Boxing bag with tires

Boxing bag with tires

Boxing bag with tires.

Building a lot with old tires and old car tires is something I’ve seen a lot in Havana where the few possibilities make you want to find cheap and recycled solutions to play sports and train.

This solution can be very good to make you a lot to leave outside or in the backyard.

Today the price of a lot has become much more affordable for the “pockets” of an enthusiast but if you have a house in the mountains or want to put in your yard a lot to train outdoors but you do not want to leave in the weather, you can build one with recovery material and build a lot with used car tires.

This solution can be very good to make you a lot to leave outside or in the backyard.

As a boxing bag the answer is different from the classic sacks that have double effect systems that make the impact similar to the human body but in particular preserve the hands of the athletes ensuring an excellent workout, but I must say that the bag with the tires still has a good surface impact and a good response.

To try.

A great advantage is that it has no wear in time,it can also stand out outdoors in the sun, rain, snow, wind, etc.

Ps. Below you will find a scheme that can help you build it, and if you want you can put the last tire at the top staggered to protrude that allows you to pull the uppercuts (call it what you want) under your chin as you have to do.

Pss. An alternative solution is also to use a different diameter eraser.

Boxing bag with tires

Now without going too far these are the operations you have to do to self build the sack, but if you don’t feel made to help by a friend who is practical diy it and maybe has some equipment that can make your job easier.

Total cost: approximately 30 euros (even if you want less)

Bag weight: 35 kg (but you can insert by wanting at the bottom of the last rubber at the bottom a wooden top and fill it with old clothes or rags to weigh it down)


  • 4 tyres possibly identical,or at least the same diameter. The cost is and must be zero, just look around and it’s full of tires to throw away, otherwise go to your gummist or trusted mechanic to beg like I did and do him just a favor since it’s a mess to dispose of them.

Boxing bag with tires

  • 3 M12 threaded bars just over the height of the tires stacked on top of each other, about 1 meter;
  • 6 nice big M12 washers,
  • 3 golfers M12,
  • 12 dies M12,
  • drill with an iron-tipped
  • chains and muskets

The first thing to do are the holes in the tires, which seems obvious but it is quite difficult as the holes to be made are 24, 6 for each tire, 3 for each face, and must all be perfectly vertically aligned.

No matter that they form a perfect equilateral triangle, the important thing is precisely the vertical alignment.

Use a marker or chalk to mark the three points to be pierced then put the tires on top of each other and draw vertical lines at the holes (red lines in the paint drawing).

Then draw the horizontal lines on all the surfaces to be drilled.

However, give space to your imagination because there are many ways to make holes aligned.

If you have 4 equal tires use references on the tires or make a dima with the wooden base that you will then use to make the bottom of the “bag” to insert old clothes or other to weigh it down if you need it.

Make the holes and do not scare yourself if black smoke comes out because the friction of the drill tip overheats the rubber and occasionally cool the tip of the drill in the water.

boxing bag

Boxing bag with tires

Boxing bag with tires

boxing bag

Put the three threaded bars in the tires, and if you’ve done the holes right you should succeed despite this being a complicated operation to get the threaded rods through, help yourself with a little oil.

boxing bag

Screw the bolting as in the picture, on one side washer (optional), nut and golf (the die pushes against the golfer to prevent it from being misled), and on the other, that is, under, washer, nut and counterdado.

Then with an iron hacksaw you shorten the threaded bar.

At this point attach to the ceiling the bag through chains and musket or other means.

boxing bag

Now hang the bag on a sturdy (very sturdy! ) stand.

boxing bag

Good training with the boxing bag with old tires.

Stay Tuned!

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Ps. Tires are also good if you want to cover a pole from the ground to climb to train with Kali sticks, but also to hit it or possibly build wooden supports suitable to accommodate the diameter of the tires you have chosen.

This is something useful if you want to practice with sticks but not only, even with knives, swords, etc.

Boxing bag with tires!

What do you think?

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