body Opponent Bag (BOB) models have adjustable heights (check model specifications).

When the base is filled with water or sand, this heavy bag can weigh up to 115 kg about 250 pounds.

Train against the tough and battered poor old BOB.

Pros and cons of the BOB system


  • Accurate targeting can be practiced by focusing on different parts of the BOB body (e.g. nose – palm stroke, ribs – knee stroke, head – axe kick, etc.),
  • Ability to practice self-defense techniques (e.g. glance) that could injure a “live” training partner,
  • Adjustable Height – Adjustable height allows even the tallest to practice comfortably. And you never know what the height of your next human opponent will be, so practicing with different heights will expand your range and improve your versatility as a fighter.
  • Easy to move in different environments when the base is empty,
  • Less need for boxing gloves or MMA thanks to BOB’s softer exterior (compared to the hard vinyl used in a Wavemaster Heavy Bag),
  • Very useful if you do not have a sturdy ceiling and need a heavy bag fixed to the ground.
  • Very stable:sufficient weight and durable design make the BOB very stable. These units can require significant force and remain upright.
  • Realistic Feeling – Realistic feeling helps you get more out of your practice. It absorbs shocks and moves with you, like a real opponent.
  • Easy to assemble,


  • Some users complain that the Bob’s neck may break after heavy use
  • It can move when hit (if the base is filled with water instead of sand)
  • Very heavy when the base is full if you have to move BOB to a different place to practice.
  • You can not practice low kick (ie against the legs of an opponent) because the BOB lacks legs even if now there are some versions that solve this “defect”.
  • Knockout: Just like a human opponent, both the BOB and BOB XL can fall if you hit them hard enough. Some people will find it annoying, but keep that in mind. In real life, you would like to be able to throw your opponent to the ground. The only difference here is that with BOB, you have to help him get up. If your BOB falls repeatedly, make sure you have a sufficient amount of sand or water filling weight in the base.
  • Potentially hands/feet: Although the surface is flexible, you can hurt your hands and upper feet. As for your hands, consider wearing bands and combat gloves or heavy sack gloves if you are going to throw a lot of punches. As for the tops of your feet, similar to a hanging bag, they will harden over time or consider using martial arts shoes.
  • More expensive than a lot – If you look at the BOB compared to a standard punching bag, the BOB is more expensive. If you’re practicing more general soccer or just trying to train, a BOB may not be money well spent. A heavy sack serves this purpose.


You can only fight the way you train – Miyamoto Musashi (The Book of Five Rings)

BOB Body Opponent Bag

Century BOB and BOB XL Review: A Smart Standup Dummy

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BOB Body Opponent Bag

One of the most famous BOB is that of the Century.

When it comes to high-quality martial arts equipment, few names have the weight of the martial arts of the century.

Founded in 1976, like so many companies we love, it started in the founder’s garage and has become a trusted manufacturer.

Made in the USA

This quality product has been developed by Century with passion from martial artists to martial artists to achieve maximum training success and customer satisfaction.

  • With over 40 years of experience in the product industry, Century is one of the most well-known brands for martial arts products in North America.
  • The Century product range focuses on quality and durability.

The BOB (Body Opponent Bag) is another quality model of this brand.

If you’re looking to hone your sparring techniques through more targeted practice, this may be the equipment you need.

It’s ideal for self-defense practice because you can target your opponent in training with greater force where he will hurt the most, something you wouldn’t want to do if your opponent was a human in a padded suit.

In this Century BOB review, we’ll explore who would benefit from this product.

And I will show you how to overcome common complaints to get the most out of this opposing body.

Sizes, Features, and Specs Century BOB and BOB XL Review: A Smart Standup Dummy

BOB Body Opponent Bag

The Bob – Body Opponent Bag by Century

For realistic training of struggle and self-defense

Train realistically with the BOB, the Body Opponent Bag, and perfect the different techniques of punching and kicking.

A normal punching bag is good for training, but sometimes you need to know if the upright is accurate and if the punches and kicks hit the ribs hard and are well positioned.

The versatility of the BOB is fully exploited as a boxing system, free and customizable through the different levels of adjustable height.

  • Adjustable in height: from 152 to 198 cm and therefore easily adjustable for all women, men, teenagers and even children.
  • Large padded batting areas allow training with or without boxing gloves and kicks from hip to head
  • The round base can be filled with water or sand to achieve a stable weight of up to 122 kg.
  • High fun factor also for fitness and stress reduction at home.
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The Century BOB training body is a realistic vinyl sparring partner that is five to six and a half feet tall, thanks to its easy-to-adjust design.

It’s quite an upgrade from the simpler standing punching bags that most people are used to.

The soft but stable vinyl skin on a complete male head and torso makes the surface perfect for hitting anything from the riser to the reverse blow of the mate.

The base requires a minimum space of 30″ x 20″ x 10″.

And it’s also round, so you can flip it in a corner to roll it if it needs to move.

Its 270-pound weight gives you the feeling of realistic impact that you don’t have to hold back.

But since most of that weight is water or sand that you add once placed, you don’t have to worry about high shipping or team lifting costs when you need to store it.

You can empty it.

BOB Body Opponent Bag

BOB vs. BOB BOB XL – Key Differences

So, what is the comparison of the Century BOB with the BOB XL.

Here’s what you need to know.

If you or some of your students are taller, then you might find the Century BOB XL more suitable.

The XL can shrink to five feet like the regular BOB, but it can expand to almost seven feet in height.

