Coronavirus Self Defence in the city

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Coronavirus-Self-Defence Coronavirus Self Defence in the city

Coronavirus Self Defence in the city.

What is happening these days in the world linked to the spread of coronavirus and the measures taken by the various governments is having implications that go beyond the health that remains at the moment the first problem to be solved.

The company is discovering either for someone who comes from other countries or is a senior rediscovering is the domino effect that you are going to configure.

I’m not just talking to you about a change of heart of societies, about the economy that’s taking place, but you don’t see the real effects yet, but in these quarantine days there are other kinds of personal safety issues.

We are entering into a quarantine-related reflex that affects all that part of society that lives on gimmicks, has various kinds of vices such as drugs, alcohol, etc. and finds itself in a condition that does not allow it to roam freely and for this reason the self-defence coronavirus.

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#iostoacasa for someone is not possible

The slogan that is told everywhere #iostoacasa does not take into account all those people who live in the day, alms, gimmicks, etc.

There are many people who also live the day as a job and that the money they earn use them to eat on the same day or who still have an economic reserve that does not allow them to stay in a quarantine without working for many days.

There are people who work or use gimmicks just to buy alcohol, drugs, various vices, etc. and who do not have a reserve of these vices for the time that has been indicated by the government.

We are talking to date about 3 weeks of quarantine but it is not said to be prolonged.

Now there are situations of potential danger that can arise because it’s okay I stay at home but this type of people can not stop having some “vizzietti” and especially if you manage them there may be great variations of personality.

Already constriction in the home can result in important levels of stress in some subjects but even worse in those used to using substances and more.

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What does changing the alert level in practice mean?

It means that:

  • you also have to be careful of your neighbors,
  • when you leave the house, look at who’s in your street and what’s going on around you,
  • you don’t have to listen to those who stop you on the street both to strangers and acquaintances (short cut),
  • when you go to the supermarket you have to look around both when you come in and when you go out,
  • If you go to the ATM be careful when you come in and when you go out and select a non-isolated place,
  • keep the front door closed and don’t open the front door if you don’t need to,
  • report it to the authorities if you see something strange in your area,
  • bring tools and tools with you for your protection,
  • if possible you help people as old people to do their shopping for them,
  • don’t get distracted by your smartphone and don’t go around with music in your headphones,
  • avoid isolated places if you take your dog for a walk both day and night,
  • attention to the services of volunteers and fake assistance,
  • are filming fake people who declare themselves plainclothes law enforcement who make fake fines to the elderly, beware!,
  • nobody comes to your house to do tampons or other types of analysis,
  • also beware of those who say to make tampons to your breed dogs that “randomly” turn positive and then are subtracted from you to be taken to a veterinary center (they are also doing this!).
  • shop for a few days to avoid going out all the time every day.262038FA-8B27-4BDA-A774-0BE5DD3ED278 Coronavirus Self Defence in the city

Ps. If you have any additional suggestions, write it in the comments.

This is even more important for older people who can become perfect targets, but also of lonely people so it is important to be aware that you have to make changes to alert levels compared to a few weeks ago.

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A little controversy

Unfortunately this is something that no one is talking about but the team of expert fighting as usual does so anticipating the times and all the so-called experts.

Remember that everyone goes from this page experts, enthusiasts and simple amateurs, even those who make you the lectual in the gym or on YouTube and we are fine just that it is done with ethics and telling about the work that for years we do without asking anyone for money.

Wouldn’t it be better to look with us for a “clean” collaboration or an ethical collaboration?! I assure you it’s better than looking out of the keyhole.

Now beyond the controversy that every now and then I have to take out the poor ethics and professionalism that there is in our country even in the field of personal defense, friends these days is necessary from the point of view of prevention and situational analysis and context a greater attention.

Stay Tuned! Coronavirus Self Defence.

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Lingua: Italian English

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