Dietary supplements for fighter

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Integratori-per-fighter Dietary supplements for fighter

Dietary supplements for pre and post-workout fighters.

Tackling boxing, muay thai, bjj, grappling or MMA training for an amateur is a type of training that requires an important energy commitment if done seriously and consistently.

In addition to nutrition that is always in the first place it may be necessary to include in your diet a dietary supplementation.

A fighter needs macro nutrients and elements that lead him to a maximum performance in terms of power, speed, endurance, and considering the frequent and hard workouts that are a mix of aerobic and anaerobic phases.

The combat sports seen from a competitive and sporting point of view have technical preparation and very complex thick conditioning based on daily workouts of several hours and 6 days a week!

For MMA fighters, for example, the following are practiced:

  • Technique
  • Sparring
  • Ground fight (in BJJ and MMA)
  • Focus Pad or Pao
  • Heavy bag
  • Running and Shooting
  • Functional free-body workouts, weights, kettlebells, etc.
  • Stretching
  • Power and Integration

The importance of nutrition has always been fundamental for fighters but more and more is also becoming the food integration for fighters with regard to combat sports and mixed martial arts (MMA) has become an important and increasingly widespread phase.

Integration in combat sports has undergone a sharp turnaround from little to so much, perhaps too much, also thanks to the increasing visibility of these sports and the business that revolves around them.

If until a few years ago nutrition was only a tool to fall into the weight category, today both diet and dietary integration play a role of real support to the performance of the athlete.

The increasing popularity and popularity of combat sports and television and web events has created a strong interest of specialized companies in the creation of dietary supplements, with the intention of dedicating specific formulas forfighters.

More and more athletes sponsor dietary supplements for fighters in events and in their social profiles!

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Dietary supplements for fighter

That’s when specific supplements were born becoming not only a prerogative of those who go to the gym to practice bodybuilding but for all sports disciplines.

Now being that often many professionals or semi pro in 90 cases are also people who work in the office, workshop, market, drive a van, etc. for 8-10 hours a day and does not have the opportunity to make a recovery sleeping a few hours or at least resting really between sessions the integration is often really a help!

But the same is true if he is an amateur athlete who works is for this it is essential that he feeds well during the day and that at night rest to recover energy.

As in all sports even for a fighter, nutrition is essential but it can have gaps that in my opinion should be corrected with a sports nutritionist or otherwise find benefit from specific supplements with the aim of improving performance and recovery time.

Being able to train with the correct energy levels and intensity every day is essential and in some cases the use of dietary supplements to support the body towards this weekly massacre is inevitable.