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Crimes and assaults with taxi services abroad

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red-bull-2384130_1280 Crimes and assaults with taxi services abroadCrimes and assaults with taxi services abroad are fortunately not a type of crime that takes place in every country.

For personal reasons I happen to travel outside of Italy, especially in South America and they are places where taxis usually cost little and where the car service is allowed, I translate uber is widely used.

Now in Italy this I’m saying can be used by the many taxi drivers as an extra reason not to allow to use Uber in the Italica Peninsula but the post is written especially for those traveling abroad for tourism or for jobs places where there are high crime levels.

With this post I want to provide you with prevention actions that you can take when you decide to use a taxi or online services with driver, or private, etc.

When you’re abroad unless you rent a car it’s easy for you to use taxis so it’s important that you take some precautions because you can’t probably do without it.

Reports of taxi offences

Different types of crime have been reported at the expense of tourists or pairs of tourists, groups of men around work, etc.

  • Cases of alleged sexual assaults committed by drivers of the taxi service Uber.
  • Others have been involved in the creation of robberies,extortion and the like.

Fighting inside a car is very complex for several reasons:

  • the space is small,
  • the driver put the lock centrally so you don’t get away,
  • probably took you to a place where there’s no one who can hear
  • took you to a place where there are accomplices
  • is armed and threatens you with a firearm or a cutting weapon


That’s all of this is going to diminish your chances of survival.


Uber, a fundamental premise.

Uber and other car-sharing services cannot be held responsible for providing robbers or rapists with a simple mechanism to find potential victims.

Behaviors to be used to book the taxi

transport-1818801_1280 Crimes and assaults with taxi services abroad