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Boxing and self-defence in 2020

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16EDF8E7-0427-488C-839D-26A811A47047 Boxing and self-defence in 2020Boxing and self-defence in 2020 will be about asking one of the questions they often hear and return to the limelight.

But is boxing effective in street fights?

In the meantime I say it is one of the arts that regardless of martial art, combat sports or system that you practice you have to learn and practice because it goes to work on one of the queen distances of combat the medium and short distance.

In addition, boxing is one of the best methods for developing the fundamental attributes of combat.

Boxing is a good thing for any discipline.

Bruce Lee himself studied boxing a lot to the point of understanding its effectiveness and in his treatises and books by JKD he dedicated a lot of space to this discipline to the point of integrating it into Jeet Kune Do.

Now the question of whether it works in the street depends on the context but certainly in many situations it is effective.

When it comes to self-defense we should specify the context because the variables are so high that traditional sports and martial arts are not always accustomed to certain contexts such as aggressions by percussion and cutting weapons, multiple aggressors,the difference in weight, etc.8cf2a549-bd1e-4920-a72c-c36afe4cffe3 Boxing and self-defence in 2020

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