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The Regulation of Muay Thai in Italy

The Regulation of Muay Thai in Italy

The regulation of Muay Thai in Italy.

Do you know the regulation of Muay Thai in Italy?


The athletes of Muay Thai with the membership fully accept the statute and regulations of the same.

It is mandatory for all athletes to show up at the races with the Sports Passport duly renewed, indicating the degree of belt and with the certificate of fitness to practice sports issued by a sports medicine center, subject to expulsion from the competition.



Members can only participate in ring sports competitions (CONTACT PIENO) from the age of 16 until the age of 40.

They are divided on the basis of their experience and technical validity in four series:

  • BEFORE SERIES or Class “A” (beyond the 15th match)
  • THEN AMATEURS SECOND SERIES or Class “B” (from the 11th to the 15th match included)
  • E AMATEURS THIRD SERIES or Class “C” (from 6th to 10th match included)
  • EXORTORS or Class “N” (from debut to 5th match included)

Clarifications: If the athlete goes through the series during a tournament he will remain in the category in which he is enrolled until the end of the tournament. Tournament is defined as the time frame from the first official weight to the end of the final.



Junior M/F : From the date of the 16th year of age (until the age of 19)

M/F Seniors: 19 to 40 years old. From the day the athlete turns 19 until the day he turns 41.

Specifications: At the age of 19, the junior athlete automatically switches between seniors. The senior athlete can no longer return to racing as a junior.



If the athlete comes from other sports sports sports promotion bodies his competitive framing will be established on the basis of the previous personal best.

Muay Thai regulation



ART. 1 – The weight categories for K1 are divided into:






MINIMOSCA, NEW-51 kgMoscow– 48 kg
Moscow-54 kgFeather– 52 kg
Feather-57 kgLight– 56 kg
Light-60 kgMedium– 60 kg
Welterweight-67 kgMAXIMUMS UP– 70 kg
Medium-75 kg
Maximum-91 kg



ART. 1 – The place of competition must be a square surface from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 8 meters on the side. The surface should be flat and smooth, consisting of plastic or rubbery material, not delimited by ropes.

A Muay Thai fight takes place on a ring, it must have all the regulatory requirements and must be quite similar in size and compliance to the one used in boxing.

In the event that the conduct of a competition involves the use of cage (approved for M.M.A.), it will be the responsibility of the organizing committee to check the suitability of the same to conduct K-1 RULES fights in order to ensure the total safety of the athletes regarding the facilities used.


Muay Thai regulation


ART. 1 – Muay Thai athletes will have to show up for the races, equipped with the regular uniform consisting only of shorts. The uniform can bear the name of the club or sponsor of the club, it must be cleaned, unseated and not torn.

ART. 2 – Athletes will have to show up at the fight with all the protections worn. Athletes will wear a shell of durable material under their shorts.

The tibia or the tibia/fit vest cannot contain hard cores of plastic or metal, it must cover the whole foot. The tibia para and the fit or the tibia/fit vest must be leather, leather-like or plastic, soft and smooth. It is allowed to use a tibia or para tibia /fit in fabric.

Women (both J and S) will have to wear para breasts. Both males and females will have to wear a protective race helmet (without parazygomas).

It is mandatory for all categories to wear mouthguards. The use of red mouthguards is prohibited.

The gloves will have to be hand-closed by 10 ounces, leather, leather or plastic, soft

and smooth, with even padding distributed on the back and wrist level. The gloves, generally welded to the wrists by elastic material protected by smooth skin, can be further secured to the hands by a turn of patch but not scotch or other plastic. The referee of the match, in his unquestive judgment, always has the right to order the replacement of the gloves in case they are too deteriorating or irregular.

The protections will possibly have to bring visible the logo of the manufacturer, and in any case only approved material can be used in the race.

