Disarm the knife with a kick

Disarm the knife with a kick

Is disarming the knife with a kick something possible?

Often in the movies you see an actor who disarms an aggression armed with a knife with a kick but still believing in 2022 that these things are possible means not having understood yet what knife fighting is where everything is possible even that those who hold knife faint alone but we are in the statistic of 0.001% so in practice you can not count on this thing.

As for the kick on the knife-armed hand of the aggressor has remained a historical icon in some scenes of the Bruce Lee films that kicks and disarms one of the multiple aggressors armed with a cleaver.

Clearly it is a film and even if we admit that this is possible it is reserved for a unique person in the world, let’s say special, a bit like James Lebron is in basketball, it is not that there are millions, there is him and that’s it.

So even if one thing is not impossible it becomes impossible for most people.

Beyond the fact that it is an event that can happen kicking the knife to disarm is not one of the solutions to disarm your aggressor.

The concept of striking with a long weapon is the only real option of disarmament or in more extreme conditions using your knife.

The concept of breaking the snake’s tooth is fundamental and is the only true principle of disarmament, but kicking or disarming a man armed with a knife with his bare hand is really something impossible or in any case extremely risky even if the person is not expert in handling the knife, so in the real world disarmament takes place only through other tools such as long weapons, or edged weapons, etc. however not with bare hands.

Barehand disarmaments actually stem from the general study of weapons, not only white ones but many people make it a general association.

Clearly we study disarmament with all weapons, including with cutting weapons also because if for some reason he has the opportunity maybe because he hit a person and you grabbed his wrist you have to know what to do.

They are studied with all weapons Because disarmament is a manipulation that must be somehow disconnected from the weapon to adapt, you do not work for schemes as many systems do, there is nothing pre-established in combat and statistical simplification is good to give a smattering to people who probably in a real aggression would be crushed but fortunately the statistics also say that probably people who attend farlocchi courses will hardly be attacked.

Perhaps more than 3-4 combat techniques out of context it is better to learn everything that is the analysis of the context, alert levels, de escalation techniques, etc. , I forgot, a good aerobic capacity not to fight but to escape, as well as to equip yourself with tolls such as pepper spray, etc.

Clearly it is an extreme condition where getting out wounded and undead is already a fortune, not surprisingly the knife is one of the deadliest weapons in the history of humanity.

On the instagram profile there are several videos of people hit and wounded who manage to grab and take the knife and hit the armed aggressor even if clearly some times they were in turn injured or other times wounded in turn to death.

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Disarm the knife with a kick with a person on the ground

If during the scuffle the aggressor ends up on the ground and the armed hand is resting on the ground, giving a beating to injure the hand and losing the grip of the knife can be a strategy if you do not decide to escape.

Once he has lost the knife, kicking the knife away or taking possession of it by crawling his foot away from the aggressor and picking it up can be a strategy.

Kicking in this case can be a better strategy than approaching and lowering to grab the armed hand or hitting with the knife lowering to get to the target.

It is different if you have a stick that allows you to have an attack range from a safe distance but at that point the best thing is still not to kick to disarm but always use the stick.

Kicking a hand in motion is complicated, it requires precision, timing and football is not one of the fastest shots even if in that case it does not require much strength but more precision and timing but it is skills or attributes to level combat .

The ideal would be in addition to the possibility of escaping, having a firearm already extracted but civilians in most countries can hardly carry it as a weapon of defense, have a weapon as long as a stick but with a good formation of stick fighting, a knife, or heavy objects that you can throw.

In Havana I witnessed a clash between one armed with a machete, the guy took two stones and with the first he hit him on the head lying him down, he removed the machete, a few insults and it ended like this.

It is not easy but it has been effective and it has worked, the use of stones as a defense object is common in South America, Africa but not only.

Knife aggression

My personal experience on disarming the knife with a kick

During a session of short fencing sparring With training knives in aluminum at a certain point I saw the hand of my opponent a little firm and with the blade held in Hammer Grip and instead of looking with the knife with the blade I kicked him disarming him.

The training knife went through the whole gym twirling and fortunately did not hit anyone.

Now I was wearing sneakers, I did not feel any pain also because the impact did not happen on the training knife and I hit under the wrist making my hand open.

Now even though I performed this action it was during a “game” during sparring and psychologically I know that the blade as far as aluminum has no tip and no wire.

Even if this type of disarmament has succeeded, it cannot be used as a general rule of technical possibility.

Clearly the goal was not the blade but the opponent’s wrist to open his hand.

Now the knife fencing is very fast and raising the leg limits the movement indeed, there is also the risk of unbalancing in an attempt to kick or be unbalanced in the support phase of the foot that has kicked.

You can not also exclude that a blade held in Ice Peak tends to hit more easily a blow that comes from the bottom up so there are a whole series of variables that must be considered but surely it is not something applicable in case of aggression.

Knife is not a game!

Stay Tuned!

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