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Boxing Workout Punching Accuracy Workout

Boxing Workout Punching AccuracyBoxing Workout Punching Accuracy Workout, heavy bag boxing training for accuracy of shots.

The heavy bag is a very useful tool for a fighter because it allows you to do many types of training even on your own (training only) and is therefore a tool that can not be missing in your home gym or in a gym.

The heavy bag can be from boxing or Muay Thai what I’m going to tell you about are concepts on how to use this tool like pros and feel comfortable in front of this tool.

Important! Always put the bands on your hands and use the sack gloves!

Pulling heavy bag especially when you use your body well is something that is very wear and tear for your hands that you have to preserve because they are part of your weapons.

So it’s important that you learn to wrap your hands well when you train.

The heavy bag was designed thinking that it could work on the power of the punches and the speed was only a small part of boxing before fighters like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson where they were looking more than anything else for the power of the blows, already with Mike Tyson, New10. The use assumes not only the power of the shots that was still impressive.

Today it is peculiar to see some works performed by boxers such as Floyd Mayweather or Gervonta Davis.

Boxing Workout Punching Accuracy Workout Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Over time the method with which to use it has evolved in order to work on rhythm and speed, on movements, on defensive skills using it with a coach who shoots shots, and that is also why different Types of heavy bag over the years with more and more specificity, also for discipline, weight, hardness, shape, etc.

So the point of heavy bag workouts is not only to learn how to punch harder and gain strength to hit harder, but it can also be used to increase speed and move the body and develop good footwork.

Trying new things in the gym can really make a difference, both to get fitter and to become a better boxer.

This applies to most equipment in the gym, but right now the focus is on a series of heavy boxing bag workouts that offer a good variety for your training regimen.

Necessary equipment

  • Heavy Bag – A heavy sack Hung or mounted on a stand It is the best thing, but all these workouts with the heavy bag can be adapted to a heavy self-supporting bag, those to be clear on a base but really only if you do not have a hanging bag Why the oscillation of the bag is important.
  • Boxing gloves and bandage of and for the hands You can’t punch at maximum power and safely without bandaging your hands and without gloves, so wrap and fasten your gloves all the time to preserve your hands. Conditioning without gloves to hit with bare hands is a separate chapter. MMA athletes can and should also use their combat and training gloves but for some workouts it is best to use sack gloves or regular boxing gloves.
  • Boxing shoes – You need shoes that help you with your footwork and footwork, shoes that give you good grip and stability on the floor where you work to punch with power and speed.
  • Clock or Boxing Timer – To monitor your rounds and break.
  • Water bottle for proper hydration.
  • Boxing Tracking – If available is not critical.

Boxing Pugilato Boxe

Punching Accuracy Workout

This heavy sack workout is a fantastic way to get a 25-minute workout on the accuracy of boxing shots.

The main objective of this training is to focus on your ability to hit a moving target precisely, it is not enough to hit the bag, you have to hit right in the main targets of the human body.

If you do the bag not for fitness but as a combat sport if you can use the mouthguard to get used to breathing with the mouthguard and using the sack gloves but even better (even if they spoil) with the gloves as ounces (weight) that you will use in the match.

Before starting the workout do 3 rounds of rope to do a general pre warm-up of the body.

So now that we’ve treated workouts with heavy loads of power, speed, and endurance, we want to mix them with a precision routine.

You need to make sure that the fists land as much as possible where you understand them.

  • Apply adhesive tape or paint lenses on your heavy bag, personally I have the traditional bag but with the targets drawn and the face is outgoing creating three-dimensionality to pull the precise uppercuts.
  • Make the heavy bag move and swing, this is also one of the reasons if you use a Muay Thai bag why it should not touch the ground, the oscillation of the bag is important.
  • Let the sack dictate the choice of your punches or try combinations, if you want on the blog you will find many posts on combinations, try them.
  • Focus on the accuracy of arrival of punches only on targets, this is precision work with the bag in motion, this is very important, the bag does not have to be a motionless target.
  • Repeat for 6 rounds with 60 seconds of rest in between.

Punching Accuracy Workout Tips

Observe your footwork and keep your hands up during the entire workout.

Have fun with this and challenge yourself to hit those targets, no matter how the bag moves the aim is to hit precisely with your combinations.

Boxing Pugilato


Now that you are an experienced boxer or a person who is just trying to get back in shape, heavy bag workouts are fun, anti-stress and can be a great workout for boxers or simply for weight loss and fitness.

The sack is a training-only workout that you can do at any time of the day and that does not require the help of a training partner.

Heavy sack can be a great workout in your training program but clearly it can’t be the only way to train for a combat sport but only if it’s a fitness goal.

The heavy bag should always be integrated with the Focus Mitt, the Pao if you practice MMA and Muay Thai, and the sessions of shadow boxing, conditioned sparring and free sparring,

If you can do packed workouts with a precise focus, try to keep each workout with the heavy bag focused on one thing, then vary your workouts by diversifying them and to keep your workout varied.

If you consider it important or your coach recommends it, repeat the same workout but do not try to do in a single packed workout all the exercises that can be done.

If you want to do a free bag workout or open workout try to do it on the weekend or on a day you want to do a workout dictated by your body and mental sensation, without a trace.

Stay Tuned!

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