ART. 3 – Athletes will take care to cut their toenails, as they move away from competitions

It is forbidden to carry any metal objects (chains, earrings, watches, glasses, etc.) that can cause injuries to yourself or the opponent. Any athlete who is on the square does not comply with the rules of art. 1, 2 and 3 will have one and a half minute (90 seconds) of time to work around. After this time if the athlete does not show up on the square in order, he will be disqualified.

ART. 4 – Muay Thai athletes, starting from the third series or class “C” will have the opportunity to play the Ram Muay before the start of the match.

The Regulation of Muay Thai in Italy Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport



Hand bandages must be carried out at least thirty minutes before the start of competitions.

All bandages will be verified and signed by special staff who will announce the bandage control through the audio system.

Introducing yourself to the bandage control is mandatory for all athletes.

The bandage can be formed by a gauze or bandage of the length of m. 2.50 cm wide. 4,5.

The gauze or bandages must wrap their hand and be fixed with appropriate precautions because they do not come out of the gloves.

The handcrafted bandage formed only and exclusively from the following materials is allowed:

  • Gauze
  • Hemed bandages
  • Tape/adhesive fabric
  • Cohesive bandages

This bandage is only used to protect the athlete’s wrist and knuckles and as a result it is absolutely forbidden to harden the bandage or apply class, pins or ointments to it.

The bandage control staff has the right to remove athletes from bandages that are not suitable.

Craft bandages must be mandatory in shape and characteristics to boxing-approved bandages.

img_6471.jpg property



ART. 1 – The race time is:

  • JUNIORES M/F three 1.5-minute shots and 1-minute intervals
  • N – SENIORES M/F CLASS “N” three shots of 2 minutes and 1 minute intervals
  • C – SENIORES M/F CLASS “C” three shots of 2 minutes and intervals of 1 minute
  • B – SENIORES M/F CLASS “B” three shots from 2 minutes and 1 minute intervals
  • A – SENIORES M/F CLASS “A” five shots from 3 minutes and 1 minute intervals

If two athletes finish the match in a tie, an extra time (extra round) will be made where 1 minute is provided for the 2-minute finals. If the athletes finish in a tie again, the preference will be given.

ART. 2 – The fighters will face each other standing separated by about two meters, in the middle of the race square, and exchange the greeting by bowing or touching their fists in a handshake. The fight can begin immediately after the central referee announces“Chok”or “Fight!”

ART. 3 – In the Muay Thai race you can attack only the front and side of the trunk and face, with punches, kicks, knee and elbow. It is allowed to attack the opponent’s thighs with circular kicks, with internal or external trajectory and is allowed to attack the thigh with front or side kicks or any other type of football. It is permitted to lash knees with a frontal, circular, oblique, skipped trajectory, directed either to the body or to the face.

ART. 4 – The clinch fight will be judged passive if from the initial moment up to a time of 5 seconds no technique is performed with knee, elbow and/or imbalances. In this case, the referee, at the stroke of the fifth second, will stop the match separating the two athletes.

ART. 5 – Sweeps should be done in favor of the joint. Sweeps are valid only if they are not above the ankle (malleol) and those who perform them do not touch the ground than with their feet (no other type of ground support is valid). It is considered a landed athlete an athlete who touches the ground with any part of the body (except the feet).

ART. 6 – When the time is up the central referee will have to be notified with a beep or other means.

The Regulation of Muay Thai in Italy Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport



ART. 1 – The decisions of the arbitrators and judges are final and without the possibility of appeal.

ART. 2 – The direction of the match is solely up to the referee who must ensure that the rules of K1 are respected at all times. He cannot tolerate any breach of the regulation.

ART. 3 – The victory is decreed at the end of each meeting by 3 judges who sit around the square and will have to fill out a special card. At the end of each shot, each judge will have to decide the victory (of that round) by awarding 10 points to the best athlete and 9 or 8 to the opponent (depending on the gap found in that round). At the end of the scheduled filming, the judge will note the points scored by the athletes. The athlete who has scored the most points will win.