The base of the XL is a bit larger (40″ x 15.5″ X 10.5″) to handle that added height. Otherwise it weighs the same.

The XL from Century BOB also has a one-year warranty instead of 90 days.

Many people say they chose the BOB XL because they didn’t want to find out after getting it that height was important to them, but they also note that the XL costs more, so it’s an individual decision to make.

That said, a Century BOB review wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at the pros and cons of the product.

BOB Body Opponent Bag










Features and benefits of bob

As you would expect, the BOB is a solid piece of rubber to hit.

Some of the benefits that users talk about the most include:

More fun to hit/kick – It’s just more fun to kick something that looks humanoid. Get a simulated feeling of hitting a real person without the legal action. Be more prepared for a real meeting.

Great for practicing form: the BOB is ideal for improving accuracy over brute force. Practice combos and make more measured movements to subdue an opponent. In most real-world combat situations or a tournament, accuracy will be important, especially if your opponent has some skill.

Well designed: the BOB is robust if you buy it from qualified brands such as Century. Some users claim to have it for six or seven years. Of course, it mainly depends on how much you use it. The BOB is built to last with high quality vinyl and a solid foundation.

Do Things You Wouldn’t Do to a Sparring Partner – Don’t you would get the eyes of a sparring partner nor the you really kick the groin,but these are essential combat skills to practice if you ever get involved in a fight for life or death. The BOB system allows you to exercise these vital skills.

BOB Body Opponent Bag Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

BOB vs Heavy Bags

In this part of the bob post, let’s compare bob vs heavy bags

But let’s see them side by side.

  • The heavy sack withstands brute force well. Bob is better for more targeted practice.
  • The heavy bag may require fixed space and a sturdy wall/ceiling to hang while the BOB rests on the floor and you can move it whenever you want easily (if it is not full with sand).
  • The heavy bag tends to be less expensive than a BOB which is a higher investment to hone your skills.

A heavy bag is generally a valid solution for everyone.

A BOB is adjustable so you can work with various heights and students of different sizes can practice on heights that they will probably have to face in competition but it is something you can do with the bag as well.

The BOB is more flexible than a heavy bag.

A soft mannequin isn’t ideal if you want to strengthen your hands compared to a lot but it can be a relief to spend hours perfecting a single combo.

BOB Body Opponent Bag

How to mount and use the BOB

The instructions for mounting a BOB are simple.

To set BOB, simply screw BOB into the black base.

This base extends to the torso of BOB for maximum support, fixed with six screws.

The washers on the nuts are vital because they distribute the force of a tug on the vinyl that otherwise could tear BOB from the base so be sure to mount them are not extra pieces.

Move it to the desired location.

Fill the base with water or sand and tighten the lid tightly.

If you are worried about spills, remember that you can fill BOB outside and then turn it to one side and roll it into place.

the Century BOB for example has seven height adjustments.

To lift it, just turn BOB to the side and raise or lower.

The instructions for mounting the BOB are simple, but to get the most out of the BOB it takes your commitment through practice.


BOB Body Opponent Bag

How to use the BOB system

After following the Century BOB instructions, you’re ready for some Century BOB training.

Here’s how a BOB training session might go.

Start with some basics

  • Adjust BOB so that it is as close to your height as possible.
  • Let’s start with some hammer punches, inverted punches and turned fists. These help you understand how BOB moves with your fists.
  • So, try a finger strike, the finger jab, something you should never do in a clean fight. Extend your fingers without tightening with a slight cup shape. As with most moves, don’t fully extend and lock your fingers, or you’ll break them.
  • Applying this form, stick your fingers into BOB’s eyes. Bob’s face will give more than that of an opponent. But this practice will serve you well in a serious struggle. Repeat several times to get an idea of the movement.
  • Remember, a real opponent will do anything to protect his face. So you have to be fast. The practice makes perfect and builds muscle memory.
    Now, take the back of BOB’s head and force your thumbs into its orbits. Feel how his body moves to your touch. Repeat.
  • Then, step to the side to imitate a true dance of death, swaying and weaving, approaching from different angles. Now, make a knife coat. Note, this is an open rippled hand, not a hand with a knife that would damage BOB.
  • To the side, BOB’s throat from the knife hand. And again to get an idea.

BOB Body Opponent Bag

Switch to shot combinations

Now, do a short combo of Boxing or Muay Thai bobsleigh training.

The classic
the left-right fist to the chin then perform a Duck (lowering), just as if a real opponent could punch the face and then off to the left, followed by a left upright.

Whether you’re a South Paw or not, this precision training on the BOB can help you have more precise targeting.

Practice several times.

You’re ready to proceed to more complex modules.

If you choose to kick BOB, remember to shoot middle kicks to avoid kicking the post. Lower the BOB if necessary.

Although it is not ideal for the indiscriminate practice of brute force, it is perfect for a more targeted workout.

It’s great to perfect your shape, precision and durability while providing the realistic feedback provided by a good dummy.

The possibility of adjusting the BOB system is an additional advantage.

With a quick rotation to adjust the height, you can go from punches at eye level to kicks and high punches that simulate a taller opponent.

So what is our verdict on the BOB, is it worth the price compared to traditional standing punching bags?

Our vote is a solid “Yes” but only if you also have a heavy bag, thanks in part to the quality and realistic training qualities that you can do with a BOB while having the limit that it is always a static element and that it does not respond.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

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