Chokes, the strangulations in the fight

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Warning-Chocking-Hazard-Custom-Printed-Foil_1024x1024 Chokes, the strangulations in the fightChokes, the strangles in the fight known in English as Choke are one of the techniques often used to dominate the opponent not only in wrestling tournaments but also in MMA competitions you can see how this type of submissions beyond the technique is effective and used to make the opponent beat.

The physiological mechanisms of the human body of suffocation in the fight and bjj regardless of the submission techniques to have your opponent perform a tap out and make him beat the suffocations mainly are of 3 types.

There are three types of suffocation in the fight and that occur through disruption:

  • Air
  • of the blood and
  • of the connection between the parts (but which is more related to pain shock)

However, I wanted to insert this type of submission called crank because it is still a widely used technique and is often confused with a choke even if it is not a suffocation but more of a painful pressure to divide connected parts and applied more at the bone level but that also compresses smaller arteries.


They are strangulations that apply compression to the trachea, which is right where the air passes.

Compressing the trachea prevents your opponent from breathing and if you consider that during the fight phase breathing is sustained the effect is a feeling of immediate suffocation that leads the opponent to beat by taping out.

throat-anatomy-e1604838929850 Chokes, the strangulations in the fight

Chokes and strangulation of the respiratory system can also be modified to stimulate the reflection of vomiting, when strangulation occurs in the upper part of the neck that also affects the back of the tongue that causes a reflex that from a sensation similar to that of a blood suffocation.

Georges-St-Pierre-chokes-Michael-Bisping-875623 Chokes, the strangulations in the fight

Blood Chokes

The strangulations that apply compression to the carotid arteries, which run along each side of the neck.

Compression of carotid arteries disrupts blood circulation to the brain, resulting in loss of consciousness.Arterie-Carotidi-e1604836592927 Chokes, the strangulations in the fight

Due to the speed at which strangulation of the circulatory system can take effect, they are often considered more efficient than strangulation of the respiratory system.

Most of the common bottlenecks in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are strangulations of the circulatory system.

The goal of each blood choking is the same: to put pressure on each carotid artery on the sides of the neck and use a wedge to push the back of the head into strangulation.

View it as a triangle around your opponent’s head, with a point in the triangle under your chin.

Your job is to put pressure on each “side” of the triangle as you push the top of the triangle down.

Khabib-Rear-Choke Chokes, the strangulations in the fight

Khabib’s Rear Naked Choke was the ending that eliminated Poirier.

  • How does that work?
  • Why is this suffocation so popular and so effective?

“The most important mechanism in causing unconsciousness was decreased brain blood flow due to carotid artery compression.”

The very popular variant to suffocation of the respiratory system is precisely the “suffocation of the circulatory system”.

Limit blood flow to the brain by compressing carotid arteries.

If applied correctly, it can cause a state of temporary unconsciousness in seconds.

Unconsciousness occurs in less than 10 seconds.

Recovery from the starter is just as quick when applied correctly.

Consider that often many wrestlers have the impression especially with the Blood Chokes that they can resist and then suddenly lose consciousness.

Triangle-Choke Chokes, the strangulations in the fight

Painful Pressures (Cranks)

They are sockets that apply twisting to the neck and spine or this can be done by pushing your opponent’s jaw into the skull or twisting the neck and accessing the jaw as leverage.

You remember Khabib Nurmgomedov’s suffocation at Conor McGregor inUFC 229 with which dagestano won the match is a crunk.

It is not necessary to get under the chin to get a neck crank.

UFC-229-Nurmagomedov-vs-Mc-Gregor-Submission Chokes, the strangulations in the fight

Please be aware that crank techniques can cause serious injury and are not recommended during training due to the risks involved.

Cranks techniques are illegal in many tournaments.


Chokes Control and Desctructure

The concept of control is a common element in all strangulations and to do this fundamental break your opponent’s posture and control his position.

This is perfectly in line with the concept of breaking your opponent’s alignment before attacking with submission.

Breaking your opponent’s posture during choking attempts improves effectiveness and your chances of ending strangulation by forcing your opponent to tap out.

If you have difficulty finalizing a strangulation, or even verifying that you are performing the technique correctly, you probably haven’t broken your opponent’s structure and don’t controltheir position, always evaluate before doing the technique if you have properly broken your opponent’s structure and if you are in control of his position.



Chokes techniques are very effective and for this reason it is important to study strangulation techniques from different positions.

Study standing chokes techniques, from mount,guard, side control, etc.

Stay Tuned and chokes your opponent!

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