Digital Fighter and Keyboard Lions

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boxing-ring-149840 Digital Fighter and Keyboard Lions

There is a new term that I want it to become common use, the digital fighter that goes alongside the best known keyboard lions.

Those who follow the Expert Fighting blog know that we have been engaged for years in different battles against those, with wrong practices and attitudes and with wrong I mean unprofessional and with a dubious ethics discredits the personal defense,but also combat sports and martial arts in general, something that for years now we continue as a hammer to say in our posts and spreading it by the means we can.

Why are we doing this?

I explain in a few words, we defend what we love!

l digital fighter

  • Who is the digital fighter?
  • What are digital fighters?

There are several types and it should not be confused with the most famous and widespread keyboard lion.

Keyboard lion is a derogatory and sarcastic expression of Internet jargon used to refer to Web users who write aggressively, sometimes insulting, offending, discrediting or threatening other users.
I think after years of social media you too will have found keyboard lions, but also digital fighters who maybe have also challenged you openly but then you never saw at the appointment at the bar for a chat, in the gym for a sparring or in the park to clarify!
Leone-da-tastiera-psicologia-e1587849263581 Digital Fighter and Keyboard Lions

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These two figures often have one thing in common, the use of anonymous profiles that in addition to deresponsibility from the things they say makes them based on the different characters that are created with a different imaginary construction, ranging from that:
  • imaginative to excess,
  • what did a lot of matches but then had to stop, you know. ? №
  • to the former special forces soldier,
  • the veteran of several missions,
  • contractor,
  • the fighter of clandestine matches in Eastern Europe,
  • the bouncer who worked in South America,
  • the boxer but he can’t beat himself up because he’s had messes that he can’t tell you,
  • what he learned to kill and can’t tell you what he does,
  • what he learned art from a master who comes from a Thai village
  • et cetera.