ART. 4 – The referee has the right to recall and disqualify the contenders, recall or remove the seconds of the fighters. It may suspend the meeting when the conduct of the public prejudges the smooth running of the race. You can stop the fight if a protection is out of place.

ART. 5 – During the course of the match, the referee will use the orders of “stop” or“Yud”,“break” or“Yak”,“Chok”or “fight” and “time”:

ART. 6 – The referee must stop the match in the event of a foul, or when one or both contenders are re-offenders of prohibited blows, in this case he must:

  • verbally recall the culprit;
  • penalize him by one point by reporting it to the judges;
  • disqualify him.

The referee may take one of these measures depending on the severity of the foul.

ART. 7 – In order to issue the punishments referred to in art. 17, the referee will have to stop the meeting with the order of “stop” and will address the jury table with the order of “time”. Richiamer’ aloud the culprit by resorting to appropriate signs so that the public also understands what is happening, will award the penalty and if it is the case will resume the meeting with the order of “fight” / “Chok“. The referee’s intervention should be timely.

ART. 8 – When the two contenders are in the “clinch” phase, the referee will have to stop the fight with the order of “break”/”Yak“beating at the same time slightly the shoulder of the athletes with one hand, only after the athletes have not delivered any blows or imbalance within five seconds.

Athletes will have to back off a foot to that order and start fighting again.

The referee will never have to pass between the contenders.

ART. 9 – The Muay Thai match must be arbitrated by a central referee and three judges.

The central arbitrator has no right to judgment unless decided otherwise by the R.C.C.

ART. 10 – The referee, whenever he catches an impropriety on the part of a fighter, must intervene to repress and call the culprit into words or penalize him by one point.

The referee also has permission to stop the fight if gatherings are held around the match square to prevent the regular running of the competition, or if the seconds of the athletes in the competition behave improperly, speaking or loudly inciting their athlete or worse if they disrespect the referee and the judges. In this case, the referee has the right to disqualify the athlete.

ART. 11 – The referee can stop the match by telling the jury table to stop time when:

  • an athlete is on the ground injured or hit by illness;
  • the floor is too wet;
  • or the fighter leaves the race venue;
  • a fighter is required to reassemble the uniform;
  • considers it appropriate for any reason.

ART. 12 – In the event of an accident, the referee will stop the time and call the service doctor.

It will be up to the doctor to decide whether the athlete can or cannot continue the match in a maximum of two minutes. If the athlete treated by the Medic is not in a position to resume the fight, he will no longer be able to fight.


stamp warning with red text over white background


ART.1 – The following actions are considered prohibited:

  • stick with your head;
  • attack or simulate an eye attack;
  • bite and scratch;
  • affect the throat, the nape of the neck, the upper part of the head, the spine;
  • stick under the belt (testicles, belly, etc.) except for the thighs;
  • perform joint levers;
  • perform sweeps in the opposite direction to the joint;
  • for the classes “N” – “C” – “B” is forbidden the fist shot (Spinning back fist) and any kind of elbow turned, allowed only in class “A”
  • you can not strike with an open hand, but only with clenched hand with the part of the knuckles;
  • then it is not allowed to grab the ropes to hit the opponent;
  • you can’t make a trip;
  • and projections cannot be made;
  • use fighting techniques;
  • carry out the “bear grab”;
  • It is not permissible to hold the opponent’s kicking leg for obstruction purposes, instead it is allowed to hold it to carry punches, kicks or knee, elbow;
  • shouting without reason, making disrespectful gestures towards the opponent or to the referees;
  • to fail at any time to sports ethics;
  • waste time deliberately, so deliberately avoid combat;
  • put the uniform and protections without the referee’s permission;
  • talk during the meeting;
  • deliberately tie the arms of the opponent;
  • do not immediately execute the referee’s orders;
  • throw yourself to the ground for no reason or fall to avoid the opponent’s attack;
  • turn your back on the opponent’s action;
  • to launch blind techniques (blind technique is understood to be a punch or kick technique in which the gaze or forehead are not directed against the target);
  • comment, even with gestures or facial expressions, the actions of the referees.

