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Boxing Workout Packed Power Training

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Power-Boxing-Workout-e1653904425943 Boxing Workout Packed Power TrainingBoxing Workout Boxing Packed Power Training.

The heavy bag is a very useful tool for a fighter because it allows you to do many types of training even on your own (training only) and is therefore a tool that can not be missing in your home gym or in a gym.

The heavy bag can be from boxing or Muay Thai what I’m going to tell you about are concepts on how to use this tool like pros and feel comfortable in front of this tool.

Important! Always put the bands on your hands and use the sack gloves especially when doing power work, indeed my advice is when doing power work to do a double bandage!

Pulling heavy bag especially when you use your body well is something that is very wear and tear for your hands that you have to preserve because they are part of your weapons.

So it’s important that you learn to wrap your hands well when you train.

The heavy bag was designed thinking that it could work on the power of the punches and the speed was only a small part of boxing before fighters like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson where they were looking more than anything else for the power of the blows, already with Mike Tyson using it takes on not only the power of the shots which was still impressive or if you remember the pure power workouts that literally destroyed the sack of George Foreman.

George-Foreman-Heavy-Bag-Workout-1024x736 Boxing Workout Packed Power Training

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