Calories burned for daily activities

  • Gardening – 330 calories
  • Read (sitting) – 80
  • Sleeping – 50
  • Walking (3 km) – 204
  • Watch TV – 55
  • Etc.

Now as you can see even if you sleep you consume calories but if you do some activities such as vegetable gardening or gardening you consume more calories than walking for 3 km.

So it is important to know in your habits the basal calorie consumption related to your work activity, your habits, etc.

Calories burned for martial arts and other related activities

  • Boxing (sparring) – 670 calories
  • Resistance training –365
  • Running (8 km) – 606
  • Taekwondo – 752
  • Tai Chi – 291
  • Wrestling – 445
  • Yoga, power – 292Calories burned with combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Calories burned for martial arts in general

690.00 Kcal every 60 minutes (Estimate of calories consumed – Values expressed assuming a body weight of 70 kg)

  • 5 minutes: 57.50 calories
  • 30 minutes: 345.00 Calories
  • 45 minutes: 517.50 calories
  • 1 hour: 690.00 Calories
  • 2 hours: 1380.00 Calories
  • 3 hours: 2070.00 Calories
  • 4 hours: 2760.00 Calories

Calories “Equivalent”

The 700 calories burned by an entire one-hour boxing lesson are roughly the same as the following foods/drinks:

  • 7-9 small chocolate chip cookies,
  • 4-5 glasses of beer,
  • 2-3 slices of salami pizza
  • Less than a Big Mac, large fries and average Coke (which equates to about 1,250 calories)

So eating cookies, drinking beer, and eating at Mc Donald’s after workouts during the week while watching TV or eating something fast means weeks of extra martial arts classes to burn the accumulated calories.

It means that even if you work out you accumulate excess calories and you get fat.calories burned


The sweat you did drip during training if your goal is also to get fit will be totally useless!!

For this reason, the martial art and sports in general teach proper nutrition because if you want to have a “light” physique for that type of sport the percentage of body fat must be adequate to express your performance to the maximum and also feel good health clearly.

Proper nutrition is always essential beyond sport.

Attention I say it by talking to you in the first person because personally I struggle to follow a correct diet but I believe that it is an important goal to pursue for yourself without ending up in the obsession of not being able to have a lunch with friends but at the base it is necessary a study and knowledge of nutrition, or to be followed by a specialist or follow a proven nutrition system for a certain sport.

Always consider that the balance between your daily activity, your basal metabolic rate and the workouts you support must always be balanced by proper nutrition and adequate recoveries because the risk is to train always discharged energy.

In a young man weighing 70 kg the basal metabolism equates to about 70 calories per hour, equal to about 1,700 calories per day.

So if we do not provide our body every day at least basal energy, it will slowly consume all its fat reserves and, eventually, it will shut down!

Nutrition is a science that must be studied and that must be applied above all on yourself because although it is true that there are common general rules but each has its own specificities that should not be underestimated.

Good study!

Stay Tuned!

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