When the referee catches one of these actions he must take immediate action.

ART. 2 – An athlete can at any time, withdraw from the competition by raising his arm as a sign of surrender. In that case, the referee will call next to if the other athlete and lift his arm to the sky by proclaiming it

Winner for Abandon.



Art. 1 – When the fight is judged by three judges, the central referee will have to stop the match with the order of “stop” or “YUD” at the end of time beep, will send the fighters to their corners, collect the sheets of points drawn up by the judges and after checking that they have been filled in each part

Pag. 7 and signed, will deliver them to the jury table. He will take the center of the race square with the fighters by his side, grab them by the wrists, wait for the verdict from the jury table and raise the winner’s arm by uttering the word “Vince”.

ART. 2 – If a match is judged by two judges, the central arbitrator has the right to judgment. At the end of the fight, he will have to stop the match with the “stop” order, send the athletes to his corner and fill out his card then collect the points sheets from the two judges and after checking them will deliver them to the jury table. He will take to the center of the race square with the athletes by his side, await the verdict of the jury and raise the arm of the winner by uttering the word “Vince”.

ART. 3 – The judges will sit at the limits of the race square, one for each side of the square and never in front of the jury table, will have the task of judging the meeting with the utmost impartiality, fairness and professionalism.

ART. 4 – In case for a judge the match ends in a tie before or after the possible extra round , he will have to assign the victory by preference, that is, he will have to score the total score of parity and below he will have to score with an X the winner. In assigning the preference, the judge will have to take into account the expressed technical quality, the general psycho-physical state, the offensive and defensive abilities, the general strategy used by the athletes.



ART. 1 – The judges will have to judge a Muay Thai meeting on the validity of the techniques, i.e. when the technique is:

  • launched in the correct shape;
  • correct in distances;
  • dynamic, i.e. contains determination, speed, precision and recall;

In assessing the meeting, the judge must take into account the defence (whether active or passive) of the parades, dodges and attack (whether composed or decomposed).




ART. 1 – The Muay Thai athlete is held to the utmost respect towards the C. of R. and the race officials. It must refrain from comments and discussions, always observing the rules of the most correct behavior even towards the spectators. Once on the square, he is allowed to confer only with his seconds in a low voice during the intervals. For no reason will he be able to talk to the referee.

ART. 2 – During the course of the filming he must observe the absolute silence, being only allowed, when he intends to say it, to pronounce only the word “abandon”.

You must promptly carry out the orders given by the referee and listen respectfully to your comments.

He will use the most chivalrous demeanour towards the opponent and his seconds, refraining from any gesture or word that may appear disrespectful to them and to the public.

Invited by the referee, immediately before and immediately after the verdict is announced, he will shake hands with the opponent.




ART. 1 – Fighters have the right to be followed to the corner by a second (e.g. coach).

The second at the corner of a fighter must wear a gym suit and tennis shoes, subject to removal from the race area (tatami or ring).

He can only speak to the assisted athlete during the intervals between shots. Pag. 8 ART. 2 – The second is required to strictly comply with and apply the rules and provisions of the match officials and the C. of R.

ART. 2 – It is a must for the latter to assist their athlete in the locker room before and after the match. They’re responsible for his behavior in and out of the square. They must ensure that fighters are not given alcoholic or excitable beverages of any species.

Refrain from any comment about the actions of the referee and the judges, avoiding any discussion in this regard.

ART. 3 – During the course of filming, the latter are required to follow the fight in silence. The seconds that contravene the aforementioned rules, can be recalled by the central referee or the C. of R., admonished or removed from the corner even for the duration of the tournament. The referee may also rule on the disqualification of the fighter for offences committed by his second seconds.

ART. 4 – The second is allowed to throw in the towel inside the ring or tatami if he notices that his fighter is unable to continue the fight. This immediately stops the meeting.


Now just read the muay thai regulations, train and prepare !!!

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